This is my idea of what would happen if a girl went into Looney toon land. This is NOT a real character. The Looney Toons do not belong to me.

Chapter One: I think I've gone crazy!

I trudged home through the rain slowly, not looking forward to arriving home. I glanced up at the sky. This was turning out to be just pleasant!

We had H.P.E today, and boy, oh boy, was I the most loved person in my class! Being the most clumsy person in my school, I was chosen last again. The team that was stuck with me groaned and moaned as I joined the back of the line. " SHE, shouldnt even be allowed on the team,' Stupid Labinca Jones murmured to her friend, Chelsea, who giggled and threw me filthy looks when the teachers back was turned, "She cant even HOLD a ball without dropping it!"

I sighed out wearily. I was used to all the whispering and giggling behind my back, but why? Why did Chelsea, my best friend for almost 3 years, dump me to hang out with Lab? Okay, so Lab was the most beautiful, richest and popular girl in my class, but Chelsea had agreed with me that Labinca was the most snobbiest person on the planet, if not the whole universe! I guess being popular changes people.

Kids in my class thought of me weird. I have to say, its almost impossible not to disagree with them, since being called that to my face on frequent occasions. But still, I thought with a tears pricking the corners of my eye, is it right to call someone weird, just because their a fan girl of the wrong thing? Its not fair! But life, I argued in my head, IS-INT fair...

Most girls my age were fan girls of Twilight, anime or anything to do with vampires. Its just so...CLICHE! I mean, who wants to be like everyone else? Its okay to be (dare I say) different? Who cares about what you like, what religion you support, where you come from, or whats your idea on politics. Well, obliviously the kids at my school care.

I squinted through the fog the rain was creating, I could just make out the signpost saying "Creature-wood avenue". I thought it was a cute name when we first moved here from Australia, but now, it just seems weird.

All of a sudden, something pooped into my head; Bugs Bunny. I had no idea how he got in there he just did. Usually when I was bored or upset, he just went POOF into my head. A few of his gags came into my head; Him dressing up as a girl to woo Elmer Fudd, him giving Elmer Fudd a haircut, digger really really long rabbit holes, him doing the "Duck season Rabbit season" gag, and, of course, his opening munching on a carrot saying "Eh, whats up doc?"

All of a sudden I remembered a episode where he was singing something. Without thinking, I stared up into the sky and started to sing my song;

When I need you, your here
Your my clown to laugh at, when I'm down...
the song that's always playing in my head...
the guy that I can laugh at
who makes the moment last forever
my hero and my sunshine in the rain.

So, please don't ever leave me darling
your a special part of my life,
the thing that always keeps my going
takes me right out of my strife
and if you leave my sweetheart
I don't know what I'd do...
cause baby doll, my sweetheart,
I'm a special part of you.

A guy who was watering his garden paused and started at me, alarmed. Oh great, now he thinks your mental. I grinned at him sheepishly and took of running for my house.

The truth is, I invented that song, and added lines on to it, since I was 6. Its a pretty long song, but that's just the first two verses. When I was 6, you see, that's when I first started my addiction to the Looney Toons. That's what I'm a fan girl of.

It must seem kind of weird, seeing a girl my age squeal every time she sees Bugs Bunny, but hey, I cant help it. I love the Looney Toons, and nothings gonna change that.

"MELANIE ROCHELLE BARAOCHE!" My mother, who was wearing a apron and holding a cookie batter smeared spatula, screamed at me fiercely from our front porch. "What are you doing in the rain, girl? You will catch a cold! Now get inside and set up the table, before the end of the world!" Then she stomped back inside. I skirted up the steps, slipping on the wet wood, and stumbled through our front door, panting and dripping. My dad, lifted his head from the newspaper, growling as he noticed the puddle I was making on the floor.

"Sorry, dad." I whispered, reaching for a towel to clean up the wet patch which was slowly spreading across the tiles. He grunted and went back to reading the advertisements. Oh, wow, grunt! What a lovely way to say hi!

After I'd finished cleaning up, I quickly placed cutlery and plates on the table. After I'd done that, I changed into a warm jumper and pants. Then, I grabbed a towel and dried my hair quickly. So, you can imagine my relief when I finally collapsed on my bed in my basically cupboard sized bedroom. I gazed up at the ceiling sleepily, seeing Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pepe Le Pew, Wil E. Coyote, Road Runner, and other characters atring down at me. They were just pictures, but to me, they were real.

"MELANIE!!!!" My mother screeched up at me.

"Yes mum?"

"Go outside and put this garbage away. NOW!!!"

I groaned and pushed myself up of my comfy bed, and trudged down the stairs into the kitchen. My mum trusted the garbage at me rudely, and pushed me out the door.

I tripped down the stairs into the mud, landing on my backside. OW. I stood up, trying to brush some mud off my pants. I had just put the garbage in the bin, and was about to go back inside when I heard a voice.

"Pssssttt!!! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTT!!!" A voice hissed at me. I turned and looked around. It was coming from the road.

"In 'ere!" I noticed a manhole in the middle of the road shift a little. Not thinking twice, I went and squatted down near the man hole, peering at it carefully. I could have sworn it sounded like Bugs Bunny...

"H..hello?" I said nervously to the man hole, feeling stupid.

" Eh, whats up doll?" Okay. I was hallucinating. Ive finally gone mad. I stood up to leave.

"Hey, where you goin doll?"

"Back inside." I replied to the manhole. "Your not speaking to me. I am just going mad. Not unusual."

"Eh, I wouldn't do that doll..."

"And why not?" I said, turning back to the manhole and sitting down beside it again.

"Because, I was wondering, are you Melanie, doll?"

"Yeah, Melanie Rochelle Baraoche if that's who your looking for."

"Wow! What a mouth full!" The manhole said, laughing.

"Yes, it is, is-int it?" I giggled. Wait, what was I doing? Was this the manhole talking or...Bugs Bunny? "Um, so, why do you want me again?"

"Oh, er, I better explain that in, ere!" and a gloved hand reached out and pulled me into the world below. All I can remember was me screaming, a strange tingling sensation, the, silence.


Ow! Aw gezz! My arm was hurting heaps! More than that time in dodge ball when I was bombarded with balls! I tried to sit up, but my body didn't react. I didn't really do anything for a moment. Then I remembered what happened! Oh god! I'm in a coma! But, for a coma, this is pretty relaxing. A car must have hit me while I was talking to the manhole...wait! The manhole. Okay, the car explains me feeling dazed, but nothing explains the hand.

Then, I heard something. It sounded like voices. They sounded pretty far away at first, then they got clearer. I could understand what they were saying now. I heard a sweet, girls voice.

"Aw, Bugs! The man asked you to bring her down her safe and sound! Not knocked out..."

"It wasn't my fault! The poor t'ing got knocked out when we were fallin!" There was Bugs Bunny's voice again! And didn't that girl call her Bugs? I listened harder.

"Right. I told you to let me handle this!" Wait! Wasn't that Daffy Ducks voice? Oh my god! What was going on?!

I found control of my body. Well, my hand. I moved my fingers a little and sighed. Well, that means I'm not knocked out. I heard a gasp of voices from all around me.

"Oh! Shes waking up!" The voices gasped again.

"Oh guys! Spread out, spread out! Your gonna scare her!" Bugs (well that's who I assumed it was...) scolded. There was a shuffle of feet and murmurs. I pushed myself up, my eyes still closed. My arm felt immediately better as I sat up, rubbing my head. "You OK, doll?"

I slowly opened my eyes, and yelped. Well, okay I screamed.

Well, what would you do if you opened your eyes and you were surrounded by Looney Toons? Bugs was right up at my face, so that also added to the shock. Everyone jumped back in alarm. I gazed around at them, terrified. Road Runner was near my left shoulder, looking at me with a completely adorable, but startled, look on his face. I couldn't help myself. "Aw!!!!" I cooed at him.

"Meep meep!" He, well, meeped, and pushed his head against mine, almost knocking me over. Then he stuck his tongue out into a doofy grin and ran around the group that was formed around me. I couldn't help giggling. Everyone breathed out happily, obliviously grateful that I wasn't scared. I noticed that Wile Coyote was standing on my right, smiling down at me. Then, Lola Bunny, who was probably the girl voice, came and sat down next to me.

"You OK?" She asked kindly.

"I'm fine," I replied slowly, sitting up onto my knees. "I guess its just not everyday you wake up face to face with Bugs Bunny." Everyone chuckled.

Bugs came and sat down next to me. "Eh, sorry for scaring you back there doll! It was rude to pull you down an, eh, manhole, but we needed to get you down here as soon as we could!" The other Looney Toons muttered in agreement.

"You can say THAT again!" Daffy hissed, before storming off in the other direction. I looked after him in concern. Wow. Concern for a cartoon character.

"Aw, he'll be fine!" Bugs reassured me, twiddling my blond curly hair in his gloved hand.

"Bugs! Leave her hair alone!" Lola teased him playfully, sitting cross legged next to Bugs. Then she turned to me. "Did Bugs explain why we needed you?"

"Um. No, but he mentioned it. Why?" I said curiously. Then I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned just to be face to face with Pepe Le Pew, who came and sat on my lap. I stared down at him. He stared back at me. Then grinned sheepishly.

"Eh, do you mind madame?"

"Not at all." Then he lay back and started to sleep. "Okay..." I turned back to Lola Bunny.

"Aw Bugs, you didnt tell her!" She was scolding Bugs, hitting him on the back of the head.

"I was getting to it!!" He whined.

"Well explain it now."

"Okay okay, keep your tail on!" He handed me a letter. "This should explain everything, doll."

I opened the letter and read.

Dear Miss Melanie Baraoche,

Firstly, welcome to Looney Toon land! That is, if you have arrived yet. We are sorry for any disturbances created in your daily life in anyway in your travels or arrival in Looney Toon land.

Now, you are probably wondering why we have brought you to our humble home. We are being caught in some disturbances in the natural balance of our home, and after some research, we see you are perfect to help us discover who or what is causing these disturbances. For about a month now, Looney Toons have been disappearing all over the land. about 8 Looney Toons in counting have gone missing, including Yosemite Sam, and Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in Mexico. We have had countless cartoons try to figure out what has happened to the missing Looney Toons, all discovered to have gone missing themselves.

That's where you come in. We believe that the attacker does not have any want for humans, but only cartoon characters. Since, you are a person with the knowledge of Looney Toons, as well as a great fan (Thank you!), we think that you would be able to help us uncover the mystery of the missing Looney Toons!

Here are some instructions to help you uncover the mystery:

1. If you station your self to watch a Looney Toon preform their duties each day, any sign of abnormality of thw work would be useful information. It would be wise to shift Looney Toons each day.

2. Staying in Looney Toon land until you uncover the mystery would be useful also! Sorry if this makes any more disturbance in your daily life.

3. Have fun! As serious as we are about the mystery being uncovered, Looney Toon land is a wonderful place to be! You are a young child, ad almost anything is possible here!

We hope you enjoy your stay,

Yours sincerely,

The director.

I finished the letter and looked up and around at all the Looney Toons. They had concerned, but happy looks on their faces. These guys REALLY DID need me. Road Runner was back, and looking at me with a sad and, yet again, adorable look on his face. I carefully stroked his head, making him smile and close his eyes dreamily. "I'm gonna help you guys. I cant let you guys go missing. I'm your biggest fan." I said to Bugs sweetly.

Bugs and the other Looney Toons cheered, some of them hugging each other and crying with joy. Lola, Bugs, Wile, Road runner, and Pepe (who must of woken up when everyone was cheering) hugged my cheerfully in a bone crushing, but sweet, hug. I was gasping for breath by the time they backed off, but I was happy that they were pleased.

And, I cheerfully thought, if your lucky, you might just get someones autograph!

So, what do you think? I'm gonna be writing HEAPS more chapters, so this aint the end!And Melanies gonna have heaps of fun in Looney Toon land, I can tell you that! :]