A False Beginning

Year 1500, an era where alchemy existed begin to be known. In a small town of Crimson Dawn, There lived a man, an alchemist named Dr. Alexander Moore. In this small town of Crimson Dawn, where townspeople lived a good life, there is a Town Hall and a Town Square in the centermost part of the town. While bakery, a small and native fast food chain, a painter's house and a hermit's house may be found in different parts of the town. There is also a church located at the south and a Squire's Manor at the North. The town is quite lovely.

During day time but at night, Crimson Dawn's light can only be seen gloomy from the windows of the old houses.

Until one night, people heard an explosion from the hermit's house but they ignore it knowing that Dr. Alexander Moore again was doing his weird stuff.