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I shall make this a series of different fairytales... I'll add onto the story when I get more inspiration. Have a suggestion? Tell me! XD

First fairytale shall obviously be: Apollorella. XD

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Part ONE of the full story.


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Once upon a time…

No, wait… A long, long time ago…

…Ahh, screw it. Why do fairytales start with such cliché beginnings?

There once was a lowly servant called Apollo Justice. He was quite short for a 22-year old. He had messy brown hair, his short bangs framing his face and two antenna-like strands, and dark eyes. He wore an old tattered shirt and baggy trousers, with old sandals on his feet.

So, basically, picture a hobo Apollo with his hair un-gelled (except for his two antennas).

… Anyways, he lived in the attic of a grand mansion just by the country with his stepmother and two stepsisters. Unfortunately, he was forced to work for them…

Ooh, here comes one now!

"Ohh, Polly~!" Trucy squealed, clutching a blue dress to her chest. She stopped in front of Apollo and shoved the dress in his face. "Do you like it? Do you?! Don't you think it'll look absolutely fabulous on me?!"

"A-Ahh… of course I do, Truce…" He chuckled a bit. Trucy was the nicest of the three he served. Sure, she can be a bit ditzy at times, but she was a great friend. Trucy wasn't like the other two…

"Mmmh, Trucy-doll!" A voice came up from behind her. Apollo visibly shuddered. "What did… mother… tell you about talking to the servants?"

'Well, technically, I'm the only goddamn servant in this whole damn place.' The man grumbled mentally. His eye twitched as a big, wooden figure suddenly materialized from behind Trucy…

"Oh… Good Lord…" Apollo muttered quietly, cringing a bit as he met the beady eyes of Ms. Hat.

Yes, Ms. Hat… Shut up.

Mr.—I mean, Ms. Hat was the other stepsister. 'I think.' Apollo added mentally. The freaking mannequin had a mind of its own. It wore a blonde wig with a pink hat on top, and a pink frilly dress. Ms. Hat wore pink eye shadow and pink lipstick.

Everything was fucking pink.

But stepmother considered Ms. Hat as a daughter ('…Ugh, is stepmother even sane?' Apollo thought idly), so he had no choice but to serve a doll.

A freaking doll.

"… Ms. Hat," The man muttered politely, trying hard not to keep eye-contact with those eyes… Those eyes that pierce right through your very soul

"Dahling Justice," Ms. Hat glared. Yes, it can do that.

"It's pronounced, 'Darling', dear Ms. Hat." A deep, silky voice resounded throughout the room.

Apollo's eye twitched minutely and he turned to face his… his… Stepmother.

"Wipe that look off your face, Justice." Kristoph Gavin demanded primly in his deep voice, fixing his dress. He held a sparkly brush on his right hand and started to brush his blonde curl.

'This story is so weird.' The servant mentally shook his head. 'So far, none of the roles make any sense… I've got a nice stepsister with another stepsister, who is actually a male wooden puppet, attached to a contraption to her back, and I've got a crossdressing stepfather as my stepmother.' He closed his eyes briefly and put on an emotionless mask for his stepmother. 'This is madness,'

Well, Apollo, this is crack.

"Girls," Kristoph began, addressing his… her… two (or is it one?) daughters. "We were invited to the ball…" He paused, letting the girls squeal. He briefly glanced at Apollo. "… and Justice was invited, too."

The servant blinked, stunned. He looked sideways to Trucy, whose eyes were twinkling with joy for him.

"Justice, I'll get you go to the ball… only if you finish all your chores by the time we leave. Is that clear?" The older man… umm… woman… smirked.

"Yes, Mistress…" He sighed. The servant's eyes bugged as Kristoph pulled out a loooong list of chores to do. Sigh…


"I'm sorry, Polly." Trucy sighed, adorned in her pretty blue dress. She bent down to Apollo's eye level, and Apollo stopped scrubbing the floors to look up to the sad eyes of Trucy. "I really wish you could go…"

Apollo sighed and faked a smile, though his eyes betrayed his façade. "I-It's okay, Truce. Really! You go and have fun without me… and once you get home you tell me all about it."

Trucy sighed, giving up. She smiled nonetheless, "Alright. Well, I have to go now Polly… See ya later." She sent him one more dazzling smile and skipped out the front door.

Apollo heard the carriage go and sighed to himself. 'This sucks.'


The servant's head suddenly snapped over to the direction of the kitchen. He narrowed his eyes and grabbed a mop next to him. The man stood up and slowly crept his way to the kitchen. Apollo poked his head carefully into the kitchen, but found no one there.

"Eh…?" He managed to get out, blinking.

"Oh, hi there!" A voice chirped from behind him.

Apollo let out an unmanly scream and jumped away from the person behind him. He wore a blue beanie with 'PaPa' on it in pink lettering and a smiley pin on it. He had a casual white cotton blouse on with an old grey vest on it, and grey baggy pants. The man had brown sandals on his feet.

The stranger scratched his stubble and brushed his dark hair from his eyes with his fingers. He stared politely at the man opposite him. "I'm sorry for frightening you." The stranger smiled, not really sounding sorry.

"You… You scared me shitless!" Apollo blurted out, holding the mop defensively in front of him.

"Maah…" Phoenix yawned, covering his mouth. "I'm not gonna hurt you, Justice."

"…You know my name?"

"Heard a lot about you from Trucy," He chuckled, "I'm one of her friends; my name's Phoenix Wright."

"Oh," Apollo visibly relaxed, lowering the mop. "At first, I thought you were just some hobo out to steal our valuables and rape me." He chuckled nervously.

"So what if I am?" Phoenix said sounding dead serious, a glint in his eye.

"…Wh-What?!" He squeaked, his shoulders stiffening and his hands clenching the mop tighter.

"Geez, lighten up Justice. Can't you take a joke?"

'B-But he sounded so serious!' Apollo thought incredulously.

"Actually, I'm here to help you get to the ball…" Phoenix smiled, fishing for something in his pockets. "… And to be clear: I'm only doing this for Trucy. I want her happy, and nothing will make her happier than having her stepbrother with her in the ball. Ah-ha…!" He smirked and took out a long wooden wand.

"…Are you compensating for something, Mr. Wright?" The servant raised an eyebrow.

"I assure you, mine is much bigger than this. Wanna see?" The hobo smirked roguishly, making a move to unzip his pants.

"N-No, thank you…!" Apollo protested weakly, blushing furiously.

"Anyways, hold still. I've only done this once…" Phoenix muttered a few words, and his wand started to sparkle.

"Wh-WHAT?!— " But a bright light suddenly struck him on the chest and he flinched reflexively as it hit. Once the light died down, he looked at his clothes…

"…There is just no fucking way I am wearing a dress to the ball…" Apollo grumbled with a slight blush on his cheeks, looking at the beautiful white and pale pink dress he adorned. "… No matter how beautiful it looks on me."

"Ah, too bad," Phoenix sighed wistfully, looking at Apollo up and down. "I'd tap that…" He muttered to himself.

"What?" Confused eyes darted to Phoenix.

"Nothing," The hobo smiled innocently. "Hey, did you know the prince is bisexual?" He said suddenly.

"Eh?!" Apollo squeaked, a growing blush on his cheeks. "S-Seriously?!"

"Trucy told me you had quite a crush on him…" Phoenix smirked. "The prince will surely notice you wearing that extravagant dress in the ball."

"Yeah, but I'm a male." Apollo pointed out the obvious.

"… Soooo?" The magical hobo dragged out.

"So that means I can't wear a dress in front of all those people!" He blurted, flustered. "T-They'll question my masculinity!"

"Why do you think I put you in that dress in the first place?" Phoenix pouted. "You had no masculinity in the beginning!"

"Ouch, my pride." Apollo winced, and glared at the hobo. "Just put me in a damn suit."

"Fiiiine," Phoenix sighed, waving his wand again. "But if you snag the prince, I'm going to make you wear a dress on your wedding day! Resistance is futile!" Before Apollo could protest, he sent another bright light flying towards the servant.

Apollo slowly opened his eyes and looked at what he was wearing. A simple white, cotton button-up shirt with a red vest, and matching red pants. On his feet were shiny black shoes, and his hair was all neat and gelled up. His two antenna-like strands were left untouched.

"Hmm," Phoenix looked him over. With a swish of his wand he unbuttoned the top button of Apollo's white shirt. "Better," He grinned.

He gave his wand another swish, and on Apollo's left wrist was a bracelet. The servant eyed the bracelet curiously. "What's this for?" He questioned.

"Ah, that's to tell you when your time is almost up…" Phoenix smiled again. "Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and you'll revert back to your servant self by midnight. That bracelet will tighten around your wrist, signaling it's time to go to a safe zone, away from prying eyes, where you can sit and wait for the magic to go away."

"Well that sucks." Apollo grumbled, looking himself over once more.

"Yeah, well, that's the rules." Phoenix muttered, "I hate it, too, but I don't want to get turned into a frog for breaking them."

The magical hobo murmured a few words again and suddenly a sleek red Ferrari materialized in front of them. "This," He indicated to the sports car, "is your way to the ball."


"… Ferraris don't exist in this story, I believe. Nor in this timeline."

"Well… fuck." Phoenix cursed, his eye twitching. He turned the Ferrari into a white and red carriage instead, with two healthy horses pulling it.

"No pumpkin?" Apollo smirked, starting to get into the carriage.

"Nah," The hobo laughed. "I never liked pumpkin anyways." He made his way to the front and held the horses' reigns. "Good to go, Justice?"

Apollo closed the carriage door and sat back into a comfortable seat. "Yes, Mr. Wright!" He hollered back.


"Trucy, dahling, cheer up! The prince is right there." Ms. Hat swooned.

Trucy glanced at where the prince was sitting and sighed. "Yeah, but…" She frowned. "I just don't feel well…"

"Nonsense," Kristoph frowned, "Trucy, stop feeling sorry for the servant. Just focus your attention on the prince."

"Yes, mother." Trucy faked a smile and looked at the prince. She caught the prince's eye briefly.

'Heh,' She smiled kindly at him. 'He must be as bored as I am.'

Seemingly reading her thoughts, the prince smiled back.


"Someone caught your eye, Prince Glimmerous Fop?" Ema smirked, leaning against the throne. She fiddled with her stylish white and pink glasses a bit before putting it up in her brown hair.

"Ah," Klavier sighed, ignoring the nickname and resting his chin on his hand. "No one yet, Fraulein." He made eye contact with a young brunette and she smiled kindly at him. 'Huh, she doesn't seem infatuated with me.' He thought idly. The prince smiled at her, waiting for a reaction. The girl didn't swoon at all, but she did look pleased and a bit surprised at getting a response.

Klavier broke eye-contact and scanned the crowd again. "This sucks." He sighed, making Ema raise a fine eyebrow.

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