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Willie Scott glanced at the crowd in the Obi-Wan nightclub and saw the Jones family and Shorty since he was legally adopted. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this was LEGO® Indiana Jones so Short-Round Didn't age and Dr. Jones Sr. didn't die. The show was going great until an invisible force pushed Willie off the stage. At first the audience was confused but they started screaming when the tables started floating. All screamed except the Jones family (and Shorty). Indy was trying to figure out what had been going on if was a curse of the pebble of the holy cross, his most recent artifact that he had taken with him. Just then a ghostly voice had said "GET OUT! GET OUT! THIS IS MYYYYYY CLUB!" (So most likely it wasn't a curse of a pebble) After that there was laughter but it wasn't an evil laugh it was a kind elderly laugh, as if someone had been pulling a prank on them. Indy listened carefully and heard whispers, "Good job master." " Yeah now you try doing something scary and intimidating!" All of a sudden spaceship crashed trough the roof and landed on the stage and a man came out "Sorry!" he said "Your paying for that!" said a waiter. "How much?" the man asked "300,000 bucks!" the waiter answered. Then the man threw him 3 shiny, silver, scraps "What are these?" the waiter asked. "Bux" said the man "valid in the country Hagor on the planet Sinatate. Luke, can you get your dad and your friend to go I'm in a hurry!" "Alright" said another man then they took off but what they didn't know was Indy, Marion, Willie and Short-round where with them.

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