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Chapter 2: When you were gone (Part 1)

Six months ago...

It was a rather silly thing to be chased down for. He had forgotten to wear his contacts after he left the hotel and did not realize until he reached the park, where a group of protestors had chosen as their meeting area. It was incredibly unfortunate that one of the younger men had noticed his red on black eyes as he was passing through to get to the cafe on the other side of the park.

He blamed his forgetfulness on the fact that he just lost his home to guild politics. He should be entitled to some carelessness. On the other hand, he thought the guns were a bit too much, especially when one of the shooters was a dead shot.

'Merde,' he swore as he ran away from the hate-driven mob. He was faster than they are. They, however, had the upper hand of not bleeding in several places. Shouts of 'Mutie scum!' and 'Freak!' were gaining on him when a hand grabbed him from an alley and dragged him in. It was a small alleyway, easily hidden in between two restaurant signboards. His savior pushed him behind her and waited for people to storm in. He thought she was almost a little disappointed when no one found them.

'Yah bleeding!' she exclaimed when she finally turned to look at him.

Between the pain and the relieve, Gambit thought he was looking into the eyes of an angel. When she tried to look at his injuries, he waved her away hastily, 'Gambit's fine.'

She stared at him, 'Yah bleeding,' she repeated, slower this time.

'Gambit's a fast healer,' he explained, trying to hide his eyes as best he can without running away. Last thing he wanted was to have to knock a beautiful woman unconscious for something as silly as forgotten contacts. He prayed that she wouldn't notice.

Her hands, covered in long gloves, were stained with his blood, 'Desole,' he offered. They looked like very comfortable gloves. He realized that apologizing was a mistake, for she looked up and caught his eye to question what he was apologizing for. 'Pardon?' she said.

'For y' gloves,' he was surprised and pleased to find that she did not cower away from his eyes, nor did she run away screaming. That's always a good sign.

She stared at her blood stained gloves for a good minute, frowning. Remy stared, captivated, as she pursed her lips and took off her gloves with great care. She turned to focus her eyes on him, 'Ah guess ah don't need this anymore,' she stated with an air of finality.

Remy tried not to look too confused as he kissed the back of her hand briefly, 'Merci, ma chere, for saving Gambit's life back tere,' he said. He was, after all, raised with good manners.

The woman looked nonplussed as she snatched her hands back. She stared at him as if waiting for something horrible to happen. Remy could only stare on bewilderedly when she started laughing. He was convinced that he was dealing with a crazy woman when her laughter turned into a full-fledge, class one bawl. He wondered if he could run away politely, but reduced himself to patting the woman's back awkwardly, 'tere, t'ere,' he said, looking around for the nearest escape route.

'Ah-Ah'm sorry,' she mumbled, once she stopped bawling. She cleared away her tears with the bloodied gloves, unknowingly smearing her face with his blood. 'Yah must think ah'm some sort of lunatic.'

'Gambit would never-'

She sent him a disbelieving look.

He nodded, 'A little, oui,' he agreed.

'Ah'm sorry,' she repeated, 'it's just that-' she paused, as if realizing she was opening her heart to a complete stranger. She shrugged, 'ah haven't touched anyone without hurtin' them since mah mutation started.' She smiled at him, and he thought it was the most honest and brightest smile he has ever seen, 'thank yah.'

'Y' mutation?' he couldn't help but be a little curious.

She clasped both her hands together tightly, 'ah can't touch people without hurting them.' She looked guilt ridden when she said, 'Ah took the cure... Ah'm sorry.'

Remy, being Remy, couldn't help but try and wash away her guilt with chaste kisses on her cheeks. 'Gambit wouldda done de same, chere,' he admitted between kissing her tears away, 'tere's not'ing t' be ashamed of.'

His words only brought more tears, 'thank yah,' she said. 'Thank yah.'

He stood and held the stranger for a while, his arms wrapped securely around her shoulders as she cried into his chest. Remy felt the last of his wounds heal up as he stole a glance at his watch. He swore inwardly and cleared his throat, 'Desole,' he started, loosening his hold on his savior reluctantly, 'Gambit has somewhere he needs t'be.'

She yelped and jumped out of his embrace, 'Ah'm so sorry. Ah don't know what got over meh!'

Remy gave her his best grin, 'Happens all de time,' he lied. 'Merci, f'r saving Gambit,' he said, bowing a little as he backed himself out of the alley, 'but Gambit really needs to be going now. Where can Gambit find you?'

She hesitated for a second before answering confidently, 'Xavier's Institute for the Gifted. Ask for Rogue,' she said. 'Mah name's Marie,' she added, 'what's yours?' she asked before realizing that he's been repeating his own name in his sentences all this while. She blushed an embarrassed shade of pink.

'Remy,' he replied, 'm' name's Remy.'

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