It's Only Us

Chapter 1 - What A Way To Start

Kevin's P.O.V

"Nick give it back" I heard my brother Joe yell at my other brother Nick as he had probably stolen his shoes again or something like that as he was always doing this nowadays.

"Will you two give it a break" I yelled trying to keep my mind on not letting the dinner burn as mum and dad were going to be home in ten minutes and I don't think they'd be too happy to come back to me having burnt the house down.

"Sorry Kevin" I heard Joe and Nick say before they started screaming at one another again and I sighed going back to stiring the tomato soup that was bubbling nicely in the pot as I was doing a good job with it.

"Guys what did I say" I nearly yelled trying to get them to calm down for seeing as I was the oldest at 19, I could tell them to do whatever I wanted them to do, but right now I was more concerned on not making the tomato soup stick to the pot so I ignored Joe and Nick's screams and it was working until the phone rang.

"I'll get it" Joe yelled but I was closest so I turned the gas down and grabbed the phone not knowing who could be phoning at a time like this.

Joe's P.O.V

Once I was sure Kevin was talking on the phone, I grabbed Nick by his ankles and he fell to the floor letting go of my new shoes.

"See that's what you get when you try to steal my shoes" I said smirking at how Nick so looked like he was going to kill me so I ran out of the room and downstairs like a wildfire or something not stopping until I reached the kitchen stairs but I stopped and stayed where I was when I got to them.

Kevin was having what sounded like an argument with someone on the phone and I thought it was dad until he said "What, what do you mean, no they can't be, no they don't drink are you just sick or something cause I'm not enjoying getting told this, no I will not hold my tongue how do you expect me to behave-"

I heard Nick come down behind but told him to shush so we could hear the rest of Kevin's conversation.

"Now look here you must have it wrong Denise and Paul Jonas are not our grandparents they're our oh no, no, no, no, please don't no our parents are no they can't be dead."

I had never heard Kevin strutter like that before and apparently neither had Nick.

"Do you think he's okay" Nick whispered and I put a finger to my mouth telling him to shut up but all we heard was the click of the phone then the sound of it being placed on the table very aggressively I may add and then we heard Kevin sigh.

"Okay here's the plan" I half-whispered sitting on the step whilst Nick sat down as well.

"Right I'm listening."

"Okay I'll go in and see if Kevin's alright and if he isn't I'll come upstairs and tell you then we'll go down together and try to get him to talk to us and if he is alright then if I don't come back after ten minutes you know it's safe."

Nick nodded running upstairs taking them two at a time so he could get up their quicker whilst I waited till Nick had got to the top of the landing before walking into the kitchen to see Kevin muttering to himself as he stirred what must be tomato soup in his best pot so he didn't know that I was there but he would now.

"Kev, Kevin, what happened."

I knew I had given Kevin a fright as he jumped but not only that, he also sent the pot of tomato soup flying and some splattered onto the floor whilst the rest landed in the sink and Kevin whirled round on the spot to face me with the most angry look on his face I had ever seen.

"God almighty Joe, what do you want" Kevin yelled and I felt a wave of hurt fly through me, cause usually me and Kevin got along but this was really weird, the way he was acting I mean.

"N-Nothing" I stuttered trying my hardest not to cry as Kevin's face looked that if you put a match to it, it would blow.

I ran upstairs doing my best to hide my face from Kevin's as I didn't want him to see me cry, not now that he looked like he was on his last thread and anything could send him spinning out of control.

Kevin's P.O.V

As Joe ran away from me it finally dawned on me what I had done, I had just shouted at one of my little brothers and best friend all because I was angry that the women on the phone had told me that she was talking Joe, Nick and the youngest member of our group Frankie away from me.

"Ugh why do I let my anger get the better of me" I screamed hearing Joe crying from above as he had only made as far as the hall stairs, I'm guessing but a couple of seconds later I heard Nick's voice through Joe's crying.

"I'm guessing he's not okay then eh?"

"You think?" Joe sobbed back and I felt bad for I had been the one to make Joe cry and I usually didn't like it when I was upset or someone else was.

"Come on Joe you're going to talk to him" Nick said and I heard a heaving noise which was obviously him pulling Joe up so I busied myself with getting the floor cleaned cause I knew Frankie would be coming down soon and asking when dinner was and sure enough I was right for I heard his small feet running down then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to Frankie who had a big smile on his face.

"Kevin, Kevin, Kevin where's mum and dad, why is the floor covered in blood, why, why, why" Frankie screamed in my ear being annoying as usual but I could control my emotions when I tried.

"Mum and dad aren't here and it's tomato soup, Frankie" I said keeping control but then Frankie started on me again.

"When is mum and dad getting home."

"Never Frankie do you want to know why because they're dead and they're not coming back." I was now shouting just like I was when Joe was asking me questions.

I could tell that I'd upset cause he started to back away from me and there was tears in his eyes.

I wanted to say sorry, I really did but nothing was coming out so I started to clean the floor again just as I heard Nick and Joe get into the kitchen.

"Kevin, Joe has something to tell you" Nick shouted and I turned to see that Joe was trying to get away and I was reminded of the time when mum had shouted at him and when he went to apologize, I had to hold onto him cause he kept on trying to get away.

"What is it Joe?" I asked finally calm, now that I could see that Joe looked quiet scared.

"Er, err, er, okay I'm sorry." Okay I wasn't expecting that, I was supposed to be the one apologizing, not Joe.

"Why are you sorry, you're not the one that shouted at someone, that was me" I joked getting to my feet slowly as not to scare Joe.

"I know Kevin but I'm sorry for ruining dinner" Joe said and I wondered why he was sorry for that.

"Joe that's nothing, I'm saying sorry for hurting you're feelings, so what if dinner's ruined, so what if I'm not hungry anymore, I only care about you're well being" I said and before Joe could say anything I dropped the cloth, that I had been using to wipe the floor and hugged Joe.

For a while Joe just stood there but finally he got it and put his arms around my back.

"Er Kevin, why did you shout at Joe then" Nick said obviously not believing me.

"Cause when I was on the phone, they told me that because you, Joe and Frankie are not 16 or above, you're going to be going on a field trip" I lied not wanting to tell them the truth and risk them starting crying.

"Okay but where's mum and dad" Nick asked just as Joe let go of me.

I took a deep breath, how was I supposed to tell them that they were dead.

"I know" Joe squeaked "I heard Kevin talking mum and dad are dead."

Nick gasped but Frankie who knew, hugged Nick whilst Joe half-smiled at me.

"Thanks for telling but you didn't have to make it so formal" I said replaying the moment in my head.

"I think, I'm going to go to bed" Nick said whilst Frankie followed which left me and Joe.

"Do you want something to eat Joe" I asked him but he just shook his head.

"I'm going to bed, I'll see you when you get upstairs" Joe said and with that he walked away leaving me to myself and my thoughts

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