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The happy glow from the wedding lasted over a week before it was shattered. Harry had spent a few days with Charlie just relaxing and being young in celebration. He'd talked about the future and what he hoped for. A family and love and a home. Charlie had given him a soft happy smile and agreement that sounded perfect. But then he got back to training with a vengeance. They'd set up the DA even more organised and centred around an attack on the castle so they could protect everyone within the walls. They'd run drills of action should a problem arise and got everything working like clockwork. That was perhaps what saved so many lives in the end. The staff and students at the school were now quite equipped for dealing with emergencies and when the wards went off all the upper years were up and ready in moments. The classes flooded into the corridor and all the younger years were herded and warded into the common rooms by the prefects in five minutes flat. Then they were on the way down to the great hall again to meet up with the teachers. Harry was with Charlie already dressed in sleek black battle robes he'd taken to wearing to training so he could get used to them. They were lined with protective spells and allowed him a certain amount of movement that normal robes restricted. He looked very sombre compared to just that morning when he'd been cooing to Sirius' stomach and telling the baby he was its older brother. Now he looked like a man ready to fight to the death if necessary.

The wards began to screech and grind and vibrate and the walls of the castle seemed to be pulsing and glowing. Dumbledore nodded tiredly and sighed.

"They are entering through the forest where the wards are weaker" he announced.

"To the lawns" Harry declared softly but the complete silence of everyone ready to fight made him heard by all.

"Fifth years to the turrets, shower them with spells like we practised" Charlie finished as everyone nodded and began to position themselves in the way they had planned for in this scenario. It was one of the more likely they'd all agreed.

"Quidditch teams on your brooms" Sirius shouted as he was dragged forcibly out of the hall to be locked in the infirmary by Remus who looked exasperated.

"Bloody hell is he trying to get himself killed? I'll brain him if he gets my little sibling hurt" Harry barked taking charge of his little group.

Ron and Hermione shrugged and swished their wands in a cheeky salute taking charge of their own groups.

"Right then, this is it" Harry said quietly.

"The big one" Ron joked feebly remembering Oliver Wood's famous Pre game pep talk the team had always ribbed fondly.

"Yeah" Harry smiled faintly.

"He's come here for a reason, it's time for this to end one way or another" he said straightening his shoulders.

"Fight hard and fight well, give it everything you've got and we'll be celebrating the end tonight" he said loudly and with a battle cry everyone began to swarm to the front doors.

"For Zara, Cedric, Mum and Dad!" Harry yelled sprinting out of the doors.

"For the wizarding world!" Ron shouted separating off with his group to form to wings of attack while Hermione took the centre so they were all spread out.

"For freedom!" Hermione called and everyone cheered and sent up sparks from their wands.

The invaders were swarming like wraiths from the cover of the forest. They could see that their journey hadn't been completely peaceful, several had Centaurs arrows sticking from their limbs and others had wounds from other animal attack. The forest didn't like intruders any more than the castle did. The forest had protected itself well. They watched in interest as centaurs and Acromantula came from the tree line still battling with some of the attack force fiercely and everyone gave a yell of triumph and surged forwards to meet them. Soon only the bright neon stripes all the students had painted on them identified them from the enemy as full out war commenced. Harry fought with Charlie at his side, both of them moving with the synchronisation of long hard training. Severus and Lucius were out there somewhere with Draco, searching for Narcissa to take her down hopefully so they could become a proper family. Remus was out there searching for Pettigrew for his betrayal and Bellatrix for almost killing Sirius. Ron and Hermione were out there just fighting to stay alive and keep their loved ones safe. So many people were out here fighting against this evil for their right to live and learn in the magical world peacefully, no matter their heritage. Harry faced off brutally with Fenrir Greyback who snapped and snarled at him and tried to drive him off with pure brute force. But Harry had been training for a long time. He held his ground with some trouble and blasted the man off his feet and sent him backwards several feet until he was swallowed up by the surging crowd and he was faced with a crazy looking woman who was laughing the whole tie she sent off wild hexes and curses. He subdued her with a sharp blow to the back of her neck and sent her to the holding cells they'd cleared in the dungeons with a pre arranged portkey from the bag o his belt. There was a group of fourth years who had adamantly refused to be kept safe in their common rooms with everyone else down there guarding them with an Auror. He ran off then when he spotted the means to end the whole mess cackling evilly in a clear space over nearer the Quidditch stands.

"Potter!" he cackled loudly as soon as he caught sight of him.

"Tom" he responded coming to a halt just fifteen paces away careful of sly attacks from behind he wound his way around to back the stands all the while watching for attacks. It was pure chaos everywhere. People port keying away to the hospital wing if they got too hurt, or being keyed to the cells if they were against them, or dying in some unfortunate cases on their side. The noise and the horror of it all swamped him a moment and he sucked in a sharp breath. He wiped a trail of blood from his brow so it wouldn't blind him and eyed Voldemort carefully. He was shooting off random curses all the while watching Harry intently with a smirk of triumph on his face. Harry shielded against a stray spell and got ready to attack.

"Is this is what you wanted Tom, everyone fighting each other, the best of the wizarding world killing each other off so magic falls and declines into madness and near muggle-ness?" he challenged wearily as he watched someone die in a flash of green.

"It shall be great once I have conquered your little resistance!" he declaimed proudly.

"You really believe that don't you?" he asked curiously.

"Yes my world shall be greater and better than anything. Pure blood shall rule and muggles will fall" he cackled and Harry shook his head in defeat.

The man was delusional and obviously insane. He steady himself for a breath against the stands. He'd somehow hurt a rib and not noticed in all the action.

A curse took him unaware and he dodged it pulling up a shield in a blink. Voldemort was grinning at him wand pointed at him steadily.

"Crucio" he screamed and harry dodged only to walk into a second one from someone in the crowd.

He fell to his knees momentarily and climbed back up unsteadily glancing around.

Bellatrix Lestrange walked out of the battle with an evil grin on her face and Harry growled and surge the rest of the way to his feet.

He sent three blasting curses at her high and low so she couldn't avoid all of them and with a sickening crack both her legs broke and she fell to the ground with an animalistic scream of pain. The Charlie was there cursing her and throwing a portkey on her while she screamed in agony. Harry spun on Voldemort to see hi disappearing through the crowd cackling as he sent death curses every which way.

Harry pitched after him angrily. And was caught in another duel with some bulky man until a seventh year took him out from behind and nodded to him before disappearing again into the chaos. He took off again and followed the sound of that stupid cackling laughter tracing the little path he was creating through the crowd. He ended up catching up on the little slope leading towards the lake. Here Centaurs and hypogryphs, were fighting with some of the teachers against dementors and death eaters. Harry concentrated a moment and sent his stag patronus flying into the fray with the other little animals to push back the dementors. Then he caught up with Voldemort and sent a blasting hex at him to get his attention. He spun around with a vicious snarl and sent Crucio flying at him. He ducked and dived and weaved and threw hex and curse back. Soon the ground and the air was shimmering with the power they were using and both were panting and heaving with effort. Voldemort had a gash down his side and Harry had blood leaking from his thigh and arm. Both of them were soot, mud and sweat smeared and looked a bit like survivors of a bomb explosion. Just as Harry fell to the ground and Voldemort swooped in on him and it appeared they were about to witness the end of Harry Potter for good. He pushed himself to his knees and out of nowhere a glimmering silver sword passed right through Tom Riddle's chest and out the other side in a spray of blood. He gave a surprised gurgle and choked out a bloody bubble and fell onto Harry as he passed out at last.

The fight surrounding them froze in shock before all the death eaters present wailed and clutched at their dark marks as their arms began to smoke and burn.

All over the battle the light side cheered and dove on them like animals subduing them and sending them to the cells before they could recover. Charlie was port keyed to the hospital after he collapsed trying to run to Harry. Hermione carried Ron in and Remus found Harry surrounded by staff members laid out with the dark lord beside him after they'd just rolled the dead body side and he swooped in and clutching to himself he growled at the spectators before taking off at a run with him cradled in his arms.

He got to the hospital wing as Dumbledore was finally brought around and people were giving sighs of relief that their great leader was safe and well. His arrival cause a burst of anxious activity though. By the time the bed was curtained off more and more people were being brought in and the hospital was full to brimming and healers were arriving by the load to help once again.......

Harry came around two days later to find Sirius beside him in bed with a little pink bundle in his arms and he gasped making several people who'd been waiting for him to wake jump in fright.

"Baby" he croaked out and Sirius grinned at him dopily and nodded.

"I went into labour when I got all stressed out when I found out you were hurt so badly" Sirius murmured

"Oh no" Harry murmured eyes widening.

"She's fine, a little early but still healthy" he reassured him and Harry grinned and tried to sit up.

"Stay still!" Hermione shrieked at him and zapped him with a petrificus before anyone else could move.

"Hey!" he complained

"Your ill, do you realise how badly injured you were, you're lucky to be alive!" she shrilled waving her arms about eyes bright with tears.

"You s-s-scared me" she hiccupped and threw herself on him with a wail.

"Owww" he moaned and she jumped away flapping her hands and gushing apologies.

"No good ow, it's great to be alive" he managed through a wheeze.

"Yes, well drink these and you'll be even better" Severus announced undoing the petrificus and handing over a tray of brightly coloured vials.

"All of them?" Harry squeaked

"Yes all of them" Severus smirked at him and a few people chuckled at Harry's pout.

"God's Harry you did it" Ron finally sighed settling into a chair with his leg on a stool.

"We're free!" he cheered and everyone laughed appreciatively.

"Hmm" Harry hummed making a face at the potions and grimacing when madam Pomfrey shooed her way up to his bed and started to cast diagnostics over him.

"Well, I'd say you're getting there Mr Potter, a few more days and you may be able to walk with a cane" she smiled and waltzed off to another bed.

"So, we all present and correct?" he asked finally shooting a look around the hospital wing.

"Neville and Luna, Dean and Colin are gone" Ron reported solemnly.

"Oh" Harry sighed closing his eyes briefly.

On the other hand Fred lost a ear and his little finger to severing hexes and he won't stop making silly jokes about it" he added trying to smile

"Hmm" Harry nodded

"Anyone else hurt bad?" he asked.

"here's a paralysed auror, I don't think we know, there's a man who lost his leg and there's um...Tonks....she got hit in the head with something and she's probably never going to be able to see again" Hermione reported softly.

"Oh" he breathed

"On the bright side, Remus got Pettigrew and all the death eaters were caught because the mark disabled them long enough for us to round them up" Ginny offered.

"Yeah" harry nodded and smiled tiredly at everyone.

"Bloody hell Sirius I'm not made of China!"

That was the first words anyone heard spoken by the saviour of the wizarding world when he walked in beside his two guardians two weeks after the defeat of Voldemort. He still looked pale and shaky, he had been in a week long coma. He was wearing light cotton trousers and t shirt, like anything heavier would hurt his skin, he looked like a frail patient. But the fire in his blazing emerald eyes said otherwise. His one Godfather looked a little chastised as he stepped away from where he'd been meticulously supporting the boy hero like a fussy mother over a toddler taking its first steps. His other Godfather took his husbands hand and kissed it stage whispering for all to hear.

"I think he's getting pissed off of you hovering, I'm impressed he lasted a whole week, you're acting like an overzealous nurse maid love"

"But Remy" he protested gesturing at Harry helplessly.

Harry narrowed his eyes and took a smooth wooden cane from Sirius' grasp smacked him lightly with it then used it to aid him in getting to the completely silent Gryffindor table.

"Harry!" Hermione was the first to move and she grabbed him up in a tight hug.

"Hey 'Mione, look I can walk again" he teased blowing her bushy hair out of his mouth.

"Great to see ya mate, toast?" Ron asked not even bothering to stop eating as he waved Harry's favourite jam covered toast at him before he could even sit.

"Are you psychic or what?" Harry demanded happily pulling it to himself and beginning to casually eat.

"Nope just thought you hated when people fussed and stared so I'm being me" he replied rather pointedly.

Harry chuckled and leant his head onto Ron's broad shoulder.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?" he asked dreamily.

"No but I know anyway love" he grinned and gave Harry a friendly shove to get him upright again.

They both laughed and Hermione joined them. Remus and Sirius watched a few more moments then smiled fondly at each other and headed for the staff table where Charlie was watching with a fond smile, holding onto Junior Lupin-Black who was currently suckling on a bottle happily oblivious to the world around him.

Two months later in a beautiful ceremony Junior was christened and Harry and Charlie were bonded in the yard of the Burrow. With all their family and friends there, all quite recovered from the final battle and all moving on with life after the War. A year later Junior had twin cousins Jake Orion Weasley-Potter and Cassie Rose Weasley-Potter. Then a month later a little sister Bryony Lily Lupin-Black That same year Hermione married Ron and they had a daughter and Bill and Fleur had their second child Nathaniel Weasley and the family grew and expanded with love and warmth and the Burrow was filled with children once again. No matter what happened everyone in that family had a helping hand whenever they needed it and none of them ever had to struggle alone because there was family everywhere who loved each other and didn't care about showing it expressively.

~~~~THE END~~~~

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