Characters: Connor and Danny Quinn
Spoilers: None
A/N: I own nothing of "Primeval" that belongs to Impossible Pictures and I make no money from this, clearly.
Summary: (1) Theropods close in on Connor as he tries to crawl across a volcanic ash field. (2) Help may have come too late for Connor as Danny tries to cool him in a lagoon. (3) As a gorgonopsid prepares to make a meal out of Connor, Danny makes one last attempt to save him..

#124: Choke - Nearly There
With each laboured breath the volcanic ash burned Connor's lungs and slowed his crawl. With the fearsome theropods closing in from behind, Connor's only hope for survival was to continue pulling himself forward. His fingernails dug deep into the soil as a cough erupted in his throat. Immediately he began to choke as the deadly arsenal forced its intrusion. Lifting his head, Connor saw that the trees were very close. But with his spirit collapsing under the weight of the scorching sun, he simply shut his eyes and waited for their predators to make quick the end of his life.

#111: Boots - Just Barely Enough
Waterfalls, the one benefit of the Triassic. Danny dragged the limp Connor towards the lagoon, seeking the shelter that the falls provided. Setting him into the dirt, Danny worked Connor's shirt off before he untied the boots. Danny then eased his friend into the cool shallows just behind the falls. There came no reaction from Connor as the water engulfed his heat-ravaged body.

Doing his best to maintain composure, Danny sat faithfully beside him and poured the refreshing water over Connor's head. Delicately Danny worked the water through Connor's hair. He would not accept that help had come too late.

#80: Misery - It's a Simple Act
The Permian sun made short work of the life that Connor clung desperately to. His breath had become so weak that it could no longer draw in the sand that scorched his cheek. Somewhere close, a gorgonopsid closed in. The distinct rumbling of the mammalian predator would have sent shivers down his spine but Connor was too weak to move. Next to him, Danny was stirring.

"No matter what Connor, you must hang on."

Did Danny know something that he didn't? They were both dying in this forsaken world! Connor knew that he could not guarantee this request and in his misery, he simply inhaled more of the suffocating heat. The gorgonopsid roared and something heavy fell upon Connor. The thunderous growl of the monster filled Connor's ears before everything fell silent.

When at last Connor awoke, he tried to take in the environment that had suddenly cooled and turned grey. Sirens began to filter through the fog in Connor's mind as he came to recognise that he was in an ambulance. Eagerly Connor looked to the figure laying opposite of him.

"Danny!" he exclaimed joyfully. But the mangled form of Danny Quinn would never respond to his dear friend.