Author's Note: Yes, I know others have done Ben 10 Alien Force/Teen Titans crossovers. I have not read any of them. Mainly because I had some ideas on how to do this and I didn't want to be affected by anyone else's ideas. This is more of a study in the differences in their methods, and what each team could stand to learn from the other. Also because I think it's fun to do.

"Will someone please trade me seats? Beastboy keeps getting drool on me," Raven complained, pushing the green dog out of her lap and back towards the window again.

The green dog shifted back into a short, scrawny, rather furry teen. "Sorry, Raven....but it makes these road trips so much more fun! You should try sticking your head out the window sometime, too. It's great!"

"I think I'll pass."

"So, Robin, what's the deal with this, anyways? Why do we have to head all the way across county?" Cyborg asked the now brooding teenager in the passenger's seat.

"This 'Bellwood' is too much of a hotspot for monster activity. I've been trying to ignore it, and deal with everything back home first, but it won't stop popping up on the radar. We need to figure out what's going on there and put a stop to it."

"You think it's this serious?" Raven asked. Robin contemplated before he answered.

"I don't know for sure, but how would we feel if we didn't check it out and the city got destroyed?"

"Yeah, but who's watching home for us?" Beastboy asked.

"Titans East," Cyborg answered on Robin's behalf. "They said they can handle things. They're going to stay in the tower for a few days."

"All I know is they better stay out of my room," Raven said, turning to look at Starfire, who was huddled over, asleep in the corner. "What happened to her? She's usually so...bouncy."

"Something about short term hibernation," Robin explained. "Apparently, on Tameran, they sleep for a few days once a year every year. She's been asleep since Tuesday. She should wake up tomorrow."

"Ooooh!" Beastboy said, finally cottoning on, "So that's why she was still asleep when you and Cyborg put her in here!"

"Wait..." Raven said slowly, "You saw them put her in here, asleep, and you didn't think to ask until just now?"

"....Didn't seem important."

"Yes! Summer vacation, here we come!" Ben said excitedly, throwing his backpack into the back of Kevin's camaro and climbing in after it.

"What part of it's a vacation? Alien reports have been flooding in, so that means patrol every day," Gwen pointed out.

"Well...yes, no homework for a few months!" He amended.

Kevin chuckled, and Gwen allowed herself a smile. "So, Kevin, how is this going to be any different for you?" Gwen asked. "I never see you with a backpack, and you never mention school..."

"I've got street smarts, don't need school," he said with a smirk.

"That explains why you didn't know the word 'rhetorical'," Ben added from the backseat.

"Hey! That was a high pressure situation, the word just...slipped from me," Kevin said, starting his car. "Anyways, shouldn't we be focusing on why so many aliens are suddenly showing up?"

"Aww, somebody wants a change of topic," Ben said, buckling himself in as the car took off.

"You have to admit it's weird..." Kevin addressed Gwen, choosing to just pretend Ben wasn't even there. "None of these aliens have badges, so they're not Plumber kids...and a lot have been hostile. Most alien life forms want to blend in, not stand out."

The change of topic allowed Ben to switch gears almost effortlessly into a more serious mind set. "Any idea what could be the cause?"

Kevin shook his head. "None. The worst part is the daytime attacks..."

"Yeah..." Ben nodded, a hand on his chin as he thought everything over. "That hasn't really happened since I was 10...they usually seemed to want to hide themselves."

"Most aliens do. Believe it or not, E.T.'s pretty much the standard for training on what Earth is like," Kevin said.

"Wait...E.T.?" Gwen asked, incredulous. "As in...the movie, E.T.?"

"Yeah," Kevin explained, "See, that movie is shown on a lot of planets to any alien who wants to go to Earth. So they assume if they're found out, the government will take them in and research on them. ...Also, that we think we're smarter than them and some of them come here just looking to try Skittles."

"...Really?" Ben asked.

Kevin laughed. "No, I made the Skittles part up...can't believe you fell for that, man. Maybe I should drive you back so you can do summer school courses..."

"Was any part of that true?" Gwen asked, eyeing Kevin skeptically.

"Yes, actually. The Incurgens knew better because they had me, and I explained to them anything they wanted about Earth...they didn't see a point in coming here until that Princess was nabbed...."

"So, the point of the story is that most aliens really don't want to be found out by humans," Ben said, fiddling with his seat belt strap. "But knowing that...why do so many keep on attacking?"

"And that, Ben," Kevin said, looking at him in the rear view mirror, "is your homework assignment for the summer."

"Aww, man, I hate doing schoolwork over summer breaks," Ben joked right back.

"It's up to you two," Kevin said, though it was Gwen he was really directing the question towards, "Do you want to start patrol now, or tonight?"

"Tonight," Ben answered for her. "I promised the soccer team I'd hang out with them, and I know you two had plans before the alien attacks started."

"Ben...are you sure?" Gwen asked, turning to face him. He smiled.

"Yeah, I'm sure. What could happen if we put off alien fighting for just a few hours?"

Author's Note: The E.T. thing was just something I thought up out of boredom, partially inspired by Futurama where the citizens of Omicron Persei-8 loved Allie McBeal (well, there it was titled "Single Female Lawyer" or something like that).