Title : Deja vu

Disclaimer : I do not own any of the Characters of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Genre : Humor / Family / Tragedy

Warning : OOCness. OCs.

Summary : Tsuna has gotten Giotto in a mess, by being able to transport him from his era, to Tsuna's.

Time Travel

Reborn's POV


Three words. He says only three words upon being transported to this time. I don't know how many words Tsuna is going to say now that he sees him, but first, I need to do some explaining.

"Ciaossu, Vongola Primo. You are in the 21st century, brought here by your descendant, the 10th Vongola boss." I announce, with a little bit of enthusiasm, not that any of it is genuine.

"10th...Vongola boss?" He's very surprised, I can tell. His gradually looks at Tsuna, whose best response is to give an awkward smile. This whole situation is his fault anyway.

"Hi." Tsuna greets. "I am Sawada Tsunayoshi, heir to the Vongola Family."

Primo seems speechless, so I add,

"He may not look like it, but he's telling the truth." Primo looks back down at me, his confusion still evident. "Tsuna here managed to obtain an utra-rare box weapon, and has used it to bring you to his time."

There's a pause, like Primo is trying to make sense of all this. Meanwhile, Tsuna sits awkwardly by his desk.

"Why did you bring me here?" Primo asks him, voice uncertain.

"Because I, wanted to meet you."

"That's it?"

I give myself the privilege of a smug grin, since this is totally the kind of reaction that will remind Tsuna of his own stupidity. It was bad enough he found such a precious artifact, and now he's got his long-dead ancestor sitting on his bed with absolutely no other purpose than to meet and greet a practical stranger.

At least Tsuna has the nerve to look sheepish once he gives a nod.

"That, doesn't sound like a smart thing to do." Primo reprimands gently, though this leaves Tsuna completely flustered.

"I apologize."

I say in his stead.

Another moment of silence.

"So, when will I go back?" Heh, I promise he won't like the answer.

"Whenever the owner of the box weapon decides."

"And that is...?"


Primo manages to look only mildly discomforted, but Reborn's sharp eyes can detect a great sense of disbelief and exasperation coming from the former Vongola boss. He looks barely able to keep himself from falling off the bed in dismay.

Unfortunately, this isn't my problem, only Tsuna's, so I decide to take a nap.

...Hours Later...

"Boss!" Yells a man, as he quickly approaches the blond-haired one. Once he is only three feet away, he asks,

"Where have you been? You missed an important meeting!" Even though this man's tone sounds very scary, the older male is still able to show a calm face that has a smile. His right cheek is resting upon his desk, while his eyes are looking right at the angered man.

"Out." Is his answer.


Even without any insults, the displeased man still feels like he's being teased.

"Shopping." This is absolutely all he can say, since it is impossible to admit...

"I went shopping with my great-great-great-grandson in a town called Namimori."

Author's Note : Please remember that this story is very old [3rd March 2011], so don't judge it too hard. I'm currently updating the whole thing, and I may do so repeatedly. Thank you for reading~