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When they come back to their hover car and discover a squirrel in the driver's seat, how do several GR characters react?



"Get over into the passenger's seat!" (GRR)


"Do you have a driver's license?"

Niko (to her colleagues)

"Do we have any nuts?"


"Are you sure we should let the squirrel drive?"


"Dinner." …

"I think I'll go to the emergency room first."

The General

"I'll put it in a tournament with several of Slade's mutated ants, and if the squirrel wins, I'll clone it into an army."

Audra Miles

"Something I can study. And I've always been a fan of squirrel girl."


"Tarkon has too many squirrels and too few hover cars."


-- (The fight with the squirrel destroys the entire quarter of town.)

Shimmerer (surveying the damage)

"Ransom. Or wall decoration. Or mass destruction."


"Don't touch my squirrel. I've always wanted an intelligent pet."

Jackhammer (on the way to the post office)

"I'll let Darkstar handle it."

Darkstar (from another post office)

"Did you send me this squirrel before or after you learned it had been fed X2-factor?"

Stingray (by email, after looking at the post office's webcam)

"I guess you must be missing me if you get that type of pet. May I point out that my random outbursts of violence have more style?"


"Who placed a cage with a squirrel in front of my door? Okay, stop crying, Eve; you can keep it, if you promise not to sneak off to Tortuna any longer."