by Sauron Gorthaur

Why has the darkness faded?

Here there are no stars.

Fire has but silence here

In a strange land so afar.


To where did the silence vanish?

Everything I would ever love

Has faded in bright lights and hurry.

There are buildings, not trees, up above.


Oh, how I miss quiet evenings.

I would dance with the flames and the fire

While around me the darkness would whisper

The secrets of silence and desire.


And in the daytime why would I worry?

Open fields would glitter in light.

I loved that as much as the darkness

For fire's a friend day and night.


But even the memories are leaving.

Nine years is far too long

To go without darkness or quiet

To not sing to flames a sweet song.


They have forgotten the man whom they played with.

I speak but they do not reply.

When I stroke them, they bite at my fingers.

Why am I brought here, oh, why?


Forever a wandering stranger

Under strange moon and strange stars

Trying to find the path home;

A wanderer with fire and three scars.


But my spirit I refuse to let crumble

Though Death there waits only for me.

I will find that doorway illusive

And return to the pages eternally.