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Ten things Sirius loved about Remus.

His Wisdom

This alone made Sirius smile, full and honest smile. It put a glaze in his eyes; a glaze only a certain auburn-haired werewolf could do. He was intelligent, the most intelligent person Sirius knew; so apart from himself that Sirius found it oh, so stimulating. The way his face showed determination every time he had to write an essay. The way he always made it his priority to search for an answer to a question that eluded him. It was erotic. No one else had a mind as beautiful as Remus. He was intellectual, the complete opposite of Sirius. This mystery alone captured Sirius interest. Remus mind was beautiful. Remus was beautiful

His Touch

It made Sirius writhe in pleasure every time Remus ran those long, smooth hands over his entire body as if worshiping it. The way it slid from his hardened chest to his engorged member. It was delicious. The mere thought of Remus wrapping those elegant limbs over his hot cock made him shudder in pleasure. Remus was the only person whose touch made Sirius so wanton, so vulnerable; his touch was simply perfect. The perfect amount of pressure, the perfect amount of strides needed to push the composed Black heir to outmost pleasure and that was only the beginning; that was just his touch. Those memories alone provided the animagus with the best self-inflicted orgasm. Remus was skilled.

His Smile

Who wouldn't melt being in the receiving end of Remus' glorious smile? It showed his every inch of happiness. His lips would curve up beautifully, exposing gleaming, white teeth yet slightly crooked, but so marvelous. His dimples were Sirius' real pride and joy, would be exposed and become ever prominent on Remus flawless face. His smile was definitely contagious. It made Sirius try his hardest to plaster an ever grinning smile on Remus' face with endless jokes and banter. When he did, Sirius could cry in joy. It was all he needed, just to see Remus smile at him; to know he made the werewolf smile. There is nothing, nothing that made Sirius heart leap further out of his chest than Remus smiling at him in outmost contentment. All Sirius troubles melted away, forgotten the moment Remus smiles at him, knowing that smile were intended for him. Remus was his savior.

His Personality

Remus had a personality like no other. He held the greatest amount of patience. He never lashed out and he rarely lost control; ironically, since he is a werewolf and because he's best friends with Sirius and James. He was kind, no he was an angel. He always offered help and always had a positive word to say. Remus was careful, some might think this makes him boring, but Sirius knew better. On the contrary, it made him cunning. He was the perfect marauder, no one ever suspected perfect, prefect Remus. He was responsible. He never went too far in any of his schemes. Ever. Remus was determined. When everyone else retired to bed late at night, Remus would spend five more minutes, turned five more hours finishing an assignment. Most importantly, Remus was forgiving. Sirius made the biggest betrayal on the eve of the full moon, leading Severus towards the Whomping Willow. Remus forgave him when he couldn't forgive himself. Remus heart was pure, it was big, and it was honest. Remus was well-rounded.

His Humor.

Not many realized just how deep humor flowed through Remus veins. Not many acknowledged that Remus indeed had a knack for jokes and a sense of humor that could compete if not surpasses that of James' and Sirius'. Remus was hilarious. In a way that was not only mild but also held no one in the brunt end of the joke. Remus didn't need to prank or cause people displeasure to be funny; he was comedy himself because Remus' was simply hilarious. Late at nights you could hear all four marauders laugh 'til they doubled over in pain; clutching their sides with grimaces on their laughing features from Remus' jokes. That is why Sirius' never told anyone about Remus' sense of humor. He felt special. Remus was his sense of pride.

His Imperfections

Sirius could see and feel the memories as if he was in the moment. He can feel his hands ghosting ever so lightly over Remus' scars. He can recall all of those faded slashes running through his torso, arms, and back. Fifty nine. Fifty nine charcoaled patches that Sirius absolutely lusted over. They were amazing. They showed Remus, his courage, his determination, and above all, his strength. How could Remus be so embarrassed? They were marvelous; he should be proud. Sirius' tongue would lap over each one on his journey to what was the most beautiful part of Remus. He would flick his swollen tongue over each one, worshiping, because they deserved to be and Sirius' was all too keen on making sure they were all attended to. They reminded him of how little his problems were compared to Remus'. It reminded him of how little Remus' complained even when he had the best excuse to. Remus was his strength.

His Obsession

The one thing that can make Remus melt with pleasure. Chocolate. Seeing a child in a candy store was nothing to seeing Remus in Honeydukes. He wasn't happy. He was happiness personified. Everything about chocolate made Remus sigh in pleasantry and laugh merrily. His obsession made Sirius' obsession happy. It never took much to please Remus, so whenever Sirius could, he would bring Remus chocolate. Every full moon, Remus would be met with a large bar of chocolate, waiting for him on his bed for when he came back from the infirmary. Remus was worth it, and as a thank you Remus would eat it off of Sirius, making Sirius happy. Chocolate was great, indeed. The smell of Remus breath always held a twinge of cocoa. It was musky, it was erotic. Remus was sweet.

His Affection

No one, absolutely no one could show affection quite like Remus. Sirius would know. Remus never shied away from his feelings, therefore overwhelmed Sirius with it every time that emotion was intended for him. It was never bad; to have Remus pouring affection over Sirius, he loved for it. He would caress Sirius arms lovingly, stroking lightly across his skin, sending shivers through his body. He would cuddle Sirius every single time they made love. Sirius would drift into sleep with the smell of Remus ever prominent in his nostrils. The best thing about Remus' affection was when they made love. The way Remus would cry out in pleasure every time Sirius thrust in and out of his sensitive hole, scraping his prostate with each thrust; Remus crying out in blissful ecstasy. The best part of making love is when Remus would cry out Sirius' name as his orgasm burst through him. The way he cried out 'I love you,' over and over until he was fully drained of his seed. Remus was his heart.

His Eyes

You could drown in those deep pools of honey. They were beautiful. Honey in the middle, auburn surrounding it, like a fence, never wanting the deep pools to leak through. The way his orbs would sparkle or dim according to his mood. The way they changed colors depending on how the light hit them. Remus' eyes were to die for. They always held a dull luster to them, only to be amplified when he was happy or enraged. Remus eyes were still mesmerizing even when enraged, even more so actually. Want to know Sirius' favorite shade of Remus' eyes? It was when they would dim into dark brown hazes, full of lust. Simply Brilliant. He would always make sure to stare into Remus' eyes when they were wrapped in foreplay, because nothing sent more shocks to his groin, than seeing Remus' eyes darken in pleasure. Remus was mesmerizing.



Nothing was more mysterious, wonderful, and indescribable as Remus' love. It never dimmed and it never failed. There was nothing more Sirius could say than; it was the best gift anyone had given him. He won't even try to describe it. Because to be able to, would be an insult. How can you put into words something so wonderful, as honest as love, Remus' love? No, Sirius would never insult what they had. Remus was perfect.

With that, Sirius went to sleep; wrapped in strong, lean arms and a lazy smile on his face, with Remus filing his entire subconscious. Nothing. Was. More. Perfect. Than knowing Sirius would always have Remus to keep him sane, to keep him balanced.

Remus was his Everything.

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