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Ten things Remus loved about Sirius

His Pride

No one had more pride than Sirius Black and Remus found it curiously attractive. Sirius had pride in everything he did, from their pranks as teenagers to his pride in being Harry's godfather. It may come off as arrogant to others, but Remus knew in order to have pride, one must be content in what they have done or have. What made it even better was Sirius' pride in him. No one ever thought Remus was worth much, being a werewolf and all, but Sirius treasured him like his life depended on it. Remus was proud of Sirius too.

His Skin

How Sirius found him remotely attractive was Remus' guess. Sirius skin resembled a god. Skin so soft it almost danced along yours. Remus could run his fingers all over Sirius body and it would never get old. His own skin so opposite from Sirius' smooth, golden one. The way it stretch over taught muscles, made Remus' prick quirk in excitement. Sirius skin was clean, unscarred. It was supple and ran fluently across his body. Remus could just stare at Sirius' naked form for hours, marveling at the beauty that was simply Sirius. Remus always wondered how on earth, such a beautiful human being could love someone like him, but Sirus never did what was expected of him, did he?

His Temper

When Sirius flared, he burned. Funny really, Sirius rarely got angry, him being the humorous one and all. Sirius once said when he was asked why no one ever saw him upset replied, "Ask Moony." Remus blushed so hard you might as well have diced him and mixed him in a salad, resembling a tomato nicely. Remus knew his temper alright. Sirius would hold on to his anger for so long, he would burst and it would not quell for hours. Luckily for Remus he found a good use for that temper. After periods of hurtful outbursts, endless punches and shoves, Remus would find himself under Sirius, his prostate hammered by Sirius cock. It wasn't sweet, quite the opposite in fact; but oh so brilliant. Every fuck was accompanied by a bite, every groan was accompanied by a scratch and every fight was accompanied by a mind blowing orgasm. Under these circumstances, Remus would wake up the next day sore and fatigue beyond comprehension, but it was so worth it, Sirius lasting much longer and all. Sirius' temper was so worth it.

His Ego

His ego was the size of his pride, but Remus didn't care. He didn't care that Sirius was cocky and arrogant. He didn't care that Sirius boasted and flaunted his looks and his money. He didn't even care that Sirius thought he was better than everyone. Remus loved that Sirius was cocky and arrogant. He loved that Sirius boasted and flaunted his looks and his money. He even loved that Sirius thought he was better than everybody, because Remus could never think all those things. He was insecure and cautious. He never felt adequate or useful. He always felt destined for failure, ever since that bite. Remus loved Sirius ego because it gave Sirius the ability to comfort Remus. Sirius always told him to think better of himself and better results would follow, "I don't make friends with imbeciles after all Moony, much less a lover," he would assure. His ego gave Remus a reason to believe in himself.

His Determination

When Sirius had his sights set one something, he had to have it. He was always determined and it showed. He was determined to become an animagus and even convinced his two other best friends to learn it with him. He unfortunately, was determined to make Snape's life miserable and he did. He was determined to make it up to Remus about the "incident" in sixth year and he did. It took him nearly six months, but Sirisu never gave up. Remus was full of elation that he didn't. Everything Sirius put his mind to, he achieved. He was even able to convince Remus to love him, something Remus thought he was never able to do. Remus; so guarded, so cautious, always too afraid to let anyone in less he hurt them. Sirius opened Remus up and Remus would forever be thankful.

His Loyalty

Sirius' loyalty never faltered and it never questioned. He was always there for his mates and he never forgot when they helped him. Life was hard for Sirius, the pressures from family, when he decided to leave them and stay with James, when everyone was sure of his betrayal to the Potters. He still remained loyal. He still tried to convince everyone he never faltered; he would never betray his best mate. Sirius was loyal, a true Gryffindor. Remus would never question him again, his best friend, his lover. The guilt never left and with that it made Remus love him more. Sirius deserved so much.

His Laugh

Sirius laugh never failed to make Remus smile. It was blissful and so full of emotion. Remus would always remember the first time he heard Sirius' laugh, in King's Cross station at the age of 11. He wanted to be his friend so bad. He wanted to bring that laughter to Sirius. He was so happy when James and Sirius first came up to him after sorting. He though this was it, he would finally have friends. Sirius never failed Remus, he would laugh all the time. He had such a light character, always found joy. Remus could never get enough. Sirius' laughter, laughter that brought him his own. Sirius was his salvation.

His Hair

Have you seen how gorgeous Sirius' hair is? Thick, long, and the deepest black Remus has ever seen. It shined during the sun's morning rays, and at night during sessions of hard, passionate sex, the twinkling of the stars reflected off Sirius gorgeous mane. Remus would wrap his hands roughly into it, twisting it in between his fingers while he pulled his head down, torturing Sirius' all too sensitive neck. It was delightful, feeling the soft strands run through his calloused skin; along with Sirius wanton moans of pleasure. They both danced of his skin erotically. The way it felt in between his fingers as he held Sirius' position on his cock. The way it would feel as he bobbed Sirius' head in place; Sirius would never know half the pleasure came from that thought alone. Sirius had beautiful hair; Sirius was just a beautiful person. Features so chiseled, Remus thought Sirius was the most handsome man he knew.

His Emotions

No one showed more emotions than Sirius. He was so honest and never held anything back. He could laugh at anything. It never took much to make him content; he was the first to shout with laughter upon Harry's birth. He was also the first to cry as well. He never hesitated to let you know how he felt and his emotions went as easy as they came. He never held a grudge and he never got angry for long. Sirius was forgiving and he never hesitated to ask for forgiveness. Sirius held the world in his eyes, the way they could flash from one emotion to the other, blink and you miss it. Sirius fought hard, but he loved harder. Remus was so lucky, this man, his precious man loved him. A love that could never fade and Remus was so thankful. He had a partner that would never hide his emotions and Sirius never forgot to tell Remus how much he loved him. He sang it like a mantra every night, while his cock was buried deep in Remus. He would kiss Remus lovingly while he thrust his cock inside Remus' entrance, making sure to hit his prostrate every time. Slipping his palm over Remus' cock, ensuring they met orgasm together. "I love you, Remus," was all he could hear as they reached that blissful place together. Sirius made Remus whole.



Nothing was more mysterious, wonderful, and indescribable as Sirius' love. It never dimmed and it never failed. There was nothing more Remus could say than; it was the best gift anyone has given him. He won't even try to describe it. Because to be able to, would be an insult. How can you put into words something so wonderful, as honest as love, Sirius' love? No, Remus would never insult what they had. Sirius was perfect.

That same night, Remus went to sleep, his arms wrapped lovingly over Sirius' sleeping form, carrying a lazy, content smile of his own. NOTHING. WAS. MORE. PERFECT. Than knowing Sirius was always there to keep Remus sane, to keep him balanced.

Sirius was his everything.

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