OK. I had heaps of fun writing this. The chapter title may sound corny, but it just gives you a brief description of what happens. AND I do realize that I spelt Looney Tunes with TOONS but I'm just to bothered to change it now, you know? Melanie is an OC. Looney Tunes belong to Warner Bros. Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Dancing with the desert dogs.

After the Looney Tunes FINALLY stopped celebrating, Lola and Bugs took me back to Bugs house, which was a really big rabbit hole. Road Runner must have taken a liking to me, because he followed us inside and kept on following me. A few of the other Looney Tunes piled in too.

"Wow." I breathed, looking around Bugs' home," How long did it take you to make this?"

"Oh, about 3 days."

"Seriously?" I giggled. Things must be easier in Looney Tune land than I thought! Then i remembered my home. My parents. My school.

Lola was thinking along the same lines as me. "Do you think your parents will miss you?" She asked quietly, putting her hand on my shoulder. I shook my head.

"How long will I have to stay here anyways? In Looney Tune land?" Road Runner put his head on top of my head.

"About a month. 3 months at the most. As long as it takes for you to work out this mystery."

"YES!" I screamed. Everyone turned to look at me. "Oops." I giggled nervously. I had a habit of embarrassing myself when it wasn't necessary.

"Aw man. Who let the fire siren in?" A voice said from behind me. I turned to see Daffy leaning in the door way. He made a beeline for me. "Sorry I stormed off before Melanie." He muttered to me. I smiled at him.

"Doesn't matter! I'm gonna help you guys anyways." I replied hugging him. He tensed up at first, but then hugged me back. I realized how tall everyone is. I was pretty tall, but Daffy had to be at least a foot taller. "By the way," I said pulling away, "Call me Mel." He chuckled and nodded.

"So, in our world its about the mornin, doll." Bug explained, making my attention shift back to him. The other Looney Tunes nodded and murmured in agreement. "And, I sorta read the letter, so I know that the editor wants you to hang out with one of us each day. So, who will it be?" Everyone stared at me.

"Um. I have to choose..now?" They all nodded, even Road Runner, who I expected had no idea what I was saying. I looked at everyone thoughtfully, then did some quick calculations in my head.

OK. Lets think about this. We need to watch a Looney Tune that is most vulnerable. Think, which Looney Tune is out in the open, and has the most vulnerability to attacks? Maybe...Wile?

I turned my head and looked at Wile. I tried to stuffle a laugh.

Wile was doing the puppy dog pout, and very well too. I was an expert at doing it, so I knew that he was around intermediate class. He had the huge eyes, the adorable expression, and the bottom lip stuck out too. Very well done. But the funniest thing was seeing Road Runner imitate him right next to his head. And, Oh my god, seeing Road Runner with huge eyes was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I giggled uncontrollably for a minute. Lola noticed what I was looking at and started to giggle too. When I had calmed down I turned to Bugs.

"I think i should hang out with Wile. And Road Runner." I said. Wile cheered silently (I don't know how but he did) and Road Runner ran out the door and ran off into the distance.

"OK, but it would be easier to hang out with Wiles, or you will have to be running around the whole day." Lola said, handing me a cap and a bottle of water. "Its also hot out in the desert, so I don't think you will want that jumper." I nodded and pulled it off.

"Oh yer! We forgot to tell you. If you spin around while imagining what you want to wear, you'll automatically have it on. Its one of the perks of living here.

"Wow! OK ill try it out..." I imagined wearing a white singlet, some 3 quarter jeans, and trainers. Then I spun around. It felt like I spun around 100 times, cause I was a bit dizzy after wards. I fell into Wile, who helped me up. I looked down, and I had on exactly What I imagined I wanted to wear. "COOL!"

"OK, have fun Mel!" Lola said cheerfully, hugging me. "And take care of her Wile!" Wile gave a mock salute, held my hand and led me out the door.


It took about 5 minutes to get to the desert area, and at least 30 seconds to climb up the rocks onto a cliff side. Wile let go of my hand and went off to work on a trap. I went and sat on a cool rock in the shade, fanning myself with the hat. Lola was right, it WAS hot out here. But luckily I was Australian, so I wasn't dieing of thirst. I hugged my knees and watched Wile do his work.

He worked quickly. And really confidently. You would think that after being blown up about 100 times that he would have realized whats about to happen. Obviously not, I thought gleefully as the trap blew up in his face. His ears drooped a bit, but he kept on working on his trap. I felt proud of him. It was really an honor to be here, as well as watching him make a trap. The same as every other invention he had, it was made by Acme. And, like every other invention made by Acme, it blew up.

I noticed after awhile that he looked up and into the distance every couple of minutes. "What are you looking at?" I asked him. He threw me a pair of binoculars. I held it up and looked into the distance. In the binoculars, I saw Road Runner speeding down the road, with a huge cloud of dust billowing behind him. I smiled. This was so cool! I was actually watching Wile Coyote and Road Runner do their stuff. LIVE! It was all I could do to stop my self jumping up and squealing.

I watched Road Runner for awhile, him still running. Then, and I don't know how, he noticed me looking. From about 3 kilometers away! He turned and stared at me, still running. Then he gave me a goofy grin and speed off. I giggled and threw Wile back the binoculars. "How did he see me?" I asked him curiously. He shrugged. I definitely had a lot to learn about cartoons. Then he looked into the distance rubbed his hands, and went to the back of the contraption, holding the lever. It was time!

I sat up eagerly on my rock, a huge grin on my face. Road Runner came speeding along the road under the cliff side, and stopped at the pile of birdseed that Wile had put there. He started pecking at it eagerly. Wile chuckled, and then pulled the lever hard. I flinched automatically. Nothing happened. No even a little BOOM. Okay. Road Runner finished eating the Birdseed. Then, in a cloud of dust, he was gone. Poor Wile. He looked upset for awhile. Then he was mad. Steam was actually pouring out of his ears. He stormed up to the front of the trap. Then he tapped it gently.


The machine blew up. Ouch. I squinted and saw Wile standing there, black from the ashes and simmering a little from the tip of his tail. One of his eyes twitched, and then he fell over. I jumped up and ran towards him. His eyes were open, but he looked really badly hurt. I looked around worriedly, then noticed a First Aid Kit sitting next to me. Pure and white, not even singed. Another cartoon perk.

I opened it up and pulled out a bottle of water and a cloth. I started to dampen the cloth. Luckily, a few months ago, I had been to camp, where they taught us first aid and things about living in the wilderness. Coincidence much? I rubbed Wile's face with the cloth, and then rubbed his ears and arms. There were no major cuts, but a few grazes. I cleaned them and wrapped some bandages around them. After awhile I had finished bandaging and cleaning him up. He sat up and waved his arm around. Then he staggered upwards and leaned on a rock. Then he smiled at me. I grinned back and looked pointedly over at his broken trap. "You know, your probably never gonna catch Road Runner..." I explained to him.

He frowned and held up a sign. It said "I have a feeling this time."

"Are you sure? Ive watched every cartoon and in everyone you get badly..."

"I AM SURE! I am Wile Coyote, super genius!"

"So I've heard..." I muttered. He glared at me and rolled his eyes. Okay then. If he wants to get hurt, FINE. Get hurt. I sat back on my rock again and watched him do his thing. My face was burning in anger.

After awhile of watching him I started to calm down. By this time he had a rocket and some bombs. All made by ACME. As I watched him work I started to feel sad. I sighed. I had offended one of my most favorite cartoon characters EVER! Why did I do that? I felt tears come to my eyes. I always cried at stupid moments like this. "Wile?" I called out, sniffing. He turned around angrily. Then he saw my expression.

I had never seen him act like this before. He came and sat down next to me, putting an arm worriedly around me. I turned and rubbed my eyes. "I am sorry that I offended you. You should be able to do what you want. Sorry." I murmured to him. He smiled warmly at me. There was something weird about him. He wasn't like how he was in the cartoons. Then I realized. Most of it was probably an act for the cameras! Sure they have the same focus points that they have in the cartoons, but Looney Tunes have their own thoughts and points on things too. I had never thought about them that way.

He held up another sign, "Doesn't matter. Do you want to help out?"

I rubbed my face again. "Kay." I replied.

So that's how it went on all day. He made an invention, I helped him. When he fell off something or got hurt, I fixed him up. It was fun, but tiring. I was running up cliffs, down cliffs, running around picking up things, passing him tools, carrying things ect. I practicaly collapsed at the end of the day. I was like his personal assistant. Yay! A life long dream came true!

OK, so Road Runner had his fun too. Every time Wile fell off a cliff, he would stand and watch with me. Occasionally he would nudge me with his head or come up behind me and meep. He was definitely the cutest bird thing ever. Well, next to Tweety! There was also strange things about them. When Road Runner stuck out his tounge, the tounge noised in the background. Same for when Wile fell down cliffs. Except it was the falling noise. It was really funny, so I spent part of the day rolling around laughing.

At the end of the day Wile ended up ordering pizza and sitting down next to me, watching the sunset. The sun had a smiley face on it, as well as sunglasses. That wasn't the only thing weird about the scenery. The sky was pink, the cliffs were red, orange and blue, and there were roads running up cliffs, on the sides of cliffs, in midair, over rocks, everywhere! Man, Looney Tune land was definitely the place to come for a holiday. But, ignoring the scenery, the sunset was really, really pretty. And, as crazy as this may sound, sorta...romantic? I had no idea where the hell that came from, but yeah. It was romantic. I also felt really safe around Wile, even if he did get blown up every 10 minutes. He was like a best friend to me, something that I lost a long time ago.

I never wanted that moment to end. Ever.


Around nightfall Wile took me back to Bugs house, where Lola was waiting anxiously near the door for us.

"WHERE WERE YOU?" She screamed, hugging me in a vice grip hug.

"Gah! Nice impersonation of my mum...Lola...uh...could..you..let..go?" I squeaked, tapping her on the shoulder. She gigled and let go, letting me lean on the wall and gasp for breath.

"Sorry, you guys have fun?" She asked Wile.

"The best!" I said cheerfully to her. I told her about what had happened that day. She was an excellent audience. She giggled at the funny bits, gasped at scary moments, and nodded when I told her about the pizza.

"Well, It turns out Wile has brains at all." Wile folded his arms and leaned in the doorway. She giggled along with me. "So, no unusual things happened?"

"Putting aside the fact that I just spent my day with a cartoon character, no, nothing weird happened." She laughed again. Bugs came through the door, wearing an apron. "Whats with the apron?" I asked.

"Well, someone gots to be cooking the grub doll." He replied, taking off the apron and hanging it on a hook. Then he pronounced a bowl of salad. "Tadaa!!!! Dinner is served!" Then he looked over at Wile apologetically. "Eh, sorry doc. We would ask you to stay, but I guess you don't like salad.." Wile laughed silently and nodded, gave me a quick hug and ran out the door, shutting it behind him.

Bugs and Lola sat down on the floor, so I joined them. There was no knifes or forks in this meal. It was hands all the way! It was delicious, even if there was way to many carrots. During the meal, he asked about what happened. By the time I had finished my story, all of the salad was gone. Bugs yawned and put his arm around Lola.

"Well, its time you better be going home Lols." He said, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

She nodded and got on her knees. Then she gave me another huge hug. "Keep safe." She whispered, before walking out the door. I smiled cheerfully.

"Shes really nice."

"Well, what do you expect, a demon in disguise?" I giggled uncontrollably for awhile. Then he went and turned on T.V. I was really surprised to see the Sound Of Music come on. "Oh, uh, do you by chance wanna watch tis?" He mumbled, embarrased.

"Are you kidding? I love this!" I practically squealed. He laughed. We watched happily, him cracking jokes in bits and mouthing the actors lines. Then he started singing along with the songs. He was actually a really good singer. When I told him that he laughed, insiting that he was bad.

Then the part where the children went to bed came on. I started to sing along to that. At the end of the song, I realised that Bugs was staring at me, with his mouth practically wide open. "What?" I asked him. He shook his head.

"Tat was great!" I blushed. "How did you learn to sing like tat?"

"What , badly?"

"No, Mel, tat was good! Do you take singing classes or somethin?"

"Eh, no..."

"Sing somethin else!" He pleaded. I rolled my eyes and started singing the first song that came into my head.

When your down, and your troubled,
and you need, some loving care,
and nothing, nothing is going right
close your eyes, and think of me...
and soon, I will be there,
to brighten up even your darkest night.

You just call, out my name,
and you know, where ever I am,
Ill come running...to see you again,
winter, spring, summer or fall,
all you have to do is call,
and Ill be there,
you've got a friend...

"Meep meep!"

"ARGH!" I screamed, and fell of the back of the couch. Bugs cracked up laughing, but got down and helped me up. Road Runner was standing in the corner of the room, blinking earnestly at me. "How did he get in here?"

"Through the window I guess..."

I turned and saw a window open in the corner of the lounge room. "So, he snuck in?" I asked.

"Probably. He does seem to have taken a liken to you Mel." He exclaimed. Road Runner suddenly lay down. For a moment I thought he was knocked out, then I realised he was sleeping. "Eh, I guess hes 'ere for the night." Bugs picked up the remote and turned off the T.V. "I hate to be a kill joy, but I dont think your mum will appreciate me keeping you up late doll." He called, going out of the room.

A few minute later he came back with a few blankets and a pillow. He quickly set up a bed for me and walked out of the room. "Good night!" He yelled.

"G'night!" I yelled back. I did the spin around trick into my pajamas and climbed into my bed on the couch. It was strangely comfortable.

I lay back and looked at the ceiling. My eyes started to close by themselves, but I wasn't asleep. I imagined my parents, walking around the neighbor hood, calling out my name. They would be worried about me. But they had never cared about me before... so what would they be doing? I tried to relax, but I was worried about them. My mum would probably be crying, thinking I had been captured and held for ransom. My dad would have thought I was ran over. I rolled over and over, trying to get images out of my head. Then I remembered my day.

Think about it! I mean, what kid my age gets to say, "I spent my day hanging out with Wile coyote?". NONE! But I can. Even if no one will belive me, Ive had a day with my most favourite, uhhh, things in the whole wide world! And I wasnt hurt or anything, so mum didnt have to worry. "I'm fine mum. Theres no need to worry about me. Same for you dad. Gnight." I whispered into the dark.

Then I feel into an exhausted, but relaxing sleep.

OW! My hand is stinging! That was long, but it was fun to write. I have heaps more chapters after this as well. But I'm trying to shorten the chapters because I have another story to write too. Heres some info about it. Its called Spaced Up, my version of a sequel to Space Jam. I'm adding some new characters to it, including Bibi (Who i refuse to give any info about, YET). Its about basket ball as well. So...yay! I hope you enjoyed this chapter!