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"Well, we're here at the Gavin Castle." Phoenix sent an impish grin towards Apollo, who was just getting out of the carriage. "Good luck out there! Haha…"

"Uh, thanks Mr. Wright," Apollo smiled, grateful for the hobo's help. He sent a small wave to Phoenix, who happily returned it with a joking blow-kiss. The servant rolled his eyes and jogged his way inside the castle.

Clicking his fingers, Phoenix made his Ferrari-carriage and horses disappear. He casually walked to the side of the castle and into a small backdoor.


The whole castle was full of activity. Some people were dancing along with the music, some were getting quite intoxicated, and the rest were all talking loudly at once. Ema's finger twitched as she resisted the urge to Snackoo them all, square in their foreheads.

"Excuse me…" The prince's assistant tried to yell over the crowd, but her voice was easily drowned out by all the noise. "Helloooo?" She tried again, waving her arms to get their attention.

"Let me try…" Klavier said from behind her. "I don't want you throwing food at my guests, Fraulein…" The woman grudgingly agreed for him to take over, sidestepping to let the prince replace her spot.

Klavier smiled and clapped his hands loudly just two times. The whole crowd grew silent – everyone stopped what they were doing to pay attention to the front.

"How the fu--" Ema stopped herself and mentally facepalmed, "… Ah, whatever... damn glimmerous fop... Got the whole world wrapped around his majestic pinkie finger…" She mumbled to herself. The woman waited for the prince to go sit in his royal throne again before she announced the crowd.

"Alright…" She began awkwardly, "His highness--" '…that stupid ponce who won't give me a raise…', "--is now ready to meet the lovely young ladies… and men." Ema briefly scanned the crowd, and was quite surprised to find that almost half of the guests were eager males… Some of them were even in dresses. Huh… "Please form an orderly line in front of the stage… H-Hey, I said orderly, damnit!" She screeched, Snackoo-ing the very eager fangirls and boys that tried to shove their way to the prince.


After the twenty-seventh squealing rabid fangirl was dragged away by Ema and his friend, Daryan, Klavier started to lose hope. He tried to mask his sadness by sending a dazzling smile towards the crowd, which left many people fainting. Again.

He tried to cover his yawn with his right hand, 'All these people…' He thought idly, scanning the crowd once again. 'They're all so… uninteresting…' He successfully suppressed another yawn threatening to come out of his mouth.

"…Mmh," Klavier looked over to Ema, who was yawning openly. He smirked a bit at her antics, "Presenting Miss Trucy, Ms. Hat, and their mother, Mistress… K-Kristoph?!" Ema spluttered. The prince almost choked on his spit. The assistant made a double-take on the last name, and on the man who claimed to be the two girls' 'mother'.

Klavier quickly closed his mouth in shock and stared at his… brother... 'Wait,' He thought, 'He's not my brother in this story… Nor is he my sister… Eww,' "…Y-You're wearing a dress." He blurted out. '…B-But no one told me he was playing the part of stepmother!'

Next to him, Daryan nudged him on the shoulder. "Just stick to the script," He whispered, looking a bit horrified to see Kristoph in a 'new light'.

Kristoph 'ahem'ed, "Your highness…" He grounded out, unhappy to be calling his little brother that, even if it was just a fanfic. "These are my daughters… Trucy, and Ms. Hat." He twirled his curl with his left hand, looking quite feminine at the moment.

'And to think,' Klavier mentally cried, 'I used to look up to him!'

Trucy stepped forward, with Ms. Hat strapped to her back. She curtseyed politely to Klavier and smiled. "Good evening, Prince Klavier." She chirped.

"Good evening, Fraule-- "

"EEEEEK~!" Ms. Hat squealed. Whoa, it can do that, too! "Your highness! Ohmigooooosh~!"

"… Aw, forget it. This is even disturbing for me!" Trucy announced, yanking the mannequin off her back and shoving it into Kristoph's arms. "You control Ms. Hat now!"

The girl quickly composed herself and, before Kristoph could protest, went and stood right in front of Klavier. "Excuse me, could we have a little talk for a second?"

"Umm," Klavier was for a loss of words, but he nodded. He leaned in to listen to the 15-year old girl.

"I'll be blunt," She started, not hesitating. "My stepbrother couldn't make it to the ball, and he was really upset about that. He really does like you, and he would really like to meet you, so…" She stopped, taking in Klavier's distracted face. His eyes were transfixed on something behind her and she slowly turned around.

Her eyes bugged as she recognized the person in a split second… "P-Polly?!" She blurted out.

Suddenly the prince stood up, grabbed her by the shoulders and made her face him. "You know him…?" He started slowly, glancing between the figure and Trucy.

"U-Uh yeah! H-He's my… Eep!" She squeaked when Klavier gently pushed her out of the way and started walking towards the man.


'A-Ah…' Apollo gulped. 'Th-The castle's huge…' He stood a bit awkwardly at the ballroom entrance, looking in awe at all the people and decorations.

"Go, get in! Meet your prince!" Phoenix urged from behind him, and Apollo almost screamed girlishly at the sudden voice. He whipped around to see Phoenix in all of his magical hobo glory.

"B-B-B-But… Wh-Wh-What if he d-doesn't l-l-like me?!" The servant stammered nervously, and he started to play with his antenna-like hair. "And how the hell did you get in without an invitation?!" He hissed, glaring accusingly at the hobo.

"Of course he'll like you. I made you look quite snazzy and handsome; I'm sure he'll notice you!" The older man huffed, "And as for getting in…" Phoenix paused dramatically. Apollo leaned in eagerly…

"…Magic!" Amused eyes glittered with barely-concealed laughter. Annoyed eyes twitching at the man's actions,

"…Urgh," It took almost all of the servant's willpower to prevent himself from smacking the magical hobo upside his beanie-clad head.

"Turn around," The hobo suddenly suggested.

Apollo turned around and squeaked a little bit as he came face-to-face with Prince Klavier. The servant started to feel his face heating up and Klavier laughed, making his blush increase. "Hello," He smiled at Apollo. "My, you're quite cute up close, Herr Forehead."

"Uhh…" Apollo stammered, blushing and poking his index fingers together shyly. "M-My name's Apollo Justice…"

"Mm, yes," The prince hummed, looking Apollo over. "I believe your friend called you 'Polly'."

"My friend…?" 'Does he mean Trucy?'

"Yes, of course. Lovely girl she is – very polite." The prince then stopped himself, then: "Why were you talking to yourself before, hmm?" He asked, smirking amusedly.

"Uh…" He glanced behind him, still finding Phoenix standing there casually and grinning.

"No one can see me, unless I want them to. Haha…" The hobo wiggled his fingers. "… Like I said before: Magic!"

'…Damn you, Mr. Wright.' Apollo thought sullenly. 'This is no time for your so-called jokes.'

"J-Just nerves, your highness… Ehehe…" The younger man smiled timidly, scratching the back of his head.

"Ah, I understand," Klavier said thoughtfully.

"Really?" Apollo blurted before he could stop himself.

"Say," The prince held out a hand for Apollo to take. "Care for a dance?"

"…" 'Say yes, damnit! YESSSSS.' "…Sure," He shyly put his smaller hand into his tanned one, and let himself be dragged to the dancefloor.

'…'Sure'?!' Apollo's inner-self raged. 'That was so lame! What if suddenly he decided to ask, 'Wanna do the smex?' You answer: 'Hell yeah!' and then he pounces you down onto his huge king-sized bed, and--'

Apollo quickly shut his annoying subconscious away before he fainted from the heat gathering around his face.


"Wh-Wh-Wh…" Kristoph started to stutter, looking disbelievingly at the dancing prince and the familiar young man clad in red. 'What about my daughters…?' The crossdressing man thought sullenly.

'Yay! Go Polly!' Trucy mentally cheered on, a small smile gracing her features.

"Close your mouth, Kristoph…" Phoenix said from beside him, smiling impishly. "You might catch flies."

"…Wright," Kristoph greeted coldly, eyes still locked on the couple dancing gracefully in the middle of the ballroom. "Did you happen to be responsible for this?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," The man said indifferently, adjusting his newly adorned white blouse, blue blazer and matching blue pants. Phoenix lifted his foot a bit to check his hair off the reflection of his polished shoe.

Yep, Phoenix thought, nice and spiky.

"Maah…?" The spiky-haired man looked Kristoph over once. "What's with the dress? It looks absolutely horrific on you; yet at the same time it kinda suits you… If that even made sense…"

"Shut up, I'm pretty." Kristoph frowned, resisting the urge to whine.

Kristoph Gavin never whined. Not. Ever.

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