Mommy Fearest

Author's Note: All right, so obviously we all know where this is headed. I do want to let everyone know that I am somewhat fond of the other mother, and while I will not completely change her form, I do want to make her seem like she has a little bit of heart left in her monstrous body in my story (I'm the kind of gal that loves to gives every villain a chance at being a little nice, just to see what it'd be like, before of course I let them be evil again LOL) so she will seem somewhat loving after the ordeal in this story, but I can't decide whether or not I'll have her still be evil afterwards or if her heart will melt for Coraline. Therefore, I might make two endings to this story. But, however I choose to end the first version, I want everyone to let me know in their reviews whether they think I should make an additional ending, or if I should just leave it the way it is, and if I make another ending, what and how you want/think it should end.

Please keep in mind again, that this is merely a story, and that's why Coraline's punishment will seem very harsh…but then again we have to consider the source of the one carrying it out. Again, if this is not for you, PLEASE don't read! Lots of love, and enjoy darlings!

Coraline felt like she could throw up any moment as the other Wybie pulled her along to the room, which held the little door. When they finally got there, both children pushed hard against the giant bug that guarded the door; it fell with a loud thud! "Coraline?! Is that you?!" The angry voice of the other mother caused goose bumps to crawl up Coraline's body.

The door swung open in Coraline's shaking hands. "Come on let's go!" She whispered frantically while opening the little door. Coraline gasped, and Wybie looked on in horror as the passage way that led back to her world, was now filled with the creepy evidence of the toys and objects left behind from when the children before her tried to escape.

"CORALINE?!" The other mother's voice sounded closer, and broke Coraline out of her reverie. "Come on! She'll hurt you!" She whispered fiercly to other Wybie while attempting to pull him in with her. He shook his head before pulling off his glove and blowing away his hand, which appeared to be dust.

"Coraline?! How dare you disobey your mother!!!?" The other mother's voice was closer now. The other Wybie began to panic and tried to push Coraline all the way in, but she subconsciously grabbed him at the same time and both fell in the tunnel. When Coraline looked up, she realized in horror that the other Wybie was now nothing but rags and dust.

"CORALINE JONES!" Coraline screamed as she felt the other mother grab her leg and attempt to pull her away from the tunnel and her now non-existent friend.

"NOOOO! WYBIE!" Coraline held on to the ridge of the door with all her might, her little fingers turning red as she tried to pull herself out of the other mother's grasp. However, she knew all hope was lost when her little fingers could take no more, and let go of her last escape.

The little door slammed shut and Coraline felt herself being forcefully spun around to face the enraged button eyes of her monstrous other mother. "I thought I told you not to come out of your room until you could be a loving daughter Coraline Jones! It looks like you still haven't learned your lesson!" The other mother was still in her taller, anorexic looking form…her hands like needles, digging into Coraline's pale skin. She was almost…spiderlike.

Coraline struggled in her other mother's vicious grasp. "LET ME GO YOU EVIL WITCH! I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!!!" She screamed, her cheeks turning red with anger.

The other mother's face appeared more horrifying as her frown deepened. "Young lady, you soon will be very sorry if you do not apologize at once to your mother for saying such hurtful things!"

Coraline froze and returned the glare of her other mother. Then slowly stretching her neck forward, Coraline took a deep breath before bellowing in her other mother's face, "NO! I AM NOT SORRY!!! YOU ARE AN EVIL, UNHOLY MONSTER THAT SCARES ALL THE LITTLE CHILDREN IN THEIR SLEEP! YOU ARE NO MOTHER OF MINE YOU FREAKISH NAZI CLONE BITCH!!!"

No matter how angry Coraline was, she instantly regretted those last words and clasped her hand over her mouth in fear upon realizing what she'd just said.

The other mother's mouth hung open in shock after hearing those words, and before Coraline could squeak out an apology, the other mother snarled furiously and dragged a yelping Coraline by the ear into the kitchen. She watched in fear and confusion as the other mother grabbed a large wooden spoon from one of the drawers.

The terrified girl struggled and protested as the other mother dragged her up the stairs, still by the ear, and threw her into her room. As Coraline ran for cover under the bed, the other mother locked the door before turning around to face her naughty daughter.

"Coraline! I know you are hiding under there now get out this instant young lady, or your punishment will be worse!"

"NO!!!" Coraline whimpered while quivering violently beneath her shield. The other mother began tapping her foot impatiently. "I'll give you to the count of three, and if you're not out by then Coraline, you will pay extra for still disobeying mother."

"No please…" Coraline whimpered while curling up in a little ball.


"Don't hurt me…!"


"Just leave me alone!"


Coraline heard the other mother violently open a drawer and grab something out of it before she herself was unexpectedly grabbed and drug out screaming! The other mother sat down on the bed and yanked Coraline by her side. "THAT IS ENOUGH YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT!!!"

Coraline immediately shut up and shakily looked closed her eyes, afraid and unsure of what would happen next. The other mother roughly grabbed Coraline's chine and forced her to look into her eyes. "LOOK AT ME!" She commanded. Coraline slowly looked up with fear and anger in her eyes, "Mother is very unhappy with you little girl! Now I will have to do something I truly don't want to." She said this with fake sadness, as if she actually regretted what she was about to do. "W-what are you going to d-d-do to me?" Coraline stuttered nervously, feeling like putty in the other mother's strong spider-like hands.

"Something your parents should have done a looooong time ago, my disobedient daughter!" And quick as a flash, Coraline found herself facedown over the other mother's lap.

"I-Hey! W-what are you doing?!?!" Coraline protested as the other mother began rubbing her behind. "Now Coraline," the other mother began in her sickingly sweet voice, "don't tell me you've never had a spanking before."

Coraline's eyes widened at hearing the word. While she had heard of a spanking, the other mother was right in assuming that she'd never had one before.


Coraline's head bobbed up in shock at the stinging sensation that spread across her bottom. "No! You can't do this!" She began to struggle as the other mother pinned her down with her hand, keeping Coraline stuck from being able to slide off her lap. "Oh but I can young lady…I'M YOUR MOTHER!!!"


"OOOOWWWWW!!!" Coraline cried out in anguish as she began to struggle violently again. "How did you even know about this kind of punishment?!" She shouted, trying to distract the unpleasant punishment for as long as possible. SLAP!

"Don't try to stall your punishment Coraline Jones!" SLAP!

"OWHOOOW!!!' Coraline wailed dramatically in response.

"And in answer to your question young lady, I witnessed one of my other children before you receiving one, before I entrapped him into this better world." SLAP!

Coraline's head snapped up, her alarm momentarily eclipsing her pain. The little huck finn boy! That poor soul!


"OW STOOOOP!!!!" She howled, kicking her legs frantically.

"And I have found," the other mother continued to say as she smacked away, "that this punishment is just as useful as the dark room behind the mirror!"

Instantly, a rain of firm swats began to pour down on Coraline's poor posterior. With each swat, she was sure that they couldn't get any worse, but she soon found out that she was wrong. She bit her lip in determination not to satisfy her other mother's intentions. She won't make me cry! I won't let her see me! But it was easier thought than done.

By the fiftieth swat, Coraline was sure that her that she would lose it, but her stubborn will held her back from showing any form of submission.


It wasn't long before the other mother began to scold her as well, making it difficult for Coraline to concentrate.

"You SLAP do not SLAP disobey SLAP your mother SLAP or call SLAP her names SLAP or try SLAP to run SLAP away SLAP Coraline Jones! SLAP Do you SLAP understand?! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

Coraline sucked in her breath as each word was punctuated with a swat. She didn't know how much more she could take.

SLAP! "Answer me young lady!" The other mother scolded as she continued to spank away.

But Coraline wouldn't give in. "NOOO!!!" She howled while reaching back to cover her unprotected rear.

The other mother swiftly grabbed her hand and pulled pinned it behind her back. "Naughty little girl SLAP trying to SLAP stop me SLAP when you SLAP know you SLAP deserve it! SLAP!"

Just when Coraline thought the waterworks would burst, the spanking suddenly stopped. She drooped over the other mother's lap in exhaustion and relief. Thank goodness she thought to herself; at least the other mother hadn't succeeded in making her cry.

Coraline squeaked with alarm when she felt the other mother begin to pull down her pajama bottoms to reveal her dragonfly-covered-panties. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!" She screeched in horror while looking behind her.

The other mother began to rub Coraline's pink cheeks beneath the cotton panties while replying sternly, "Did you actually think we were done little girl? Your mother has only just begun! You've been a very bad girl Coraline, and this mother is going to make sure you learn your lesson!"

Coraline nearly fainted when she saw her other mother pull out the large wooden spoon she had grabbed from the kitchen earlier. At the time, Coraline didn't know what it was for, but now that she was in this humiliating position, she realized with horror that the other mother intended to use it on her.

"NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!! Please don't use that thing on me!!! I didn't mean to call you names!"


"OOOOOOOOWIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!" Coraline howled in pain as the first blow came unexpectedly.

"But you did call me names, didn't you Coraline dear?" THWACK!


"And this THWACK is what THWACK happens THWACK to naughty THWACK little girls THWACK who disrespect THWACK their mothers THWACK they get spanked! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!"

Coraline felt like her bottom was on fire, and there was nothing she could do about it.

"OW OW OW OOOOOOW!!!!" She cried out, the tears finally beginning to pour down her cheeks.


"No more!"






Coraline's bottom began to bounce up and down in anticipation to get away from the stinging swats. Alas, it only helped the other mother, for each bounce was met with a stinging blow, causing little Coraline to be a very sorry little girl indeed.

"What do we say?" The other mother began to question as she continued to spank her helpless victim. Coraline struggled fiercely while shaking her head stubbornly.

"Are we sorry Coraline?" THWACK! THWACK!

Coraline threw her head up in pain as she helplessly kicked her little legs. "OOOWWW!"

"Say it Coraline, and mommy will stop. Say, I'm sorry mother." THWACK! THWACK!

"AAAAAHOOOOW!!!! I'll never say it! I won't! I WON'T!!!"

The other mother just shook her head in mock sadness. "I'm sorry to hear that Coraline." The next thirty swats that the other mother produced were the hardest yet, and Coraline began to scream long and hard at the horrible, burning feeling.

When the other mother finally set the spoon down, Coraline was a sobbing mess over her lap. When the other mother stopped for a moment to observe the severely punished child, she actually felt to her surprise, a slight pang at Coraline's pain. Alas, she knew they were not finished yet, for Coraline still refused to apologize.

The other mother knew that she had to break her naughty little daughter's pride one way or another, and if her gentle loving way wasn't working, then tough love was the only way to do it.

Coraline lay there sobbing, hoping and praying that her punishment was over. At this point, she was crying so hard that she couldn't even remember where she was. It was when she felt the other mother pull down her panties that she snapped out of her crying spell. "Noooooooo…." She moaned helplessly in a tortured voice. "I can't take anymore please…just…just stop. I'll be good, I promise."

The other mother actually began to feel sorry for her victim, but wouldn't let herself melt. "I wish I could believe that Coraline," she said as she began to rub the now glowing globes in front of her. "I really do…but you still fail to tell me what I need to hear."

A fresh set of tears burst out of Coraline as she realized there was more to come. "WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?! MY CHEEKS FEEL LIKE THEY'RE GOING TO FALL OFF!!! I'VE BEGGED, AND PROMISED, AND PLEADED FOR YOU TO STOP!!!"

The other mother sighed while beginning to warm Coraline up with some lighter slaps to the rear. Even though they weren't hard enough to hurt, Coraline's bottom was tender from the previous two sessions, so she couldn't help but cry even more.

"No Coraline, you have made me empty promises only because of the position you're in. Not because you are truly sorry. I need to know, if you are truly sorry yet."

Coraline felt rage course through her body at the other mother's words despite the pain she was in. Glaring defiantly, Coraline turned her head to the other mother and hissed, "NEVER! I will not apologize!" It was the wrong thing to say, for the other mother's hint of compassion was now replaced with newfound purpose on the mission at hand.

"Then Coraline, we are right back where we started!" She then lifted one of her knees; causing Coraline to slump forward and her vulnerable rear to lift higher into the air.

"I hope you know that this hurts me more than it hurts you Coraline Jones!" Then the other mother lifted the brush in the air, and brought it down upon Coraline's sit spots.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!" Coraline screamed at the newfound burning sensation that coursed not only through her bottom, but her body as well.

"You brought this on yourself you know young lady…" The other mother continued to lecture while swiftly spanking the living daylights out of Coraline's once pale behind.


"Can you CRACK tell me CRACK why I CRACK am using CRACK this brush CRACK on you CRACK right now?" CRACK! Coraline was in too much pain to focus on what the other mother was saying.




"I said, CRACK tell me why CRACK you are getting CRACK the brush CRACK right now CRACK Coraline Jones! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!"

"OWIE! OW OW OWWWW!!! Because…um, I-I was-" CRACK!

"You were what?" CRACK!

"OOOOW! BOOO HOOOO!!! Because I d-didn't…I DON'T KNOW!!!"



"Because you didn't come out from under the bed when I told you to young lady! If you had, then mommy wouldn't have to use her brush on you right now!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK


The other mother gritted her teeth angrily at this reply.


Coraline sobbed and kicked and screamed as a new wave of swats rained over her now dark red bottom.

The other mother angrily threw down the brush and continued spanking Coraline with her hand. "You SPANK are going SPANK to learn SPANK your lesson SPANK right now SPANK little girl SPANK! Even if SPANK I have to SPANK spank you SPANK until morning! SPANK SPANK SPANK!!!"

Coraline began to feel it at last…that wave of submission. There was really nothing else she could do but to give in. She was weak from trying to fight, hoarse from her sobbing and screaming, and numb from being over the other mother's knee for so long.

"I really hate doing this Coraline…you have no idea how much it hurts me."

Coraline was too tired to make any kind of smart alecy reply, plus she was finally starting to feel guilty and sorry for how she had behaved. To her despair, the other mother's plan was working.


This has to end soon…she thought to herself as she continued to cry out weakly. As she lay there getting spanked, she suddenly began to think about her real mother and father…how much she missed them.

However, her grief grew worse upon remembering how they had acted like they could care less about how she spent her time around the large pink mansion. She knew they loved her, but lately, they had a funny way of showing it. In all honesty, she felt…forgotten.

When she met this other mother, she finally felt loved again…she felt like she was someone again. Even when her other mother got angry with her for being "rude" earlier, Coraline still felt more loved compared to her parents. Even now, as she was getting punished, though she hated the feeling with all her might, she just couldn't hate the other mother.

In fact, she almost felt like this other mother cared more than her real parents did. After all, if she didn't, she wouldn't be disciplining her…right? No…it couldn't be. She was just a cruel, abusive, monster!

So much grief…so much shame…so much loneliness…so much confusion...Coraline didn't know what to think anymore of who her true family was. Despite the ghost children's warnings, something told her that this other mother couldn't have been all evil. Something was amiss…


Coraline continued to sob her heart out, as there was not much else she could do. Going limp over the other mother's knee, Coraline finally surrendered in defeat.

It was here that Coraline began to really miss her family…her mother. But strangely, she didn't know which one she wanted or needed more.



The other mother thought she heard Coraline call her, but dismissed it and kept on paddling her little Coraline.


"Mom…" Coraline's voice sounded louder.


"Mama!" Her voice rose emphatically, calling for release.


"Mommy!!!" She cried out desperately, though she didn't know which one she was crying for. The other mother began to slow down as she realized something odd was happening, not only with Coraline, but within herself as well.

Despite the slowing down of the pace, Coraline began to cry out even more miserably than she had during the whole punishment.


All at once the other mother stopped and watched in awe as the little girl sobbed over her lap. Had Coraline just called for her, or for her real mother? Nevertheless, something told the other mother that she had gotten through to her little girl at last, and that it was time to stop.

Yet, something else was happening too…the other mother suddenly felt…true. Suddenly, she didn't like the idea of faking her love for Coraline like she had at the beginning. Not that she hadn't felt some ounce of care for the child before, but she knew eventually that she would have to feed on her soul in order to live.

This was why she always made the other children wait a few days before she would finish them off. She had to get detached from them in order to do it properly. Otherwise, her caring would eventually lead to her extinction.

But this time, she decided she didn't care anymore…she was tired of being a monster! Even if she didn't have much of a choice when it came to her survival, she could still use what she had left to soothe her loved one's fears.

"Mommy…I'm sorry…I'm sorry mommy…" Coraline sobbed openly, unaware that the spanking had even stopped.

The other mother felt her heart come alive with warmth, and this time, she didn't try to stop it. "Oh Coraline…sweetheart, come here." She then gathered the little girl in her arms and began to rock her gently. Coraline continued to cry like a baby, no longer caring about anything other than the longing to feel loved. At that very moment, she had never felt more loved in her childhood.

Soon, the other mother began to hum a beautiful, familiar tune that Coraline recognized from when she had first arrived in this world, the "Dreaming" tune. She rather liked it, and finally began to calm down and let herself relax.

"Shhh shhh it's all over darling….calm down…" The other mother soothed while rubbing her back. Coraline looked up and noticed that the other mother was no longer the tall, skinny, creepy skeleton looking witch she had turned into earlier due to her anger, but was once again in her attractive mother image that Coraline met when first entering that world.

Coraline felt happy to see and feel that maternal part again, and for the moment, forgot about all the danger she was still in.

Meanwhile, the other mother was loving the feeling of holding and comforting someone, but she knew that it wouldn't be able to last long. Like it or not, she was still a monster, and she wanted Coraline to be safe before she did anything to hurt her.

"Coraline…my little doll….I'm sorry that I had to do that. But a good mother disciplines those she loves."

Coraline sniffled while burying her face into the other mother's shoulder. "No offense…m-m-mother…b-but, that was a little too extreme for ere…d-d-discipline." She hiccupped uncontrollably.

The other mother started to feel guilty as she realized this was somewhat true. "I know sweetheart. Maybe I was too harsh, but hopefully it taught you something nonetheless. "

Coraline nodded her head in agreement. "Y-yeah…I think it taught both of us something. Never disrespect your elders, family or not."

The other mother chuckled lightly while patting down Coraline's hair. "And always be merciful towards children who are afraid and are just trying to be brave and helpful of their loved ones, no matter how disobedient they act."

Coraline closed her eyes against the other mother's chest. "Nobody loves me…" she whispered sadly as the tears began to flow again. "You're wrong Coraline…" The other mother began while wiping her tears away. "I may have a funny way of showing it, but I've wanted to love you ever since I first laid eyes on you, my little doll. I couldn't stand seeing how you were being neglected in your world…I just wanted you to feel appreciated. I do love you my precious daughter."

Coraline shook her head sadly. "You can't love me. When I was in the room you threw me in, I met three other ghost children who were here before me. They warned me about you ya know. They said you said you loved them, but then you locked them in the mirror and ate up their lives."

The other mother appeared to be upset by those words. "Coraline…I must tell you, that as much as I hate to admit it, I really can't change the way I am. This is how I was born…and the souls of children are what have helped me to survive and grow more powerful. Without the souls, I will die Coraline. I never wanted to hurt those children…I honestly just wanted them to be happy when I saw how unhappy their lives appeared to be, so I did what I could with what I had. I just wanted someone I could love…but when I became famished, I had to eat their souls for survival."

"But…why children's souls? Why couldn't it be souls of those that don't deserve to exist? Or souls of someone who is about to die anyway?" Coraline asked while looking into the other mother's black eyes.

"Because my dear," the other mother began sadly, "children's souls are pure. I suppose I could eat souls of adults, but I wouldn't last long at all with them. See, children are not as aware of the hardships and evils the world can hold as adults are. And when you become and adult Coraline, you almost wish you could be a child again. Being a child holds so much innocence and imagination in their world. They can escape from their troubles through simple games; I know, I've tasted it. That is the secret that makes me powerful and immortal. It's ironic that all things beautiful are what keep me, an evil being, alive isn't it?" She laughed bitterly at her own words, wishing she could take them back.

Coraline was taken back by the sincerity in the other mother's voice…so there was a true, loving side after all. How unfortunate that it all went to waste for the other mother.

"Trust me darling, I've hated every moment of when I ended those precious children's lives, and I know I will feel the guilt grow in me forever until I cease to exist. I hate being a monster Coraline; that's one reason why I try to make my little children's stay here as lovely as possible. With each child, I have tried to teach myself to be cold towards emotion when it came time for me to feed, and when I finally got you here, I thought that I had mastered my angry and emotionless side. But hearing you sob helplessly, hearing you call out 'mommy' regardless whether you meant your real mother or me made me stop tonight. For some reason, I felt my heart melt again when I realized that I was hurting someone I really loved. I had forgotten what that felt like." The other mother felt a tear from her own button eyes slide down to meet Coraline's tears.

Coraline felt it, and looked up at her other mother. Something told her that those were not crocodile tears, and she returned the embrace the other mother was giving at that moment.

The other mother, grateful to feel her affection returned, held on to Coraline tight while continuing to rub her back. Coraline had been right; she did feel more loved by this mother than the real one at home. But she knew she still had to escape from this world, lest the other mother be controlled by her hunger when the time came.

However, Coraline hoped that there was something she could do in order to make the situation easier for the other mother…maybe there was an alternative to children's souls…. there had to be.

"Mother…" Coraline breathed in the other mother's ear, "I'm sorry that you've been cursed to this life. I can't imagine how hard it must be, but you seem so bent on being good! I mean, we all make mistakes in life, it's very natural…very human."

The other mother chuckled gravely, "Coraline, I'm not exactly human. However it sounds as though I would be welcomed in your world if I was, making mistakes and all I mean."

"But there is always a choice we can make, mother." Coraline whispered while pulling away from the embrace, hoping she could help the other mother in some way.

The other mother sighed while lying down on the bed with Coraline in her arms, "That's where I fail Coraline. I know the only way this will all stop, is if I stop eating and let the children go free…let you go free…nevertheless, I will die and that will be the end of this world. But…I am afraid of death, even though I know I deserve it."

Coraline didn't like the sound of that at all. "But…I don't want you to die. I almost wish I could stay here with you in this world. My real mother is so…she acts as though she doesn't love me when she says she does. With you, it was the other way around, but now I realize you really did…you really do! There must be some way we can be together without you taking my life."

"There is…" the other mother replied while sitting up again.

"Really?! Tell me what I can do!" Coraline exclaimed enthusiastically, despite how morbid the situation was.

"Coraline," she began while standing the little girl up and pulling up the panties and pajama bottoms that were still down, "I'm going to give you a choice…something I never gave the other children, but should have when this all started. There are only two things you can choose to do in this situation my dear. If you really yearn to stay with me, I will raise you as my own daughter and love you with all my heart. However, there is a penalty; not eating your soul will make me hungrier, and living with me means you will have to take part in my cursed scheme."

Coraline gasped in horror! "WHAT?!"

The other mother nodded solemnly, "Yes love. Not only would you have to sow buttons in your eyes, but you would also have to help me trap other children in order for me to live. As much as I hate it, it's the only way I can survive."

"W-will I have to eat them as well?" Coraline asked in trepidation at the idea.

The other mother shook her head fiercely. "Oh no dear! You are not a monster like me, you're still a human and I can continue to make your favorite treats like I did before."

"Weird…" Coraline answered almost laughing, "so you can make real food but you can't eat it? Wow….that's messed up."

"You have no idea…" The other mother grumbled a little angrily.

"And…the second option?" Coraline asked, hoping there would be a better solution.

The other mother sighed while closing her eyes, "You leave me, and return to your real world where your parents are, and I will cease to exist. If you do, you may take the eyes of the ghost children with you to set them free. Honestly, that would be the best thing anyone has done for me. I will then be free from hurting any child ever again, and all will be well."

Coraline appeared shaken by the second option, "That's it?!"

"I'm afraid so…."

Coraline pondered and struggled with the idea. She wanted to be loved by this mother with all her heart! But she knew that her own selfish desires would change future children's lives that came here. She was so confused! Why did her desire for love have to appear selfish in this condition?! All she wanted was love, and here it was being offered to her on a platter, but she couldn't even take it without being cursed as well as the other mother!

"AAAAAARRGGH!!!" She yelled with frustration while pounding the bed with her little fists. "I don't know what to do…"

The other mother smiled sadly while stroking Coraline's face. "Coraline, I know that whatever decision you make, it will be the right one; If not for me, then hopefully for you darling. I want you to be happy."

"I want you to be happy too." Coraline said softly while laying her head on the other mother's shoulder. Both other mother and child stayed in that position for a long time, never wanting to let each other go.

"Coraline, I'm afraid you're going to have to make your decision soon, for my hour approaches. Once I get hungry, I can't stop the monster in me from coming out." The other mother then gave Coraline the key to the little door, and put it in one her left side. She then produced the button eyes and needle, and placed them on her right side.

"I know that whatever you choose, will be right for one of us. Never fear sweetheart, some good will come out of all of this, whether you stay with me or not. I am going to leave you now my sweet, sweet Coraline, so you may choose on your own without the burden of having me here. Within the hour, I will return up here; if you are still here, I will cast a spell that will protect you from my hunger and you will live here with me till the end of time. However, if you are not here, then I will die and you and all the other children of the world will be safer."

Coraline looked at the two objects beside her, unsure of what to think. She was tired of this game, and wanted to be out of it now! But not without the hope of having a loving mother…

"But…what happens if I-" "Shh…" The other mother hushed gently while placing a finger over Coraline's mouth. "Don't worry dear heart, just do what you know is right. It's all you can do at this point."

The other mother then stood up and poked Coraline's cute little nose playfully before giving her one last kiss on the forehead. "Goodbye, my little doll."

Coraline closed her eyes as the tears began to flow once more. She hated crying! It wasn't fair! When she opened her eyes again, the other mother was gone. She took one longing look at the objects that sat beside her; the shinning key that would let her escape back to her real world…her real parents, and the staring button eyes and sharp needle that would bind her with a loving mother eternally…but at a price.

Author's note: Soooooooooo?! This is where you all come in! What should Coraline do now? What decision should she make? I'm sorry if it got a little mushy at the end, but I wanted the other mother to have at least a little bit of heart. I'm the kind of girl that always likes to give second chances, so I spun my own idea of what the other mother could actually be going through. Hope it was believable. If not, I can post this story again with a still evil mother. Let me know luvs I'm all ears! Hope you enjoyed it!