Title : Deja vu

Disclaimer : I do not own any of the Characters including KHR.

Genre : Humor / Family

Warning : OCness.

Summary : Tsuna has gotten Giotto in a mess. By being able to transport him from his era, to Tsuna's.

Time Travel

Reborn's POV

"Where, am, I?"

Three words. He only said three words when he was transported to this time. I don't know how many words Tsuna will say after seeing him. But first, I need to do some explaining.

"Ciaossu, Primo. You have been brought to the future because of the tenth Vongola boss, who is eager to see you." I spoke to him straightly without a single lie.

"Tenth...Vongola boss?" He looked very surprised, even though he did not act like it. He soon looked at Tsuna, who exchanged the glance with an uneasy smile. It was his fault anyway.

"Hi." He said. "I am Sawada Tsunayoshi, the hire to the Vongola Family."

Primo seemed quiet speechless, so I said...

"He also inherits your blood. Why? That's for you to find out in your own time." I paused so he would look back down at me. "You are brought here by an ultra-rare box weapon, that can bring anyone from any time to this time era."

"And, why am I here?" Didn't I just tell him? Boy, I thought he wasn't as clumsy as Tsuna.

"Because Tsuna here wants to meet you."

"I know, but for what purpose?" Oh, so he did know. He just wanted the reason.

"To see you, that's all."

"That, doesn't sound like a smart thing to do." With that said, Tsuna felt totally embarrassed.

"Sorry." I said.

"So, when will I go back?" Heh, I don't think he'll like the answer.

"When the owner of the box weapon wants you to."

"And that is...?"


Primo's head went falling forwards, while his body maintained on the bed. He really felt disturbed. Oh well, not my problem. Time for a nap.

"Boss!" Yells a man, who quickly approaches a blonde-haired one. Once he is only three feet away, he asks...

"Where have you been? You've missed an important meeting!" Even though this man's tone sounds very threatening, the older male was still capable of showing a calm face, with a smile. His right cheek was lying on the dinner table, and his eyes are looking right at the angered man.

"Out." Was his answer.

"Where...?" Even without saying any insults, the displeased man feels like being teased by the blonde.

"Shopping." Was absolutely all he could say. Since it was impossible to say...

"I went shopping with my great-great-great-grandson in a town called Namimori."