Dilemma of the Prince

By: WhiteGloves

Legolas hit the cold ground after being thrown off roughly by his captor. It sent a chilling pain down his already injured arm and he felt his own cold blood seep out of the wound. He was almost ready to succumb into oblivion when the sudden thought of danger aroused him. His shoulders throbbed at the way his hands were tied behind him and felt sick at the dirty cloth that gagged his mouth. He cursed himself again for not being too careful and swore never to disobey his father again if ever he escaped this calamity. It was not in his nature to defy his father's orders but his father had been unreasonable about men. True, Legolas had never met a single man through out his life but the prospect of judging them before he could even come to know them had been his father's bad habit. His father hated men and when Legolas informed him that he would try and bring about peace to his Kingdom and Men, the King was outraged; Legolas, who was stubborn enough when it comes to his judgment, sought the people and landed himself on his current situation.

A captive.

Shaking the slight dizziness that hit him, Legolas tried to focus his attention on his surroundings. The atmosphere around was cold, the elf tried to make out any trees and he realized there was none but large stones around. Loud voices of cheers and laughter erupted around and Legolas forced his head up to see what was happening. From a distance, he could make out a group of men gathered into a single spot that formed a circle. Two men stood still at the heart of the circle, one was tall and silent, the other was stout and was quivering in fear; Legolas suddenly felt apprehensive.

"Kill him." said a voice from the crowd, "He had betrayed you, did he not? So why not kill him?"

"No-!" cried the stout man, terrified, "Don't- Strider! Forgive me! I did not mean to- they threatened me- Please don't kill me!"

The tall man did not move but stared silently at the shaking man before him. Legolas could not make out the expression of the tall man called 'Strider', but even though he did not know him, he found himself placing his faith on the adan and prayed silently.

Another man from the crowd emerged and held out a sword toward Strider. Legolas watched intently as Strider took the sword and held it on his hands, witnessing this, the stout man whimpered and dropped on his knees,

"Don't kill me! I beg you! We are friends! Forgive my sin- do not kill me, Strider!"

"Go!" the crowd jeered, "Kill him already!"

These men are scum, thought Legolas in disgust as he tried to catch Strider's expression, do not let them corrupt your mind!

Strider took his first step with the sword pointed at his victim.

"Strider," cried the man imploringly, "No…"

Legolas drew in a breath… Strider

Strider swiftly raised his sword and cut the man's head without any sign of hesitation. Legolas was shaken at what had transpired before him and felt his stomach clenched as the crowd jeered once more and laughter boomed in each corner of the stoned wall place.

Legolas' disappointment toward the man he never knew overwhelmed him. His father was right-How can a man be so cruel?

He was abruptly pulled to his feet once again but he gave it no heed, instead he sent a silent prayer for the departed soul.

He then realized that he was being dragged forward to where the killing had occurred and he felt a knot tightening in his stomach. The body of the man was removed but the blood that splattered on the ground remained like a mark and Legolas cursed the place silently. He noticed the bloody sword 'Strider' used in executing the murder lay forgotten on the ground, and his keen eyes looked up expecting to see its wielder around but the man was no where to be seen.

Curse you, the Elf thought contemptuously, I swear you will never be forgiven!