Title: Sulu's Second Law of Attraction.

Summary: Kirk is hitting on Chekov and Sulu is not only getting jealous; but he is also going out of his way to keep Kirk attention distracted from the young Russian ensign. SLASH

Disclaimer: I do not own and never will.

Warning: Slash. Don't like don't read.

A/N: I'm no longer sure where all these ideas are coming from so it's a good job that I'm writing all my ideas down in a note book. I would have forgotten nine out of ten if I didn't. LOL. So anyway; read and enjoy.

Chapter 1

What was supposed to be an ordinary day on the bridge turned out to be quite the opposite.

It struck Sulu as odd at first that Kirk's eyes always appeared to drift towards Chekov. There was something about the looks that Kirk was giving Chekov that unsettled him. They weren't looks of curiosity so the Captain couldn't have been interested in what Chekov was working on. They weren't looks of sympathy because nothing had happened to Chekov to warrant them. They weren't even looks of concern or happiness; again, nothing had happened to Chekov to warrant them.

Sulu knew the look but he couldn't put his finger on what the look meant. He spent the best part of his shift trying to figure it out. Sure he was meant to be driving the Enterprise and all, but today that took the back burner. It was only when he caught a glimpse of a certain sparkle that the Captain's eyes held when he was mentally undressing someone that Sulu realised that Kirk had every intention of sleeping with the young Russian.

'That bastard; he thinks everyone wants to sleep with him!' Sulu mentally scolded.

Sulu felt a deluge of jealousy well up. He wasn't going to say anything to Kirk, after all Kirk was still the Captain, but nothing would stop him from protecting the young Russian and his dignity, not to mention his innocence. Sulu was not about to sit back and allow Chekov to become the latest addition to Kirk's long list of men, women and aliens that he had slept with. Envy aside; Sulu would not let that happen.

Chekov remained blissfully unaware of the Captain's intentions towards him as he continued to work at plotting the Enterprise's new course. To him it was business as usual. Sulu kept a subtle eye on both of them and noticed that as the shift was coming to an end Kirk began to shift and fidget slightly with what appeared to Sulu as anticipation. Five minutes before the shift officially ended, Kirk was called of the bridge to attend to an official matter. Sulu took it as a sign to make his move.

When the shift ended and their replacements had arrived, Sulu dragged Chekov into the turbo lift.

"Vhat is it Hikaru?" Chekov asked. They could now talk on first name terms because they were no longer on the bridge or on duty.

"It's just that I'm really hungry and wanted to know if you would like to join me in getting something to eat". Sulu said. Not a lie. He was actually very hungry.

"I vould like that". Chekov answered, a smile spreading across his face.

"I was also wondering; would you care to join me in my quarters after and tell me about Russia?"

Chekov's eyes lit up. "Da. I vill tell you all you vish to know. There is so much to tell; it vill take more than one night".

Exactly what Sulu wanted to hear.

"Well, that's settled then. After every shift for the next week we'll go get something to eat and then go back to my quarters and you can tell me everything that there is to know about Russia". Chekov looked like he could jump with glee; after all he had never been approached and asked to give a full Russian history to someone on board the Enterprise. Sulu smiled not only because he'd won this round with Kirk; but the sight of Chekov happy made him happy. He would have burst into song, but it wasn't the manly thing to do.

When the lift arrived at their floor; Chekov was finding it hard to stand still. Sulu laughed as he watched the young Russian bounce from foot to foot with anticipation. He knew he was opening a flood gate, but there was a side of him that really wanted to know - even if he had to go and fact check everything after Chekov had left. He wasn't just in love with the Russian; he was also intrigued by him.

Chekov bounced out of the elevator in high spirits; the most radiant smile Sulu had ever seen on his face. Chekov was so preoccupied with what he was going to tell Sulu about Russia that he started to walk in the wrong direction that they needed to be going in to get to the canteen.

"Wrong way Pavel". Sulu said as he caught Chekov's arm. "Remind me not to ask you about Russia when you're navigating". Chekov's cheeks tinted red with embarrassment. After all; Sulu wasn't just his best friend, he was his cool, popular best friend and Chekov hated making himself look foolish in front of him. Sulu could so easily go and find someone else to go hang out with. His options were not limited to a nerdy Russian whiz-kid.

Sulu shot Chekov a smile before pulling Chekov in the right direction. They walked down the corridor side by side (Sulu trying to think of as many questions to ask Chekov about Russia as possible) when a familiar voice behind them stopped them both.

"Chekov!" Kirk shouted as he ran up the corridor behind them.

'Have you slept with all the eye candy on the ship but one?' Sulu thought to himself as he tried desperately not to give in and roll his eyes at how Kirk was running. Kirk was using the so called 'sexy run'.

"Are you alright Keptain? You are running in the most avkvard vay". Sulu could have kissed Chekov right there for saying that. He was too naive to know what Kirk was trying to do, and with Chekov's love of running, it just made the comment all the more funnier. All Chekov saw was a bad running style.

Sulu fought back a smile as Kirk took Chekov off to one side.

"Would you like to join me in my quarters tonight for a game of chess Pavel". Kirk asked.

"Vell keptain ..."

"Jim, please". Kirk interrupted.

'First name terms; some one gag me'. Sulu thought as he waited propped up against the wall not too far away.

"Vell ... Jim; I can not tonight because I am vith Sulu teaching him about Russia". Chekov finished what he was originally going to say.

"Can I not change your mind?" Kirk asked and showed Chekov his 'sexy' smile.

"Nyet. I promised Hikaru that I vould teach him about Russia". Chekov answered.

"Oh. Okay". Kirk was suprised that his smile didn't work. "Another time?"

"Da da; another time". Chekov smiled at him before saying; "I think you hawe hurt your leg Keptain. I vould go to Dr McCoy if I vere you".

Kirk stared at Chekov in disbelief as the young Russian ensign walked away from him. His sexy run hadn't worked and his sexy smile didn't work in his favour either. Kirk was left confused. They ALWAYS worked.

Sulu spared Kirk a glancing look over his shoulder as he walked by Chekov side. The Captain's confusion delighted him. He wasn't a malicious person by nature, but he was beyond a doubt enjoying Kirk's astonishment.

Sulu couldn't help but smile once they were out of Kirk's line of sight.

Round one goes to Hikaru Sulu.