So Wrong, Its Right

Chapter 6: Coffee Shop Soundtrack, Part 2

"I'll keep a secret if you keep me guessing
The taste of your lips
Says we shouldn't have met like this"

Rose's heart had skipped a beat when she had received Scorpius's second letter, she was going to see him today!

She had grown increasingly fond of the Malfoy boy and was excited to meet up with him again: So, taking all of that into consideration she ignored Anabel's warnings and made a ruckus that kept her from attending Hogsmeade.

She put on a pair of jean leggings and a shirt that wasn't quite so long enough to be a dress and then took a stroll down the hallway and into the Room of Requirement where she hoped Scorpius would be waiting. She thought about seeing Scorpius, paced three times in front of the spot on the wall where the door should be and then she entered the room silently.

She saw the blonde boy laying on a king size bed facing the ceiling, apparently contemplating life, or something like that. And Rose had been so quiet that Scorpius had not heard her come in. She jumped on the bed, which made him jump and say, "Hi Rose," with a smile. He ran a hand through his hair.

"Hey Scorpius," Rose replied and then they kissed. Just like that. Lips met lips. Tongues met tongues. Hands met skin. All in a split second and only five seconds after they saw each other, it was quite a mutual attraction.

Rose pulled away, "God," she said, "I've been waiting all week for this." She sat on top of his stomach gently as he laid down, "And this," she kissed the nape of his neck, but he wanted his lips on hers, so their lips met again. She ran her fingers through his hair, and moved her hands all over his body, quickly, urgently, and ever so nervously.

They rolled over, he was now on top of her. They kissed once more and then they heard a knock on the door. A knock on the door of the Room of Requirement? They both snapped their heads toward the door. They both saw a shocked and angry Selene ready to rampage, with Holden innocently standing behind her.

"Shitfuckershit," Scorpius muttered under his breath.

"How did she know where you were?" asked Rose in a quick whisper.

"I have no fucking clue," Scorpius replied.

"Scorpius!" Selene yelled, "What did she do to you love? Did she hurt you?"

Rose was confused, her hurt him? "What are you talking about Selene?" Scorpius questioned this crazy girl, he was confused and furious.

"She obviously charmed you or something so you would sleep with her!" Selene was a jealous 15 year old, and this is why some people shouldn't have sex until they were more mature. Selene being one of them.

"What the fuck are you talking about, you whore!" Rose was absolutely fuming, this girl was accusing her of charming Scorpius into wanting her, "Who says he wouldn't want me if I didn't charm him, because that's whats happening, I didn't charm him, and he wants me anyway!"

"Wait, what the hell did you just call me?" Selene asked Rose.

Rose thought for a second, "Oh, you know what I called you, you whore. You're only jealous because Scorpius prefers me over you."

"Really? Because have you slept with him yet? I have. So YOU are the whore here, sleeping with someone else's boyfriend." Selene stepped towards Rose.

"Wait, WHAT? I am not your boyfriend Selene, we are not dating, when did this happen, and I never agreed to it." Scorpius was confused and rambling. This girl was nuts!

"Shut up!" Selene yelled, she took a step closer to Rose, she obviously did not pay any attention to Malfoy. "YOU! This is ALL your fault!" She poked a finger at Rose's chest, then she lunged.

She grabbed for Rose with her claw like nails and Rose ducked, but not quite quick enough. Selene caught her hair with her hands held a huge chunk and pulled. Rose screamed and grabbed at her attackers shirt, trying to pull her down. When that didn't work she curled her hand up into a fist and sucker punched Selene in the stomach.

Selene doubled over in pain and then went to attack Rose again. It seemed that both girls had forgotten their wands, for no spells were exchanged in this duel.

Holden and Scorpius watched in horror until the younger girl had pinned Rose to the ground and was about to smash her face. "Whoa!" Scorpius yelled and got up to hold Selene off of Rose.

Rose looked up at him in thanks and while Selene was looking away she swung her fist and caught Selene right in the face. The four in the room heard a SNAP! as Selene's nose was broken, Selene stumbled backward with blood running down her face. She fainted on the ground as soon as she saw her own blood.

Scorpius hoisted Rose from the floor and pulled her quickly out of the Room of Requirement, Holden was ahead of them already.

"Can someone tell me what just happened?" Scorpius asked as he held the door shut, just in case Selene came to and tried to get out.

Holden answered, "She heard you and I talking after she 'left' the common room. Then she followed you, waited a bit until she could get the door to appear and then barged in. I tried to stop her, but she just wouldn't listen to me."

Scorpius nodded looking annoyed and then turned to Rose, "Are you okay?" he asked her in concern.

"Fine, as long as that bitch stays away from me," Rose wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead.

"Oh, I cannot wait to hear the rumors about this," Holden grinned in his usual Slytherin way.

Rose snapped her head up to look at Holden, "You're not going to tell Anabel are you?"

"Oh, no, of course not..." Holden said, "but I think that she already knows."

Rose turned around to follow Holden's gaze and saw Anabel standing there looking horrified and surprised, awaiting an explanation.

A/N: So there is part 2 of chapter 6. Hopefully I will have chapter 7 for you soon!