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Shockwave didn't know what to do, and it was rare for him to have moments like that. Should he leave his lab before Megatron destroys it out of rage? The intel-bot has seen the damage Megatron's fusion cannon can do. But Shockwave also wanted to stay and see more of the video that Soundwave had sent them. Though the video contained no audio, it was still a rather interesting sight. Why would the femme hug Starscream? Then it did not take long until Starscream had kissed the femme. And said femme seemed to enjoy it as well.

The intel bot glanced at his leader who seemed lost for words. He was completely focused on the video. Megatron's facial expression was blank which is why Shockwave had no idea what the Decepticon leader was thinking about. Maybe he was going through the possible ways to torture the seeker for kissing his future-bonded.

Shockwave spoke up, no longer being able to stand the silence in the room. A silent Megatron was too unpredictable. Shockwave kept glancing at his leader's weapon, which was at a very close range. "What now, Megatron? It appears that Starscream is… erm, with the femme. Shall I send some drones to go to Earth and bring her here?"

Megatron didn't answer Shockwave. He was as stiff as when he was still frozen in that pathetic human base. Starscream had done a lot to annoy him. And of course, the seeker would always PAY. But now, to actually kiss the future-bonded of the Decepticon leader; Megatron was not so sure that Shockwave could do any anything to repair the damage the Decepticon leader would surely do once the seeker returned to the Nemesis. Is he so incapable of finding his own femme? Megatron thought.

When Mikaela had hugged the second-in-command, Megatron had expected to Starscream to push her away but instead, he had KISSED her.

Megatron snarled. He needed to shoot something so badly; maybe he could fire at some of the drones. There were a lot of them anyway. But Megatron had a better idea; now was not the time to fire his fusion cannon. Besides, Decepticons were not just great warriors; they were also cunning.

Shockwave spoke up again after his leader did not offer any reply the first time. "Megatron, any orders? I believe that it is best we strike now while the Autobots are unaware of-"

"Enough." Megatron said in a very serious tone of voice which made Shockwave straighten up. Although, it seemed that he wasn't angry. "Starscream has completed his mission, he has located the femme."

Shockwave dared to reply to his leader. "Yes, so what is it we do now?"

Megatron didn't even look at Shockwave. Instead, he kept his optics on the monitor. "Soundwave."

"Yes, Megatron?" Soundwave said over the comlink as he ended the video and the monitor went black.

"Do you still have a visual on them?"

"Yes. They haven't even moved and I do not spot any Autobots approaching them. I suspect that Autobots are not even in the same location. They should have sensed Starscream's energy signature by now if they were."

"Either way, we must use what time we have before the Autobots...or Starscream, try to do anything that will ruin our plan. Continue monitoring them and contact the Nemesis again if something suspicious happens, Megatron out." Megatron ended the comlink and turned to Shockwave.

"Establish a comlink with Starscream."

Shockwave hesitated for a moment but eventually nodded his head and started typing on the controls. "Are you going to tell him that we are sending in reinforcements? Or maybe you're going to tell him to stay away from your future bonded." The intel-bot chuckled.

Megatron would have blasted any other Decepticon who would have spoken so boldly. But Shockwave was too valuable to let go of…for now. The Decepticon leader ignored Shockwave's comment and continued.

"Is the comlink ready yet?"

"Yes. It should be working now. If I may ask, what is it you are planning to do?"

"Patience, Shockwave. You'll see."

Starscream didn't want to let Mikaela go just yet. It seemed highly illogical but he was…what was the word? Worried that if he'd let her go, she would disappear again or the Autobots would suddenly come and take her away. She'd be gone and he'd have to go back to the Nemesis without her and take another beating from Megatron.

Starscream sighed inwardly. Great, now he was WORRIED about someone other than himself. At least he didn't say that he loved her. He was still a Decepticon after all. But, what was the reason that he kissed her?

The seeker snapped out of his thoughts when he felt Mikaela's hand caress his cheek. He placed his hand over hers and rubbed it. The touch of her hand on his armor felt so good. He was definitely not letting her go any time soon.

Mikaela smiled. She had not expected Starscream to kiss her like that. Sure, he didn't say that he loved her but that could wait. It was wonderful to feel his lips on hers. Come to think of it, it was her first kiss as a Cybertronian. She smiled more at that; she was glad that it was Starscream who had shared that kiss with her. If that was Megatron… she didn't even want to finish that thought.

"Starscream, can't you stay here on Earth?" Mikaela suddenly asked.

The seeker still held her hand. "Mikaela, I can't. I am a Decepticon and I must go back to the Nemesis."

Mikaela pulled her hand away from his. "And what's waiting for you on the Nemesis? Megatron's just gonna beat you up again for not bringing me back with you."

Starscream raised an optic ridge. "You're not coming?"

Mikaela scoffed. For someone who's known for being so cunning, he still couldn't get it. "Of course I'm not going back! This is MY planet and I am not going back to become Megatron's bonded. I thought I already made that clear. Why can't you like, quit the Decepticons and stay here?"

The seeker snorted. "And join those goody-goodies, the Autobots? And I thought that I made it clear that I still want to rule the Decepticons."

Mikaela sighed. "But Starscream, I don't want you to get hurt. Don't think I didn't notice the damage on you armor when you came here. It's pretty obvious that Megatron was the one who did the damaging."

There was a pause before Starscream answered. Well, technically it was that Autobot Ratchet who damaged his arm but Megatron DID injure him as well. Nonetheless, Mikaela had noticed it.

"Mikaela, I'm used to it. I was in charge of guarding you and I didn't do a very good job so I had it coming; it was expected. And as second-in-command, I get to kick around other Decepticons as well."

"Yeah, I can tell Shockwave is very frightened of you." Mikaela sarcastically said.

Starscream sighed then realized something. The seeker smirked at Mikaela. The femme's stern gaze became a confused look. "What is it?" she asked.

Starscream came closer to Mikaela. "You don't want me getting hurt. I didn't know you cared so much."

Mikaela rolled her optics. Seriously? That's what he was thinking about? She loves him! Of course she cared about him. Either way, she still answered him. "Yes, Starscream! I care about you! I love you, remember? That's why I want you to stay with me."

Starscream inched his face closer to hers. "And if I refuse?"

"You can be such a jerk sometimes, you know that?"

Starscream chuckled. "I'm a Decepticon, it comes with the title."

Mikaela planted her lips on Starscream's. That should stop him from talking. It might even be enough to convince him to stay, although she knew that was a long-shot. Starscream was too focused on being the Decepticon leader. It didn't look like he was giving up that goal anytime soon. Still, no sense in not trying.

Starscream was not expecting that but it's not like he didn't enjoy it. Starscream could feel the desperation in her kiss. She kissed him feverishly and passionately. He couldn't resist and kissed her back with just as much passion.


Where did that come from?


It wasn't Mikaela because, well, she was 'busy'. And the voice didn't sound like hers. But it was very familiar.


That's when the seeker realized it was a comlink. He pulled away from Mikaela, who looked at him with confusion. Starscream placed a talon on her lips, a sign that he wanted her to stay quiet. Mikaela understood him and nodded her head.

"Starscream here." The seeker replied via comlink.

"Are you with the femme, yet?" Starscream knew that voice belonged to Megatron.

"Yes, Megatron. I have… captured her and defeated one of the Autobots to get to her which is why-"

"I don't care. You are to return to the Nemesis immediately. Leave her behind."

Starscream's optics widened. Megatron had lost it. "But oh great leader, you don't know what I went through to-"

"I. DON'T. CARE. Return to the Nemesis now! Megatron out." The comlink ended.

Starscream looked at Mikaela who smiled at him. "Let me guess, Megatron wants me back on the Nemesis as fast as possible."

The seeker sighed. "Actually, he wants me to go back and I am to leave you behind."

Mikaela's smile disappeared. "W-what? If you're teasing me again-"

"It may come as a shock to you but I am telling the…truth this time." Starscream rarely said that word.

"So, you're leaving now? What if Megatron does more damage to you? Isn't there anyway I can contact you just like Megatron did awhile ago?"

"It's too dangerous. If the other Decepticons know of your comlink frequency, they'll know exactly where you are at any time. The Allspark shard in you is already enough energy to track you from a distance."

Mikaela shook her head. "Then how do I know if you're gonna be all right?"

Starscream smirked. "You shouldn't worry so much about me. That's what makes the Autobots weak. Compassion and care. But, before I go, I'll be needing something from you, Mikaela."

Mikaela tilted her head. "And that would be?"

Starscream came closer to Mikaela, still smirking. "Just this." Starscream then kissed Mikaela again. The femme immediately kissed him back. The seeker could get used to this. But he knew he couldn't stay long. It was not wise to leave Megatron waiting.

Starscream pulled away and held Mikaela's hand. "I must go now."

Mikaela squeezed his hand. "Don't do anything to make Megatron mad. I don't want to have to repair you again."

Starscream smirked at her one last time. The seeker then let go of her hand, backed away and transformed into his alt form and he disappeared into space in a flash.

Mikaela sighed and turned towards the Autobot base. She knew she'd see Starscream again. It was HOW she'd see him was what she was worried about. And what was up with Megatron giving an order to retreat? Did he find another way to use the Allspark energy?

"I thought he'd never leave." the voice startled her. Mikaela turned around and saw Ratchet emerge from deeper inside the woods. Mikaela smiled. The last time she saw Ratchet, he was offline. Now, he was walking and looked like a brand new bot. Mikaela hugged the medic-bot.

"Ratchet! I'm so glad you're all right!" the femme said.

Ratchet hugged her back then pulled away. "Well, I'm a medic-bot. What do you expect?"

Mikaela then wondered how long Ratchet was there. Did he see her and Starscream kiss? It was very possible.

"Mikaela, why did Starscream come?"

There it was. No sense in lying to him. She had to tell Ratchet the truth. She owed him that much for saving her life back on the Nemesis.

She sighed heavily then continued. "He told me that Megatron sent him to bring me back to the Nemesis. You see, Megatron told me that once I was a Cybertronian, he wants me to…bond with him."

Ratchet's optics widened. Did she just say 'bond with him'? As in, bond with Megatron? Ratchet focused once more on Mikaela. Did she even know what 'bonding' meant?

"Mikaela… are you sure-"

"Megatron told me that he needed an army of Decepticons with the energy of the Allspark in them. Since I have an Allspark shard in me, he thought that if I bonded with him, that energy would somehow be passed on."

Now THAT sounded like something Megatron would do. Ratchet relaxed. "So, that's his plan. But why did Starscream leave and not take you with him?"

Mikaela shrugged. "That's exactly what I want to know. Megatron just told Starscream to return to the Nemesis and leave me here. Even Starscream doesn't know why."

"Megatron is unpredictable. That's what makes him a dangerous opponent."

Mikaela nodded her head. "You got that right. I mean, imagine my shock when he told me that I was supposed to bond with him."

"Speaking of shock, Mikaela… I saw you and Starscream… well, would you like to explain?"

Mikaela hesitated but decided to tell him. It was better Ratchet than the other Autobots. If it were Ironhide who had seen them, well, Starscream would have never left Earth in one piece.

She looked Ratchet in the optics and began her explanation. "Ratchet, you should have seen Starscream and how he treated me on the Nemesis. He was the only guy I could talk to. And that's a lot when you're being held in a Decepticon base."

Ratchet nodded his head and gestured for Mikaela to continue.

"Then when the transformation was about to start, he rushed me into Shockwave's lab. Once I was on the examination table, he held my hand and I told him that I… that I love him."

Mikaela looked at Ratchet and she could tell from his expression that he was listening intently. So she continued.

"You guys arrived and Starscream was in charge of guarding me. Well, he guarded me from you guys but when I think back, Starscream had an opportunity to take me away from there or even take the Allspark shard from me while I was still in stasis. And he didn't."

"So you think that Starscream, second-in-command of the Decepticons and one of the most cunning of Cybertronians, cares about you?" Ratchet asked.

Mikaela gave him a small smile. "Yeah, it seems crazy or even impossible but that's the only reason I can think of. Besides, he was the one who kissed me first."

"And you don't think that he's doing all of this just to gain your trust then when another opportunity presents itself, he will take advantage of you?"

Actually, Mikaela had thought about this and it worried her. Then she remembered what Starscream had told her, that she shouldn't worry too much. "Nope, I don't think that. I mean, I used to but, now I don't."

Ratchet simply nodded his head once more in response. "I see."

"Wait, just how exactly did you know where I was? I told Optimus that I wanted to be alone." That's why she was out there in the first place. She needed some time to gather her thoughts. It just so happened that Starscream came.

"I know. But we detected an energy signature and I was came here to investigate. When I saw Starscream, I was about to attack but when I saw you hug him, well, it's better to be patient." Ratchet then started walking towards the base.

Mikaela smiled at the medic-bot then thought of something. "Hey, are you going to tell the others about this?"

Ratchet paused, his back facing Mikaela. The medic-bot looked straight ahead. "The Allspark emits a lot of energy. You were here and a piece of the Allspark is in you. The energy signature we detected belonged to you. That's the report I shall be giving to Optimus."

"Thanks Ratchet. I owe you one. If you need anything-"

"I need Bumblebee and Sideswipe to stay away from my medical tools they'd leave them scattered around the base. If Ironhide takes one of them and starts making weapons out of them, well, I won't be a very good medic-bot without the proper tools, now would I?"

Mikaela giggled. "Keep 'em away from your stuff, got it."

"And Mikaela,"

Ratchet turned around to face Mikaela. "Take care of yourself. Starscream's still a Decepticon. We don't know what he's capable of."

Mikaela simply nodded her head. "I know Ratchet. But thanks for the warning anyway."

The medic-bot sighed. "Come, Optimus would be worried about you. And I still have to run some tests on your Cybertronian body."

Mikaela's facial expression changed. "Tests? Is it gonna hurt?"

Ratchet chuckled. "All the Autobots go through it. I'm sure you'll be fine. Let's go."

"All right. But we better go to Optimus first. Like you said, he'd be worried."

"Bumblebee uses that same excuse. I'm not falling for it."

Mikaela sighed. "All right."

As she walked back towards the base, she couldn't help but think what Megatron had in store for Starscream. And again, she was worried about the seeker.

You better take care of yourself, Starscream.

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