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Chapter 12

Delphine POV


I might have gone over board but can you blame me? When your father walks out of the house, with the newly information you daughter has had sex with a guy who he knew ever since he was a kid grinning like the joker…with a gun I might add can you tell me you would think soundly? No… that's what I thought

Me and Jake watched some garage programme while we waited for Charlie

"Maybe if we tell him I cut myself"

Jake laughed so hard his body shook "Yeah right"

I smacked his arm and then he bolted into a sitting position "Do you hear that"

I joined him and looked around "What"

He then turned to me and smiled seductively "It's just us, alone"

I shook my head and screeched as he tackled me on the couch "Just the two of us" I whispered against his lips as they gently came down to mine.

Bella's POV

I snuggled into Edward's arms and sighed, we were in our meadow as we liked to call it listening to the birds chirp and the wind softly caress my skin

"Your sister Delphine and you are different" he spoke after a minute, his fingers softly stroking my hair causing tingles all over my body

"Delphine used to be like me, quiet, reserved, more likely with a book than riding a bike or playing football" I chuckled softly

"What changed?" he asked he tilted his body towards me so we were now looking at each other "You don't have to tell me"

I smiled and kissed his lips softly…o how I wanted than to kiss more fiercely but I didn't want to push my luck

"Delphine was suppose to get picked up one night by my mum when we both still lived here, Delphine was coming from a book class when Renee forgot to pick her up, my mum like I said is kind of…well you know…but she's not a bad parent…anyway Delphine was walking home when a car hit her she was in the hospital with broken bones and a coma for two weeks. When she woke up she changed I remember her telling me that was two weeks she wasn't going to get back, she didn't want to waste anything which came her way so when she was old enough she moved and travelled"

"That must have been bad for you"

I nodded "It was, but seeing how she is now, and happy it was worth not seeing her those years, we're closer than ever now and even though we're different in character we're in sync with each other just as sister should be"

"I like her, she basically told me to get my head out of my backside and talk to you"

I laughed loudly, that sounded like Delphine

"But I was working up the courage to say something anyway, because I can't stand not being with you Bella"

And just like that my insides turned to goo.

Delphine POV

A couple of weeks later


I hugged Bella towards me as she tried to shoo me away I sat on her bed and gave her my present which I knew she was going to love.

She opened the present and her jaw dropped

"Is this…"

"A first edition of Romeo and Juliet" I proudly stuck my chin up when she looked at me "Carlisle helped lets face it I'm rich not that rich"

We laughed and she hugged me saying thank you, Charlie came in and gave her a present and also commented on her hair

"Charlie that's low even for me" I tutted him and he walked away smiling

School was finished and I curst the doors open dramatically

"FREEDOM!" I shouted "Told you, you suckers can't keep me locked in" I shouted to the school

"Damn right" Emmett high fived me And I winced

"Jeez man" I shook my hand trying to get rid of the pain while he chuckled and messed up my hair.

"Want me to kick his ass" I voice behind me asked while he wrapped his arms around me, I snuggled into his embrace

"Like you could ever kick my ass pup" Emmett hollered while climbing into Rosalie's car, since they were together Bella and Edward drove in his car alone to school…actually they were usually late I would have to ask what kept them so long

"Care to take a wager on that" Jasper asked

"We are not having this conversation again" I pulled Jake away from them and we walked to his car which he just finished fixing

"You think I can win right" he asked when he opened my door he pouted at me

"Sure" I patted his cheek and just as the door closed I heard Emmett laughing.

"So let me get this straight, there have been no peak a boo I see you under clothing touching?" I asked Bella a little gob smacked, she in return blushed seven shades of red and explained they got to school later because they went to their private place to talk and be alone before school.

"Edward thinks it's too dangerous, he doesn't trust himself" Bella sighed and sat on the bed "I can understand why he's worried but I know he would never hurt me"

I looked at her sympathetically "Sorry" I hugged her "That sucks, but have you suggested looking" I smirked at her and she blushed before placing hear hand's over her face smiling.

"It's time, it's time" Alice held Bella's hand as we made our way through the Cullen home I was kind of…ok I was gawking

"It's official I'm moving in, got any rooms Esme?"

"Always for you" she smiled softly, I could never get over how motherly she was I never wanted to leave this place and Carlisle was just as awesome as a dad

Everyone hugged Bella as Alice also snapped some pictures.

"Dating an older woman huh?" Emmett nudged Edward and I sniggered as Jake held me close, it must have been tough on him being here when his instincts were to fight vampires but I loved him for trying.


Ok whole different situation there all together

"There's a cake too" Alice pointed to a beautiful three tier cake which I was planning on diving into in the next five minutes

"Alice that cake looks like it could feed fifty and none of you can eat it"

"Don't worry I'm sure the reservation can finish it off" Jake smirked while he spoke, he kissed my forehead gently and wrapped his arm around my waist as I wrapped both my arms around his

"You do realize this is the only occasion I am wearing a dress apart from my wedding right, so be ready for the second even bucko"

Jake swallowed and Jasper smirked no doubt feeling how anxious he was, I never got chance to speak to Jasper but from our small conversations I could tell he was ok.

"Ok present time" Alice handed the present to Rosalie to give to Bella

"It's a necklace, Alice picked it out" she said flatly

"I can hear the joy in your voice as you say that Rosie" I rolled my eyes and she gave me a dirty look before standing next to Emmett who was shaking his head at me with a small smile "She loves me really" I staged whispered

"This one is from Emmett" Bella shook it before staring at Emmett with a small smile

"Already installed it in your truck" he said excitedly "finally I decent sound system for that piece of cra…"

"Hey don't hate the truck" Bella laughed

"Damn right" Jake muttered

"It is an old truck J" I whispered

He pouted and I kissed the pout away

"This one is from Carlisle and Esme" Alice was practically bouncing, I was actually wondering who's birthday it was Alice's or Bella's

"Something to brighten your day" Carlisle spoke

"You've been looking a little pale lately" Esme hugged her husband as she spoke to Bella

Bella began to open her present which looked like an envelope but then she hissed

"Paper cut"

Jake beside me stiffened and I looked up at him "What?" he wasn't looking at me his head looked to the side where Jasper was, it all happened in slow motion I saw Jasper begin to move his eyes trained on Bella I moved to get in his way to block him from trying to get to Bella but Jake held me back. Edward pushed Bella back causing her to tumble to the wall and on the floor and push Jasper away, Alice, Carlisle and Emmett held Jasper back and I looked at Bella to see her arm bleeding.

"Get Jasper out of here" Carlisle was at Bella's side in an instant while Emmett, Alice, Esme and Rosalie walked out of the room. I could feel Jake was still tense and not letting go of his grip on me, I saw Edward's face twisted in pain and the pure concentration on Carlisle's face as he looked over Bella's arm, Bella looked at Edward as if to say she was sorry for something. And all I could think was I hope it didn't affect their relationship.