This story was always going to be short but there will be some Edward and Bella lovin :) after this story there will be a longer one which goes from the robbery and I must warn you there is a cliffy *insert evil laugh*

Edward's POV

I slid into the bed next to Bella

"Are you sure your ok being in here with me" I kissed her exposed shoulder as she lay naked between the sheets

"Yes, it'll be fine"

She turned round and kissed me on the lips

"You worry too much"

I pinned her on her back causing her to laugh

It was done, the school got the money and they even managed to succeed and embarrassing the man who was trying to shut them down. Bella walked into my room wearing a housecoat

"Now all the boring stuff it over with"

"You call robbing and returning a priceless painting boring?"

"It's boring in my eyes, what we're about to do though isn't" she slowly undid her housecoat to reveal a black vintage babydoll.


"Defiantly not" I dragged her onto the bed and slowly undid the strings one by one, she slapped my head lightly and told me to stop messing around. I chuckled and dropped the babydoll onto the floor. I kissed her entire body making her body arch off the bed in a desperate attempt for me to not tease her, but I was enjoying every moment of it. I made my way upwards until I was met with her neck, I nipped and licked her neck until I saw a light bruise I smirked as I gave her a hickey, she would go mad when she found out but right now she was caught up in the moment and I was loving it.

I took my clothes of and parted her legs, I eased into her slowly while kissing her on the lips.

The rest of the night was us whispering how much we loved and odored each other, I loved this woman with all of my heart.

After our heated love making I lay on my back and brought Bella on top of me



"Would you do me the extraordinary honour of becoming my wife?"

Her head shot up and she smiled

He he *evil smirk*

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