St Trinians

Chapter 1

Edward's POV

"Someone tell me why we're going to an all girls school" Emmett shouted

"Because it's only for 2 weeks Emmett now calm down"

This is still going to suck he thought

Great, 3000 girls all lusting after my Emmett

3 spoons of sugar in a glass full of liquor to get over you

"Alice, what are you hiding?" I asked annoyed, I hated it when she did this, she just shrugged innocently

"Alright you're not going to wear the uniforms or anything so just relax" Esme comforted us

"Thank god for that" Jasper sighed

"And here we are" Carlisle announced

We all looked to the school we would be staying in for 2 weeks. It was more like a mansion then a school. There were a couple of girls on the top, both wearing excessive black make up

"O god a freak school" Rosalie moaned

"O shush Rosalie" Esme warned "Please behave"

We got out and looked at it more clearly. We heard a girl shout "There here"

We walked in and saw the sign or box, all sharp objects in here there was an axe, chain saw, barbed wire, knives, machetes!

"What the bloody hell" Jasper whispered

"Ah, you must be the Cullen's" a woman with a red knee lengthened skirt wearing the a gold chain around her waist which read bling I think? And a purple top carrying her dog.

"Yes we are Miss Fritton, it was a pleasure to meet you"

"The head girl shall be down shortly for now prepare yourselves" she said walking away

"For what?"

"The girls are coming down from class"

we all walked towards the stair case.

"She acts like there about to kill us or something" Rose mentioned

"Did you not see what was in that box" Emmett gasped the bell rang and we prepared ourselves, there was a shaking and then a single girl came down, she looked like a first year we sighed in relief and then the whole lot of them cam charging up and down. We were pushed and shoved out of the way. When everyone was gone Rose spoke

"Well that was weird, there all freaks"

"We like to think of ourselves as unique actually" we turned to see a girl wearing a very tight black skit with a white top. Her brown hair was curly and left down. She made her way towards us in her high heeled back shoes she stuck her hand out at Carlisle

"My name is Isabella Swan, head girl and I'm the one who is to welcome you to St Trinians"

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