Chapter 22 - Catriona's Downfall & Surprises

Kevin's P.O.V

Once we were sorted out, Ruth phoned Catriona and put her on speaker.

"What is it, girl that doesn't want to be friends with me anymore."

"Well Catriona, you could go with that attitude or you can listen to me, right we have your boyfriend Eric and if you don't leave the Jonas family alone then me and Emily, well now Emma will kill him."

"No don't do that please I love him, please no" Catriona begged and I saw that Joe was trying to stiffle a laugh.

"Okay then meet us at the Jonas house in five minutes or else Eric is swimming with the fishes."

Ruth hung up and Eric gripped her hand.

"You're not going to really kill me, Ruth old buddy old pal are you" Eric said but Ruth shook her head.

"No I just said to get Catriona to think twice about hurting Kevin and his family."

"Oh right, by the way, Kevin is that guy Joe that keeps on holding close to you, you're boyfriend or something?"

"Yeah he is" I said and Joe gripped my waist tight making me grimmace.

"Oh cool."

Two seconds later, Catriona slammed through the door and Nick muttered under his breath "Looks like someone forgot to knock."

"Okay Ruth, Emma hand Eric over to me now so I can make sure that you don't hurt him."

"No" Eric said and I could tell that Catriona was surprised that Eric was standing up to her.


"I said no Catriona, I'm sick of you and all your lies, why didn't you tell me you were dating me and Kevin at the same time?"

Thats when Catriona saw me and Joe and Nick standing together whilst Frankie was standing beside Emma.

"You, you, oh."

"Yeah and another thing Catriona, you ever touch Kevin or his boyfriend Joe ever again and I will make sure that my dad has your dad and you aswell asserted for assualt."

"You can't do this to me" Catriona yelled before a guy who looked like Eric entered and I guessed it was his dad.

"Hey Dad."

"Hi Eric, you're Catriona Hall aren't you" Eric's dad said turning to her.

"Yes, so what."

"Well mam I'm sorry but you'll have to come with me down to the station then you'll be seeing a lot of bars from inside prison."

Catriona screamed as she was led out of the house then Eric, Ruth and Emma left too.

Joe's P.O.V

Later on that night, I lay in my bed beside Kevin as Frankie and Nick were now back home safe and sound after we talked to social services and they said they weren't going to hold a trail as Kevin seemed like a perfect family model then she had pulled me aside and said that she knew me and Kevin had a thing going on and said it was okay to continue.

"Kevin" I said and Kevin looked up from kissing my neck.


"Can I ask you a question" I said reaching into my back pocket and pulling out a blue box. During the day, me and Nick had went to the shops to look at rings as I was thinking about getting a promise ring for Kevin but then Nick had pointed out that we already had one so instead we looked at engagement rings.

"Erm okay, I need you to stand up" I said and Kevin got out then I followed before I got down on one knee.

"Paul Kevin Jonas II, will you marry me" I said opening the box flashing the 27 diamond ring to him and waiting for an answer.

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