Over and Out

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A/N: Hey everyone! I decided to write this multi-chapter Billy/Rebecca fic since there aren't many of them out there. This story takes place right after the Mansion Incident and will span to the destruction of Raccoon City with various events in between revolving around Rebecca and Billy. I wanted to write this story because we don't know what happened to Rebecca and Billy after RE Zero so in a way, this is my interpretation. All right, I don't want to say anymore or else I may give too much away. I hope you'll all enjoy, and please leave a review telling me your thoughts, comments, etc.

The title of this fic is taken from a song by The Superjesus, and I thought it was rather cute and befitting for Rebecca since she's always saying, "Over!" on her radio. Heh heh.


Rebecca Chambers plopped down on her couch, a remote in her hand as she flipped through various channels, nothing really quite catching her attention. Truthfully, she wasn't in the mood to watch anything. She just needed to do something, anything to keep her mind occupied. As trivial as channel surfing may be, she desperately hoped that it could help ease her stress. Her free hand founds it way toward her left temple, and she rubbed it gently, as if the small gesture could smooth out all the tension that had accumulated in her head over the past few days. It had been one nightmare after another. After the destruction of the Umbrella Research Facility and Spencer's Mansion, she'd thought the worst was over. She'd thought that the remaining S.T.A.R.S. could report back and expose the unimaginable reality caused by Umbrella's researches, but she should have known that things weren't that simple. They never were.

The truth about Umbrella had been brought in exchange for her comrades' deaths, their gruesome, mutilated faces still freshly painted in the back of her mind. Even though she was in the comfort of small, cozy apartment, she could almost still smell the fetid scent of death that had lurked around every corner, behind every closed door in both the mansion and the research facility. The stench had made her nauseas, and it had taken a lot of strength from her to will herself not to expel the bile that had constantly been at the base of her throat.

Rebecca turned off the television and dropped the remote on the coffee table, her mind too restless to be engaged in anything. She hugged her white bathrobe closer to her shivering form, her face suddenly becoming still and pallid. She still couldn't believe that she had witnessed…zombies among other seemingly impossible creations that she'd thought had only existed in fictional stories. Apparently, no one else could believe the truth either. Right after Brad picked her up along with Barry, Jill, and Chris, they immediately reported the situation to Chief Irons. To their anger and dismay, Irons only gave them an incredulous look before he broke into a fit of laughter. Rebecca remembered how furious she had been—standing with Jill, Chris, and Barry, their uniforms riddled with holes and sprayed with blood, and Iron had the nerve to look her in the eye and tell her that their story was "bullshit."

She recalled Chris's young features scowling in disgust as he stepped toward Irons with the intent of giving him a good punch in the face. Fortunately, Jill, the calmer member of the Alpha team, had managed to hold him back, reminding him that his aggressive behavior wasn't going to do anyone any good. Instead, she'd tried to reason with Irons, explaining Wesker's betrayal and the disappearance of the rest of the S.T.A.R.S. members, piecing together the puzzle for Irons until the story couldn't be any more apparent. Iron had the biggest grimace on his face after Jill's reasoning, his teeth clenched together tightly, his squinty eyes even more compressed as if he were somehow annoyed with how much their seemingly tall tale actually made sense. They'd been dismissed shortly after Irons accepted their story with a brief roll of his eyes and a simple "I'll see what I can do."

A few hours later, the rumors of Umbrella manufacturing bio weapons within the Arklay Woods had spread throughout Raccoon City like an untamable wild fire. Some people laughed at the unbelievable story, but most of them were furious at the S.T.A.R.S. members' "retarded deductions," labeling the once highly respected soldiers as "liars." In a matter of hours, their reputation had plummeted, their credibility robbed from them before they could even explain their side of the story. As a result, the RPD had been in complete disarray. Chief Irons was off in his own world, and the Alpha and Bravo team were both left without a leader, without direction.

Rebecca couldn't believe that it had only been two days since she and the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members barely escaped the nightmare; it felt much longer to her. The events felt as if it had happened so long ago that it no longer existed within her present, and she desperately wanted that to be true. At least then, her sanity would be saved. The young woman let out a bitter laugh and chided herself for wishing for the impossible, though, the more optimistic side of her attempted to foil her logic.

Is it really that impossible? Look at what's happened…the things you used to think were 'impossible' have been brought to life. Zombies, spiders the size of cars, leech monsters, abnormal mutations within what used to be ordinary creatures…

Rebecca shook her head, refusing to add more horror to the mental list. She picked up her cup of tea, ignoring the television remote resting next to it. She dismissed her previous idea that channel surfing could help put her mind at ease. There was no point in temporarily trying to escape reality for she would just be dragged back into it shortly. She took a hesitant glance at the picture frames set on her work desk by the television. There were two pictures—both of them were group pictures of the Bravo team. The pictures had been taken about a month ago at a beach party that had been planned by Richard. Rebecca smiled ruefully, her eyes welling with tears as her glance shifted from one person to the next. In one of the pictures, Edward and Richard had their arms beneath her hands and legs. They'd tried to throw her in the water, teasing her that S.T.A.R.S. members shouldn't be afraid of the water after she'd admitted to them that one of her biggest fears was drowning. Rebecca wasn't a great swimmer and the only time she'd jump into a pool of water would be when her life depended on it. The other Bravo members had crowded around her, Edward, and Richard while Enrico took the picture. It had been a great day filled with laughter and jokes, a much-needed break from the immense workload at the office.

I'll never see them smile like that again…I'll never hear them laugh again.

She blinked, letting the tears spill, two droplets landing in her cup of tea that was held in her unsteady hands. She sucked in a deep breath and exhaled slowly, tried to calm herself down, and failed miserably. Rebecca licked her lips and bit down on her lower one, forcing back an approaching wave of sorrow. Instead, she choked on her own tears. With shaking fingers, she carefully set the tea on the coffee table again. She turned her back to the desk, her face facing the cushions of her couch as she cried softly to herself.

"I'm sorry," she whispered aloud, hoping that her apology would somehow reach her dead comrades on the other side of life. She had taken yesterday and today off from work to clear her mind and recover, and did a crappy job of it. Was there supposed to be so much pain before the full healing started? Was her heart supposed to feel like it was engulfed in a great inferno, the fiery mixture of anger and hurt trying to drive the fragile organ apart, each wanting a piece of her soul?

Rebecca didn't know. She had never felt this way until now.

A summer draft breezed through her windows that were slightly ajar. The air was comforting and gentle, tickling her skin with its light, feathery kisses. Two days ago, she would have given so much just to feel the calm wind flowing outside the mansion, a reminder that there was still a normal world outside the hellish one she had been trapped in. Closing her eyes, she sent a thankful prayer to God that she was still alive, still breathing and living.

Still able to expose the truth about Umbrella and avenge my friends' deaths…

With a resolute nod to herself, she silently swore that she would bring down Umbrella. It was the least she could do to ensure that her friends hadn't died for nothing. While the mental pledge didn't erase the loss of her friends, it gave her a newfound strength to move on. Tomorrow was a new day and she'd make sure her determination would rise with dawn. Chief Irons, the denizens of Raccoon City, the rest of the cops in the RPD…they could all try to undermine her, laugh at her, but she'd prove them wrong. Although the odds and numbers would be against her even when she had Chris, Jill, and Barry on her side, she'd have to be patient. She had to admit that she'd be pretty skeptical too if she someone were to tell her that there were zombies living among them. She'd just have to be tolerant and cooperate with Chief Irons and all of Raccoon City.

She had learned the value and importance of cooperation from a very special person.

The tears ceased, her body no longer tense. She couldn't find the energy to make it back to her bedroom so she allowed her eyes to remain shut, welcoming the sleep that had been only a blink away.