Title : Deja vu

Disclaimer : I do not own any of the Characters including KHR.

Two Illusionists

The sky was getting dark, and that was when a certain someone, who stood over a dead body, faded into thin air. Said man reappeared inside a bedroom, that seemed to be his own. A smile was on his face when he approached the mirror that was on the door of his wooden cupboard. He took a good look at himself. Fresh blood was on his clothing, and since his boss did not like him looking so dirty, he had to fix this problem.

He pulled the blue jacket down his shoulders, revealing the slender white arms that are rarely shown to anyone. The filthy jacket is later thrown into a blue basket next to the cupboard. Soon it will have to be put away for washing, or maybe tomorrow.

A pair of black gloves follow the jacket, and a few minutes after they land on top of the french-style jacket, a pair of dirty boots are placed next to the basket. A slightly dirty lens is pulled over the man's head, and, unlike the other bits of clothing, this is put carefully onto the edge of the bed.

This smiling man prefers to clean it himself.

With all the dirty stuff off his body, he opens the cupboard to put something, more clean onto himself.

Nebbia knew full well that he shouldn't of fallen asleep while sitting under a tree. It was wrong. He was lucky not to get teased or beaten up, and because of that does he calmly but carefully, heads for his bedroom. He stops halfway when he hears the sound of boots, walking towards the direction where Primo's room is.

The boy smirks, and without making any noise, he opens a door at the end of a hallway before sliding through it, closing it once he's past it. He follows the footsteps, not out of curiosity on who it is, but out of desire to tease this person or use him, for his own desire.

Once again does the blue-haired boy arrived outside the door to Primo's office. He is quite glad to see it in good condition. He carefully makes his way towards it, and with his ear now next to the door, he can hear the conversation going on inside.

"Thank you for your good work, Daemon." Primo says, sounding not even a tiny bit tired. "However," His voice sounds a bit more unhappy now, which excites Nebbia in a way no one else would understand. "it was unnecessary for you to go that far."

An almost evil laughter is heard, and it clearly belongs to Daemon Spade.

"It was necessary. That is the way of a true Mafia family." Daemon says, but only earns himself a heavy sigh from his boss.

"Daemon, please. Do your work the way I tell you to." His voice carries concern, and kindness. It sometimes sickens Nebbia.

A pregnant silent fills the room, slightly boring Nebbia who awaits for Daemon's reply.

"Fine." He sighs. The sound of approaching footsteps is heard and that is when, Nebbia steps away from the door. He clearly remembers the time someone came out and almost injured him. "Good night, boss."

The door opens, and much to his delight, Daemon spots him immediately. He says nothing as look a bit shocked, and closes the door with ease.

"Hmm," He goes. Nebbia finds this very much like a pervert's sound, but never says anything. Since he sometimes thinks it sounds that way because of Daemon's seductive voice. "What are you doing here, Nebbia?"

Nebbia smiles a bit childishly at the strongest Vongola illusionist. He loves teasing this dangerous person, but not as much as he enjoys teasing his boss in an indirect way.

"Waiting for you."

"Why is that?" Nebbia laughs lightly. Somehow he finds this person more understanding than anyone else.

"I want to tell you that boss has been acting a bit strange while you were out on a long mission." He was a bit surprised to see Daemon react a bit more than expected. Silence came in as the two looked at each other. Wether Daemon was happy or unhappy about this, Nebbia could not tell at all. Until...

"Hmm," The sign of satisfaction slip Daemon's lips. It really sound perverted somehow. "I see, good night." He said just that before walking a way. A visible yet unexpected smirk was on his face.

Nebbia, although finding him worth talking to, could not fully understand his desires just like everybody else. He was different, and a bit more distance from the family than Alaude. Also, he had one of the most deadly weapons within the family, which is his lens that he treasures so much. Nebbia wants it, to use it for his own pleasure.

He will win.

He knows it.