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So in a way Delphine isn't this serious person who she was playing out in the other story in this one she's like a 'black sheep' to the Swan family. yes i have decided Bella and Delphine are to be sisters biologically.

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Chapter 1

Bella's POV

Charlie had fixed my tires so the truck wouldn't slip while i was driving it school. Charlie had said a security guard was attcked by an animal at the...mills? i can't remember off hand. i drove up to school to see all of The Cullens parked up, the one who struck my attention the most was Edward. i wounder what his problem was? one minute he was fine with me and then the next...sigh i don't know, maybe it's just me inparticular. i sighed and didn't let Edward rudeness spoil my day.

i missed my sister, Delphine, Charlie and even Renee didn't think she was a good child. Delphine liked to travel. the last time i heard from her she visited Rome andthat was 2 years agao. ever since she hit the age of 15 she was off on the road. we tried to keep in contact but i guess with her traveling and everything she just doesn't have the time.

i heard the bell go and i walked inside with Eric and Mike. they had seen fit to bother me 24/7. asking me out of dates and whatever. i walked into my first class which was English, unfortunitly i had Mike, Eric and Tyler in this class i just wish they would leave me alone i didn't like the attention at all.

"Ok class if you would like to take your places" the teacher asked, everyone did and looked towards the teacher "Now we're going ot be working in partners so if you would just choose now" all of the Eric, Tyler and Mike came towards me, each one of them holding a part of my arm.

"Actually i was just going to partner up with Angela"

"O" they mubled and walked off back to there places. Angela walked up to me and gladly took the seat

"You ok?" i liked Angela she was the only decent person here.

"Yes, just fine"


me and Angelahad the next class together, Art, we were drawing something in front of us, mine happened to be Athena, goddess of wisdom to the Greeks.

"What's your called?" i asked Angela

" Demeter, Goddess of fertilty, are you sure your alright, you seem a bit down today"

i shrugged "It's nothing really, i guess i'm missing my sister a bit"

"You have a sister?" she raised her eyebrows, i knew she wasn't going to tell anyone she was just curiuos as to why i never mentioned her before.

"Yes, she's kind of called the Black sheep of the family"

"A rebel?" Angela offered

"Yes, she travels around, does her own thing lives off her own money finding what ever job there is. she skipped school and went straight to College learhing languages and other courses"

"Wow, hoe did she mange that"

"No idea, she's my hero kind of, she was always there to protect me, i guess when we got older she decided i gcould look after myself"

i felt someone push me from my seat, i fell to the floor

"That was my seat Swan" it was lauran, what had i ever doen to her?

"Leave her alone Lauran" Angela stuck up for me even though i knew how much she was uncomfortable with confrontation than me.

"Whatever" she left with Jessica by her side. Angela bent down and helped me up

"Thanks" i tried to stop the tears from coming out of my eyes

"Bella i'm sorry i should have seen her coming"

"Ange, it's fine it's not your fault"



I walked towards the lunch hall and sat with the usual people. Mike, Eric, Jessica, Angela, Tyler, Ben and Lauran. i wasn't really that hungry, exspacially after today with Lauran. i saw The Cullens enter with their usual beauty. first Rosalie and Emmett then Jasper who wasn't with Alice and then Edward.

"I wounder where Alice is?" Jessica asked Eric

"Don't know" he shrugged in response

"Hi Bella" i turned to see Alice Cullen, where did she come from?


"I was just woundering if you would like to sit with us?" i could literally see behind me all of them gob smacked

"O i don't want to..."

"No it's fine come on" she got my wrist and i couldn't help but realize how cold she was she seemed to realize that becuase she pulled away as soon as i was up. we walked over to the table followed by the gaze of other people

"Sit next to me Bella" she patted the seat next to her, i smiled and sat down "Your not hungry?" she looked confused


"Any reason in particular?" she asked again, i couldn't help but notice she was the only one who was talking any the rest were just looking at me, wow talk about awkward.


"Bella, why did you ask Tyler out?" i very annoyed Lauran came up to the table and asked

"I didn't"

"Yes you did" she screeched

"She's telling the truth Lauran" Alice snarled "Bella isn't interested in Tyler nor any other boys at this school"

"Wow so your a dyke" she chuckled at her own sick joke

i heard vagualy the sound of the canteen doors open

"Lauran why don't you just move on, no-one is interested in your presence here" Edward defended me. which was astounding really, maybe he doesn't hate me completly compleatly then after all

Lauran was about to speak but someone grabbed her arm and spun her around

"Mind telling me why your mouth is saying crap towards Bella?"

"Who are you" Lauran spat as Lauran moved out of the way, there in full flesh was my sister Delphne

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