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NoDrogs created the twins in A Small Possibility, I modified their origin completely. And, for good luck I've added their little sister Jane.

Sometimes Best Enemies stories write themselves. I thought Ron to pair with Yori, and Bonnie would briefly wed Señor Senior, Junior. I need to rewrite Team Possible II: City in the Sands because things changed. In R-E-S-P-E-C-T Monique told Will she planned to get her MBA before they had children. Sands, set a year after R-E-S-P-E-C-T, assumes that as reality. I'll rewrite it to reflect this

The songs of Bob Franke range from the sublime - 'Hallelujah, the Great Storm Is Over' to the ridiculous 'Acid Polka' where a hippie sneaks LSD into a traditional dance hall. The album/CD Brief Histories focuses on songs set in and around Salem, Massachusetts and one of them celebrates an old, small amusement park, The Willows. The song is one of those ear worms that, once heard, tends to run through your head for awhile. 'Under the Willows' inspired the chapter titles in this story. Originally I had the visitors singing the entire lyrics, now removed. Lemon Gibraltar, mentioned in the song, claims to be the first candy in the US available for commercial purchase. Maybe. Lots of places claim to be the first location for a variety of foods... Want to start a fight? Ask an Australian and a New Zealander where Pavlova was invented.

A Spun Sugar Smell

"So, Monique," Kim asked, "I don't think the Middleton yearbook listed you as, 'person most likely to own a yacht'." Four lounge chairs were lined up on the deck, with four adults filling them.

"Honestly," the black woman complained, "I'd think being on this should show you that Will and I just have a little sailboat."

"Your little sailboat isn't much smaller than this," Shego pointed out. "But this is a hell of a lot nicer. Find out when Will's cousin isn't using it again next year and we'll plan our vacation around it."

"David!" Will called to his oldest son. "See land?"

"Not yet."

"Well then," Shego declared, raising her empty glass high in the air, "Steward! I need another Sangria!"

Sheki appeared on deck. She had a black vest on over her swimsuit and a white dishtowel draped over her left arm.

"More ice this time," Shego directed.

"Anyone else need a refill?" the teen asked.

"I'll take another Sangria also, thanks," Monique said, passing her glass to Sheki.

Sheki nodded, and headed back to the galley.

Monique sighed, "I wonder how long until she'll talk with Kasy."

"I don't know," Kim responded glumly. "And I don't know if Kasy is really interested in Jason, or just trying to drive Sheki crazy, but she's doing a great job."

The green woman added her own comment, "I just wish Kasy had lost the coin toss and had to serve as galley slave on the way to Salem. I feel like she's the one who started it."

"Well, Sheki's doing her best to keep it going."

"And we do need a steward when we're on a yacht," Monique joked.

Will put in his opinion, "However, I feel it's inappropriate to have a fifteen year old serving drinks. What if she consumes some of it?"

"She's allowed a glass of wine at home with dinner if we open a bottle," Shego told Will. "I don't think a glorified wine spritzer will be anything for her than a thirst quencher. My guess is that she's drinking cranberry juice and seltzer just like her Mom."

Will turned to Kim, "I can't believe you accept that-"

"Accept is probably too strong a verb. But Shego's right. Sheki knows what wine tastes like - and she prefers soda."

The adults fell silent as Sheki appeared on deck with two glasses. Shego noticed that David ignored his navigation duties briefly to snap pictures of Sheki as she leaned over to hand the glasses to her and Monique. She needed to check out David's camera, her guess was that it was entirely filled with images of Kasy and Sheki in their swimsuits. Shego wondered if she should say anything to Monique, but figured David was a normal twelve year old and it was normal reaction to two very good-looking girls. She felt an odd combination of relief and insulted that he never took pictures of her and Kim, but then snapping pictures of your mother's friends might feel too weird.

"Jane, don't climb so high in the rigging," Kim called to her seven year old.

"I'm fine, Mom," the little redhead shouted back. "I can see Salem!"

"And that one is way too much like you," Monique said to Kim, laughing.

"Don't I know it," Shego muttered.

Will quickly finished his tonic water and ice, and placed the empty glass in the cup holder on the arm of the deck chair. "David, I'll take the helm."

"Ah, Dad, I could take it in to the marina."

"I'm certain that you could, and if this were our boat I would let you. But we want to be very careful." He took his son's place. "Kasy!" he called, "Furl the main."

"I could have done that," David protested.

"Yes, you could have. But I want you to help your brother furl the foresail. He isn't as good at it as he needs to be yet, and I want you to help show him how to do it properly - then you can start the engine."

"What about me?" Jane called from overhead.

"Think you can handle the jib?"

"Aye-aye, Sir!"

David and Louis finished their job first, and David headed for the engine room with his ten-year old brother tagging along.

Will frowned, "Kasy, you need to furl the sail tighter."

"It's tight enough."

"Not an acceptable answer, young lady."

She sighed with exasperation, "It's tight enough, Sir."

Kim intervened before Will come answer, "Kasy, he means furl it tighter. Will wants everything done exactly right."

Will suspected he heard a hint of sarcasm in Kim's 'wants everything done right', but let it pass. She did hit him with small digs on occasion, but he had to admit that sometimes he felt like she insulted him when she had not.

A minute after the large engine throbbed to life the brothers reappeared on deck. "Can I radio the marina and find our slip?" David asked.

Will had already reserved a slip at the Hawthorne Cove Marina. But David wanted to handle the radio and Will reflected there was a small chance they had been reassigned and told his son to go ahead.

David Dwight Du, named for his late grandfather Dwight David Grant, resented being Duh-Duh-Du on the playground. Will and Monique felt they had made his life easier by changing the order of Monique's father's first and middle names - but Du was too easy a name for other children to make fun of. Son number two received his name from the ancestor he shared on both sides of the family, Louis Duquesne, the first in the family born in the New World. While he might take pride in family history at a later point in his life at the moment he hated being Louie-Du even more than his brother resented being David.

The dockhand who helped secure the boat was new. They were recognized in the office, however, from visits to Salem in earlier years. While Will filled out the forms and gave directions Kasy and Sheki asked to leave to look around Salem. They had their cell phones and headed in different directions after promising to be back at the bed and breakfast by six for dinner.

"Can we go to the Willows, Dad?" Will's younger son asked.

Will looked to his wife, who smiled and shrugged. "Do you have any money?" the Global Justice agent asked.

The boy nodded.

"Kim and I will follow them in a couple minutes," Monique promised.

"Jane, promise you'll stay with David and Louis," Kim demanded.

"I promise, Mom," the little redhead vowed. "I won't let anything bad happen to them." The three younger children ran out the door as the adults watched in amusement.

"And the scary thing is, she was serious," Shego remarked.

They all laughed. After the marina paperwork was finished Shego called a taxi and helped Will load the luggage for their two days at the bed and breakfast while Monique and Kim headed east towards Salem Willows, a small amusement park.

"So, how long until she starts to sing?" Monique asked.

"I'm surprised she hasn't started already. She will have sung it to Will before they even get here."

"Nah, Will never sings with her. She can always get you or me to join with her - she'll wait until they get here."

"We'll ask Will. Why doesn't he sing with us? He's the one who got us the Bob Franke CD."

"The man has amazing powers of concentration," Monique sighed. "That can be both good and bad. But every time we come to Salem I get that song stuck in my head for at least a week."

"We can thank Shego for that."

Will and Shego arrived at Salem Willows a half hour later. "Has she started singing yet?" Kim asked Will as soon as the two found them.

Monique glared at her, "That's it - put the idea in her head. Now it's your fault."

Shego just smiled, and started singing Under the Willows, "There's a spun-sugar smell in the penny arcade..." Kim joined her in singing the chorus.

Perhaps Monique planned to hold out and not join them in singing. It wasn't clear. If she inteded to remain silent her resolve cracked during the second verse as the song mentioned children building sand castles on the park's beach. She was singing with them for the second chorus.

Will sighed, wondering why he had introduced them to the Bob Franke's 'Brief Histories' on their first trip to Salem several years earlier. As they sang the third verse he remembered why. He enjoyed the song very much.

As the three women sang the chorus Will took Monique in his arms as she sang "come walk with me, love," and kept her from singing any more by kissing her.

Kim smiled, Will had obviously missed the first rule of parenting - never reward negative behavior - it only encourages more. "Of course," Kim reflected, "he simply may like kissing her and will use any excuse." The redhead and the pale woman sang the last verse together, which mentioned the lemon Gibraltar which could still be purchased at the park. As they finished singing the chorus a second time Shego winked at Kim, "Know what I want now, Princess?"

Kim took the older woman in her arms, "Does it require the use of your lips?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It certainly does." Kim started to move her lips towards Shego, but the pale woman continued, "I want some Lemon Gibraltar. Let's find some."

"Gah! You're impossible." She turned to Will and Monique. "You find the kids. We'll call when someone has her sugar fix."

David stood to the side, watching Jane and Louis on the carousel. David was an uncomfortable age, not yet old enough to roam on his own like the twins but uncomfortable doing the things the younger children did for fear it would make him look childish.

"Do you want us to buy you a ticket?" Monique asked.

"No. That's for kids."

"Oh, well your father is buying tickets for the two of us, and I thought you might want to ride if we were."


She put an arm on his shoulder and delivered a one-armed hug, "We don't bite," she assured him.

"Okay, I guess."

The five were leaving the carousel after a couple rides when Kim and Shego found them. The two were carrying a small bag of Gibraltars, and a much larger bag of salt-water taffy. As the group walked down to the beach squabbles broke out over who had eaten more than his/her share of the taffy, and what the best flavor was, and why was someone eating all the good ones.

At the beach the children began building sand castles as the adults watched. But soon Louis asked his dad for help, and Jane called for her mom's assistance. Shego and Monique watched and waited for the inevitable. It didn't take long. Kim and Will, frequently in conflict at Global Justice were soon working to out-do the other by building a better castle. Monique sighed and poked Shego, "Let's go build our own over by David."

While the children rinsed off most of the sand by running into the chilly waters of the Atlantic the adults wanted fast showers at the bed and breakfast and they left Salem Willows early enough to wash before dinner.

Kim and Shego found Sheki talking with Monique after they'd showered and changed. The black woman wanted to check antique shops to add to the décor of her Club Banana store and the dark-haired girl had seen a couple promising places to check out the next day.

Shego checked her watch, "Kasy better hurry."

"She's not coming," Sheki reported glumly.

"What?" Kim asked.

"She called me to tell you. She found someone interesting to have dinner with. She promised to be back by nine."

As the group set out to make a small dent in the New England lobster population Kim and Shego brought up the rear. "Why would Kasy call Sheki?" Kim whispered. "They aren't talking. Did Sheki make that up so Kasy wouldn't get dinner?"

"The two are fighting, so Kasy called Sheki to rub her nose in the fact she found someone interesting. She's saying 'Ha, I've got Jason and any boy I want…' If she's with a boy. Hell, it's Kasy. She may be eating a burger at Mickey D's and lying about meeting someone just to make Sheki feel bad."

Kim wondered if her father had really gotten a list of convents he wanted to send her to back when she was that age. Sending Kasy to one sounded better all the time.

The families played cards at the bed and breakfast until bedtime. Kasy knew from experience to be back on time. After she lost Sheki as an ally her sister had turned a list of her strategies for ducking curfews over to their mothers. While they had both been grounded it had bothered Kasy more - her activities had been curtailed as surveillance of her activities tightened