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Alternate Ending 2:

Coraline curled up on the bed, her eyes never leaving the spot where her other mother had just been. She was so frustrated from this whole ordeal, and her brain felt spent from trying to make up its mind on whether she should stay or go. That, and the fact that her butt was still terribly soar from the spanking, she had received earlier wasn't helping with the thinking process at all.

What should I do? I know that my home isn't here; this isn't all realistic, but I still…feel happier here. Coraline hated how she was feeling. She desperately wanted to stay with the other mother, and actually feel loved, even if it meant sacrificing a normal life. Maybe she could learn to be happy with just this world…maybe she could learn to forget about her real parents…about everyone she ever knew and /or loved.

Coraline knew that her decision would not only affect her, but her family's life as well and all the other children who came to live at the Pink Palace after her. No…not just affect…jeopardize all of their lives.

Sometimes, sacrifices must be made…she thought to herself helplessly, not wanting to think about anything…not wanting to do anything…she just wanted to feel numb to the emotional pain. She wanted to feel cold towards feelings in general…she wanted to make herself frozen to emotion…like…like the other mother.

Coraline growled angrily while pounding her little fists on the bed crazily, almost like a bratty child throwing a temper tantrum. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOOO!!!!! She wanted to scream. She'd always held her feelings in whenever she got terribly frustrated back in her world, not wanting to feel like she had no control over her emotions. But here, she felt like she was beginning to snap.

Having to be burdened with the decision that would either make her life better, or save other children from the ghost children's fate, was killing her slowly. Coraline grabbed a pillow and screamed into it angrily. She just wanted to feel loved…was that such a wrong thing to desire? Didn't every child want to be loved?! Why did it have to come at a price in her situation at this one time!?!?

Coraline felt something soft and furry rub against her side as she sobbed into the pillow. When she looked up, she found the black cat staring at her with his large, piercing eyes.

"Go away…I just want to be left alone…" She whimpered, turning her face back into her arms.

The cat shook his head. "Coraline…you know you don't have much time left. You know that she wants you to stay. She wants you to fall into her trap."

"HOW DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE?!" Coraline suddenly shouted while snapping her head up and glaring at the cat. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe the other mother really DOES WANT SOMETHING TO LOVE?!??!

The cat's eyes widened in disbelief. "Coraline, listen to yourself! That is exactly what the other mother wants you to think! You're being deceived!"

"No! You don't understand!" Coraline began to say earnestly while standing up and pacing around the room. "You weren't there when she comforted me after punishing me! She was born into this curse, cat! She's only tried to survive her whole life, and sadly, children's souls are her only means of staying alive!"

"Which is why you should go Coraline! If you leave, you'll be helping her! She will no longer live, and no other child will ever be in danger again. She'll be free in death Coraline! " The cat pleaded, trying to get her to see reason.

Coraline stopped pacing in front of her window. "It's not fair that she should have to die for simply being born into this life!" She replied tersely while glowering at the moon in the other world. "She didn't want to hurt those children cat! She really did love them!"

Cat frowned while jumping down from the bed. "Love does not harm the helpless. True love, always comes with a choice. The other mother may have been born to this life, but she wasn't born without a free will, Coraline. Whether she meant to hurt those other children or not, she still chose to take their lives. Yet even now, she can still choose what's right."

Coraline turned around to glare at the cat. "Who says that sacrifice isn't a form of love!? Maybe it was better that those children died then to continue living in their real world with harsh cruelties and unwanted realities!"

"And where are they now Coraline? Here. They are stuck…roaming in that little dark room behind the mirror until someone sets them free! They chose to stay here yes, but they did not choose to die. The other mother chose that for them, and it was not hers to make. Oh yes, the other mother is loving alright." The cat finished sarcastically while shaking his head.

"How can you be so heartless and judgmental?!" Coraline shouted while stalking towards the cat in a heated rage. "The other mother grew up her whole life without any love herself! Yet somehow, she managed to learn how to love others, and make them happy for the time that she could! I'm sure she'd let the ghost children's souls go if I asked. Maybe she kept them here because she still wanted to love what was left of them! She can't help it cat! It's not fair that she has to live like this! IT'S NOT FAIR!" A fresh set of tears exploded from Coraline's eyes as new waves of sobs coursed throughout her body.

Cat stood there for a moment, twitching his tail thoughtfully. "What about your own mother Coraline? How do you think she'd feel upon coming home, only to find that her only baby girl was now gone forever? Did you ever think how horrible it would be for your parents?! They will spend the rest of their life wondering what happened to you! They will be haunted until the day they die, forever trying to solve the mystery of your disappearance!" He scolded, getting angrier at Coraline's stubbornness.

Coraline laughed bitterly while angrily wiping her tears away. "Oh, so that would suddenly get them to realize that they loved me after all?! 'Oh no! Now that Coraline's gone, we'll have no one to boss around! Oh darn! I miss her now, I wish that she would come back so we could love her for a little while and then GO BACK TO COMPLETELY IGNORING HER AGAIN LIKE WE WERE BEFORE!!!!" Coraline screamed furiously while throwing her stuffed octopus at the cat.

The cat screeched while jumping out of the way of the flying object.

"If mom and dad actually do begin to miss me and want me back," Coraline growled, "then I don't feel any pity for them! They should have thought about that before neglecting their ONLY DAUGHTER!!!" The cat was actually beginning to grow anxious now around the raving girl. It was obvious that she was releasing years of pent up emotion that never had gotten a chance to be expressed.

"I…uh-Coraline…" The cat stammered, trying to get a word in edgewise. "No…your parents really do love you. They're just busy trying to keep a good, healthy home for you. That's why they work so hard. Ever think of that?!"

Coraline shook her head angrily while holding her head in confusion. "It will break their heart to lose you Coraline. You're their only daughter."


The cat's eyes widened at the profanity escaping this little girl's mouth. She was starting to act insane! "Coraline Jones…" He gasped in disbelief. Coraline was breathing heavily, her head swirling with dizziness at all she had just let out. Stumbling passed the cat, she quickly sat down on her bed to keep from losing her balance.

The cat gave her a moment to breathe, before boldly walking in front of her on the floor. "Coraline…what if you're wrong though? What if the other mother ends up eating your soul after all? What if it's all a lie?" He asked sadly, not wanting to see Coraline hurt herself.

"…Well…" she began to say weakly, "then that's a risk I'm willing to take. Better to be loved for a little while, then to never be loved again."

The cat sighed in defeat, dropping his head sadly. He knew nothing he said would convince her now…Coraline was deaf to reason.

"Coraline Jones…" he began to say while turning his back on her, "you…are a FOOL."

Coraline bristled at these words; and with fire in her eyes and ice in her heart, she pointed to the door with an eerie control, before growling dangerously, "Leave me. Get out…now…" Not having to be told twice, the black cat slowly made his way out of Coraline's room.

"Goodbye…poor, misguided child…" he whispered audibly. Coraline simply slammed the door shut in reply.

After letting off the steam, Coraline slowly turned around and looked up at the clock hanging from the wall. She noticed that there were only 5 minutes left before the other mother would return. Well…I guess there's no turning back now…I've cursed myself.

Feeling emotionally drained, confused, and hopeless, Coraline numbly laid down on her bed, waiting for the clock to strike her final hour.

Mom…Dad…I'm sorry. Coraline thought bitterly as the tears began to build up again. I'm sorry I couldn't be a better daughter…I'm sorry you couldn't find time in your busy schedule to spend time with me. I really do hope that you both can be happy again, and maybe have another little girl that will make you truly happy. At least I can remember that we used to have a good time together…I'll always remember when you used to love me…

Suddenly, a loud sound was heard, startling Coraline out of her thoughts. She looked at the clock, and realized her time was up. As the clock continued to ring loudly, surrounding her with its eerie echo, Coraline tried to shut it out by plugging her ears.

With each ring, Coraline felt as though her heart and self were shrinking; the feeling of despair overwhelming her as she tried to block out the fact that se had made a selfish decision.

Nevertheless, the vibrations ran through her body, making it impossible to drown out.

"STOP IT!!!" She screamed loudly while jumping off the bed in a panic. The clock continued to strike and Coraline began to grab random objects lying around her, throwing them furiously at the clock.

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUUUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUP!!!!" She screamed wildly while missing every shot she threw.

When Coraline realized that this wasn't working, she rushed forward in a fiery rage and began clawing at the clock, blooding her fingers up horribly as her nails ripped off.

"SHUT UP! MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!" With a final yell, Coraline managed to finally pull the clock from the wall, and smashed it into the floor over and over again in an uncontrollable rage. "DIE YOU EVIL CLOCK!!! STOP RINGING! STOP IT STOP IT STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP IIIIIIIIT!!!!"

By this time, the clock was a broken mess. It didn't even look like it had been a clock anymore…it was disfigured beyond recognition. Coraline hadn't realized that it was destroyed now, and continued to scream in hysterics while smashing her now empty, bloodied hands relentlessly into the wooden floor.

"Coraline!" A voice called out to her as she continued to roll on the floor. "CORALINE!!!' The voice called out again, this time louder. But Coraline couldn't hear anything but her own screams.

Instantly, hands came out of nowhere and began to restrain the struggling girl. "Coraline!" The voice called out again, finally getting a hold of the flailing hands and pinning them to Coraline's sides.

"LET ME GO!!!" She screamed in blind fear, her screams now turning into hopeless sobs. Coraline was too upset to see that it was her other mother who was now trying to help her. The other mother was beyond concerned for her little girl, and tried to calm her down as best she could.

"Darling! Darling hush now! It's me!" Instantly, Coraline stopped struggling and went limp at the sound of her other mother's voice, while continuing to cry in defeat. "Help me…." She moaned in between sobs, "I hurt…everywhere…"

The other mother picked the little girl up and cradled her close to her heart. "Shhh…shhh my precious, little doll…" she cooed while standing to her feet and walking towards a rocking chair that suddenly appeared in the room.

As Coraline sobbed, she hid her face in her other mother's bosom, welcoming the comfort that was being bestowed. The other mother sat in the rocking chair and continued to soothe her little Coraline while rocking her back and forth…

"Sweetheart, shhh…it's alright now…mommy's here. Mommy's right here darling, don't cry. Everything will be all right. Mommy will make it all go away." She cooed while rubbing Coraline's back comfortingly.

Very soon, Coraline's sobs had reduced to whimpers and she was slowly calming down. She felt the other mother take hold of her aching hands. "Awww…oh my little one…what did you do to your poor little hands?" The other mother questioned softly while bringing the battered fingers up to her lips for a comforting kiss.

Coraline hiccupped in response "I'm sorry mother…" She mumbled in the other mother's chest. "I couldn't help it…I just got so angry…a-a-and I couldn't s-stop. I couldn't s-stop scratching!" She stuttered, beginning to feel upset all over again.

"Shh! Hush hush Coraline, that's enough now dear." The other mother quickly soothed, trying to keep her precious daughter calmed down. "Don't speak anymore, my precious one. Just close your eyes. Sleep my little angel…mother will sing to you, and we can talk when you wake up alright?" Coraline nodded her head wearily, squeezing her eyes shut in hopes that sleep would come quickly.

"You'll be alright my little lamb. Mother's going to make you all better." And at once, the other mother began to hum that beautiful melody that Coraline had come to recognize. "Dreaming…dreaming…" the other mother sang softly, her voice enveloping Coraline' body, making her relax instantly.

Mmmm…this feels so nice….Coraline thought sleepily as she smiled to herself. Maybe…maybe I won't feel so bad that I chose to stay here after all….and feeling at peace at last, Coraline drifted off into a dreamless slumber. Her worries forgotten, as the angelic voice of the other mother lulled her pain and fears away.


It had been two weeks since Coraline had chosen to stay with the other mother.

When she had finally woken up from her dreamless sleep, the other mother wasted no time in taking care of Coraline's wounds as well as comforting her fears. The other mother then took the time to express her joy in the fact that her daughter would be staying with her eternally. Of course, the celebration was somewhat bittersweet, seeing as both other mother and daughter knew that they would be sharing the curse together.

As the other mother cast the spell over Coraline, which would protect her from her hunger, Coraline took the opportunity to beg the other mother to release the ghost children's souls.

"Please mother!" She had pleaded. "As much as I love you, I still can't help feeling guilty for leaving my real world behind. The least you could do for the both of us, is release those children's souls so that they may be free to fly to heaven where they can be at peace eternally. It will ease both our consciences mother, knowing we did some good for them."

The other mother finally agreed, knowing that her daughter was right. It was the only way they could ease their guilt-ridden minds.

Coraline watched joyfully as the ghost children flew out of the mirror room, free at last. While they were grateful indeed for being let go, the ghost children still were saddened by the decision Coraline had made. "We hope for your sake miss, that you will not suffer the consequences too much because of your choice." The sweet ghost girl had said as they all floated to the heavens.

"Coraline, dear heart," the other mother had begun to soothe gently after the children's souls had disappeared, "we both know that you had the best intentions at heart when you chose to stay here. You would never want to intentionally cause pain for others….you were only trying to take your chance at a well deserved happiness. You knew what would come of making this choice, and while not everything can be perfect, at least we're doing what we can to make each child happy before and after they come here. I know that I will go out of the way to make you happy, my lovely little doll. In a way, this world is a bit like your old one. Things will happen here that we don't want to happen, but we can still start each day with a happy attitude and the promise of good things to come, after the bad has passed."

Despite her efforts, the other mother couldn't wholly cheer up her depressed little girl. Coraline tried with all her mite to be happy all the time, since after all, she was getting her wish to live happily with a loving family. Even if her family here were mostly duplicates of her real one, she could still choose how she would react to every situation. It was really the only thing she could do now, to keep from sinking further into depression and guilt.

Thankfully, the other mother allowed the other Wybie to exist for Coraline's sake. If she couldn't have her real Wybie, at least here she would have someone who resembled him. The other Wybie, although very disappointed in Coraline for choosing to stay, couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards the troubled girl. He knew that it had been hard for her to make such a intricate decision, and forgave her quickly after learning about the whole ordeal.

Other Wybie really was a stress reliever for Coraline, next to her other mother. He always held her whenever she felt haunted by the memories of her old world, and tried to cheer her up best as he could. Coraline was very grateful to still have him at least.

In order to further ease Coraline's emotional discomfort, the other mother promised to release all of the other souls that would become trapped in the other world in the near future. This relief, although little, was enough to keep Coraline satisfied. She realized that she would have to get used to it, seeing as she would be in the 'Other World' for eternity.

In the meantime, as her wounds were healing up, Coraline's other mother began to train her in the ways of proper sowing techniques. By the end of the first week, Coraline was almost ready to make her first doll. However, that lesson was postponed…because the other mother had to sow buttons onto Coraline's eyes.

"It's the only way you'll be able to stay here darling." The other mother explained gently, regretting that she would have to cause her little girl more pain. "I'm sorry sweetie, but it's necessary, otherwise you'll disappear before long."

Coraline knew that she had to obey the laws of that world because of her decision, but she couldn't deny the fear that overtook her at the idea of what was to come.

The other mother was able to give Coraline some morphine to knock her out while she performed the surgery, but that didn't stop the pain from coming when Coraline finally woke up that next morning.

The poor eleven year old wept for the loss of her beautiful eyes, as well as from the excruciating pain the needle had left behind. The other mother knew this would happen, and stayed by Coraline's side from morning till night, comforting her in anyway that she could, and trying to dull the pain with the magic she possessed.

By the end of the second week, the pain had dulled, but would still re-appear much to Coraline's annoyance. So now, here she was, helping her mother prepare for the new arrival that was to come at any moment through the little door.

"Will you have to transform me mother? To look like whatever you need me to be for the child who is coming?"

"No dear, not this time." The other mother replied while smiling sadly. "You can stay in your original form for this one, there's no need to change you yet."

As she said this, Coraline noticed that her other mother began to change into a beautiful young black woman, with a light brown colored skin. Coraline couldn't think of anyone she knew that had a black mother. Oh well…she'd have to wait and see.

"Coraline sweetie, our guest will be here soon. Practice your smiling so that you will be in the mood when they arrive. I want our guest to be as comfortable and happy as possible while they're here."

"Yes mother." Coraline nodded obediently before walking outside of the house and onto the porch. She sat upon the steps, waiting in anticipation for the child to arrive. I hope whoever it is, he/she will be able to forgive us once we set their souls free.

While Coraline waited, she found herself growing bored. I wonder where other Wybie is? I haven't seen him at all today, and I need him the most right now.

After a couple of minutes, Coraline's thoughts were interrupted by the cheerful sound of her other mother's voice talking to someone. The new guest must be here. Coraline thought while standing up and preparing herself for the newcomer. She began to think of all the happiest things she could, and it wasn't long before her smile grew nice and wide.

Suddenly, the other mother opened the door, introducing Coraline to the guest. "Say hello to your friend sweetheart." She said enthusiastically as Coraline stepped into the house smiling.

But shock and horror nearly wiped the smile clear off of Coraline's face as she gazed upon the newcomer. For there in front of her, stood- WYBIE?!?!?!??!?!

"Coraline!!!" The real Wybie gasped in shock before rushing forward to embrace his friend whom he thought he had lost.

"Oh Coraline! I thought I'd never see you again!" He said happily while tightening his hold around her waist.

Coraline wanted to scream! She wanted to run him back through the little door that would lead him safely home! No! Oh please God NO! Not him! Not my Wybie! Coraline held the smile painfully in place while praying silently in her head.

She knew that there was really nothing she could do. Her other mother grew hungrier by the minute, and if she didn't feed soon, her spell would wear off and she would die. And Coraline would be trapped forever in the other world until she died of starvation as well.

I can't let that happen…I made this choice, and I must obey…there's no turning back now.

Taking a deep breath, Coraline opened her mouth to greet her friend. "Hello Wybie! I'm the other Coraline! I'm so happy you're finally here!"

The other mother smiled approvingly at the bittersweet reunion in front of her. "Wybie honey, why don't you and your friend go hunting for banana slugs while I clean up here? Then, when you're through perhaps you can both go for a ride on your new little motorbike."

Wybie turned his head towards his other mother, his eyes shining with delight. "Really?! WOW! Thank you mother! Come on Coraline, let's go!" And grabbing his friend's hand, Wybie and Coraline ran out the door, and to the front of the house where slugs appeared to be crawling everywhere.

"WOW! Look at these monsters Coraline!" Wybie exclaimed enthusiastically before getting on his hands and knees and grabbing a few in sight.

Oh Wybie…Coraline thought to herself while trying to keep her smile in tact. I hope you can forgive me.

As she knelt down to play besides Wybie, Coraline relished in the events to come; This is my blessing, yet it is also my curse. I will always be happy, and also be sad.

As she thought this, a single tear slipped from her black button eyes.

The End