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"Pick up the pace, Astoria! Daphne will be late!"

The Greengrass parents were almost in a panic-stricken state as they urged the younger sibling to catch up. The train was going to leave at eleven and the Greengrass family had just arrived at King's Cross Station. As they rushed through almost every platform in sight, they finally found the right one. Without hesitation, Mr Greengrass made a strong sprint and disappeared into the barrier that separated the wizarding world from the muggle world. Daphne pushed her trunk-filled trolley and ran into Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, followed by the little Astoria and their mother.

As the family reunited on the other side of the barrier, the train let out a choking amount of steam. Students were farewelling their beloved families and rushing onto the train carriages. Children and their parents were rushing around all over the place. It did not take long for Mr Greengrass to notice a nearby duo of familiar faces before his face slowly lit up.

"Lucius! Narcissa! How wonderful to see you!" he greeted.

The couple were heading towards the Greengrasses with the same lightened expressions on their faces. Narcissa walked a slight bit faster than her husband and stretched her arms out to hug her long-time friend.

"Elizabeth! Long time no see!"

Mrs Greengrass was the next to reply. "Narcissa! What brings you to this station?"

Lucius had arrived and gave Demetrius Greengrass a polite handshake before answering the question himself.

"We're here to send our son off to Hogwarts." Lucius answered.

Elizabeth looked almost-surprised by his reply. "Ah, yes! Young Draco Malfoy, how is he?" she asked.

"He is doing great, thank you!" Narcissa said before searching behind her. "Now where is our son-?"

Before she could finish, a young boy appeared by his mother's side. His tall stature, nicely combed blonde hair and pale skin greatly resembled that of his parents. Narcissa gently placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Draco, this is Mr and Mrs Greengrass. Do you remember them?" Narcissa was met with his shaken head. "I didn't think so, you were so young at the time!" Her attention was distracted onto the girls who stood on either side of Elizabeth.

Demetrius had nearly forgotten about his own children who were staring blankly at the Malfoys. He brought forward his eldest daughter and gave them a brief introduction.

"This is my eldest daughter, Daphne. She will be joining young Draco for her first year." he proudly stated.

Narcissa gave her a warm smile which was quickly returned. All eyes were focused on Daphne, except for Draco's. He however, was the only Malfoy who was paying at least the slightest bit of attention to the short and frightened-looking girl hidden behind Elizabeth. He patiently waited until she looked up to his sight with large, curious eyes.

"What's your name?"

Draco's voice brought all of the attention to the prettily shy girl that hid behind her mother. Elizabeth was about to give her a light push forward when the younger Greengrass took one step and faced the tall, pale boy.


Narcissa looked down at her and smiled like as if she were a five-year-old. She seemed to already adore the young Greengrass. Lucius however, had an interesting yet mysterious expression on his face. His feelings for her were already mixed with curiosity and slight disgust. Although she was just nine going on ten, she looked like the most fragile thing he had ever seen. She certainly wasn't going to get far in life, he thought.

The train horn suddenly blared into everybody's ears, almost hurting them. Time sped and all had to tearfully say goodbye to their beloved families and friends. Mr and Mrs Greengrass embraced their leaving daughter who had grown all too fast as the Malfoys did with their only son. Narcissa gave Draco a soft kiss on his forehead as Astoria finally threw her arms around her older sister who returned the embrace.

"I'll miss you, Tori!" Daphne exclaimed.

"I'll miss you too, Daphne!" Astoria almost sobbingly replied.

Daphne finally let go and excitedly rushed off to the train as her family waved after her. Draco was soon to follow not long before farewelling his family friends.

"Bye, Mr and Mrs Greengrass!"

After they had returned the farewell, his eyes slowly dropped onto Astoria. He smiled at her when her eyes had finally found his.

"Goodbye, Astoria." he said quietly.

As he turned to head towards the almost-departing train, his ears had only just caught the sound of a girl's fragile yet sweet whisper.

"Goodbye, Draco."

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