Seven kisses.

By femme fetal.

i. tell me about your first kiss, tell me, or have you already forgotten it?


a. her first year, his third year.

He was arrogant, and he could be cruel. His laughter was never quicker than when it was directed at someone else's folly. He made girls fall in love with him with no intention to catch them as they fell. He was the master of witty retorts and fast with put downs. He was beautiful, and he knew it.

He walked into Hermione's library with no intent for learning. Rather he was there for a snog and he didn't care who knew it. Her name was Marie Clarisse; she was a second year with ample bosom and a pretty smile. He did not care for her; he only cared for one thing.

He was a third year; it was his place to teach the younger children how lowly they truly were. A second year that was so well endowed at such a young age was rare, and was a special treat for him.

The smirk never left his lips as he drew her through the library and towards seclusion. He couldn't help it when it was this easy.

In his haste he didn't notice the brown haired girl with the disapproving look on her face. He would later regret not noticing her, because she truly was something beautiful and rare.

Marie giggled as his lips pressed against her own. She was unexperienced and didn't know what to do. But she truly did want him to like her. So she let him touch her chest, and allowed his tongue into her mouth.

The pair were so wrapped up in their ministrations they did not notice a blonde girl walking towards them with an angry glint in her eye. Hermione did though, and she was already ducking from the fall out.

The blonde girl punched Marie as hard as she could, causing the smaller girl to fall to the floor. She pushed him against the bookcase with all her might then turned and walked away. Hermione could hear the blonde girl muttering about jerks under her breath and stifled a giggle.

Marie held her cheek, her eyes dampening with tears. She looked to him for comfort of any sort, and saw nothing but badly hidden disgust and silent laughter. She ran, as fast as she could and as far as she could away from the cruel boy who was the first to break her heart.

"Are you in some way related to Draco Malfoy?" Hermione asked, as she leaned against the end of the bookcase. He looked up at her curiously.

"I suppose I am, distantly," He replied with a smirk. "I'm Cedric Diggory." He held out a hand for her. She ignored it.

"I know, quite well, who you are, Mr. Diggory," Hermione responded. Cedric smirked.

"And does what I have to offer interest you?" He queried.

"Not in anyway. I don't want a quick snog and you urging me for a quick shag. I want neither my first kiss nor my first time to be ruined with your taste. You are a terrible user, something that should be discouraged, not thought of as some great skill," Hermione responded. She turned away from the boy before her and returned to her studies.

Cedric stood in a daze. He had never been spoken to so plainly by a girl. They always did as he wanted without him ever having to ask. And here was a small, eleven year old girl talking back and leaving him speechless.

This had to be the first time he had questioned himself and his ways since arriving at Hogwarts. She couldn't be right, could she?

He stood in astonishment for long enough for her to collect her things and leave.

b. her fourth year, his sixth year.

He had changed drastically; he wasn't the scheming boy he had been. He was truly growing into a man he could be proud of. And the change was thanks to a small girl who showed him what a horrible brat he had been.

He never really saw her alone again after that day three years before. He had thought about her often though. He always heard about her adventures with Harry Potter and always made sure to discretely watch out for her while Draco Malfoy was around.

Was he truly so much like that cruel boy just three years ago? Did he really treat girls so badly and not care when they fell hard in on themselves?

Now, when he had a girlfriend he truly cared for her, he was always with the same girl for over a month and best of all, he was always faithful. He had grown and matured, and one would have to thank Hermione Granger for that.

It was the night of the Yule Ball when his morals began crashing around him. Upon the stairs stood a beautiful, perfect figure of feminine glory; something he had seen in her before but was shining now with her own new-found self belief behind it.

He tried to remind himself that he was with Cho, and the person he was now did not allow for him to hurt females as he once had. Dinner was painful, trying not to look at her while also trying to capture her eye. Then watching her dance with the Bulgarian, it was torture of the most atrocious variety.

That night, their meeting was not supposed to be. He searched for her every moment he could. But more often than not his friends would drag him away, or Cho would demand attention.

It wasn't until the night before the third task that he finally caught a break. He watched her walk through the entrance hall and out of the great doors.

He walked outside slowly, as not to draw attention to himself. She walked towards the lake shore, not stopping until she reached a bench from which she could watch the lake surface ripple. He caught up with her when she sat on the bench, her hair falling out of place and tears falling from her eyes.

"A girl as beautiful as you shouldn't be crying on a night as beautiful as this," Cedric said. She looked up immediately and her eyes brightened when she saw it was him.

"I've watched you grow, Cedric Diggory," She told him, approval in her tone. "You are becoming a true man." The way she said it made his spine tingle and caused goose bumps to break out all over his body. She sounded so wise and knowledgeable.

"I've watched you also, Hermione Granger," He smiled, and sat beside her. "It doesn't surprise me that such a brave girl with such a true heart has had so many adventures in so few years. Without you I doubt Harry would have made it this far."

Hermione's eyes flooded with tears once again, and she clung to the young man sitting beside her. He held her as best he could in the uncomfortable position.

Finally he gave up with trying to work around her contorted body and he lifted her onto his lap. She was such a small girl which made the task an easy one. Her tears seemed to calm and he feared she would leave him with all these questions.

"Who are you?" He asked. It was the first thing that came to mind. A girl who was so brave and so smart who could place any boy or man in his place with just a few words. The question didn't seem like a true question to her though and the serious tone of the question made her smile.

"I'm just a girl, nothing special," She smiled at him only then realising that sitting on his lap made them almost the same height, her still being that tiny bit smaller than him.

"You are more than special, Hermione. I think I have been searching for you since you left me in that library three years ago," He whispered. His heart was beating fast in his chest, he was frightened she would hear it and think him pathetic.

"You've known where I was all this time, you could have just come calling," She whispered back. The air around them seemed filled with serenity and happiness; as though this moment was supposed to happen and Hogwarts had been waiting for it for a long time.

His lips brushed against her own, not a true kiss, but a promise of what could be. She yearned for the true kiss, that would tell her his true intentions and if this were real. He stood, pulling her off his lap.

"I cannot kiss you in good conscious while I am still dating Cho," he told her solemnly. She bowed her head and they began the walk back to the castle.

Before they were halfway there Hermione stopped him.

"Cedric, I don't have a good feeling about tomorrow," She held his hand close to her heart as she spoke so he could feel her heart in its fear.

"How can I quieten your worries?" He asked sincerely. She looked at the ground nervously, then into his eyes.

"I want you to kiss me. I want you to kiss me and mean it more than you've ever meant anything before. I want you to promise me with that one kiss that you will come back to me. Please, take my first kiss, and make it memorable." Her eyes shone with tears again as she spoke and Cedric did the only thing he could do.

Cedric lowered his mouth to her own and kissed her. The air hummed around them, not that either noticed, too caught up in themselves. Cedric deepened the kiss. Hermione pressed herself against him.

Their kiss stopped only when they needed to breathe, and even then they stood forehead to forehead breathing heavily, hands intertwined.

"Did you feel it? Everything you wanted?" Cedric breathed, scared of her response.

"I felt everything, I felt the future in my veins, and I felt your being pouring into my own," Hermione breathed back to him. She felt him relax.

They began walking back to the castle with an unspoken agreement that they should go to bed in preparation for the long day before them. The day for which Hermione hoped her fears were unfounded.