Chapter 7

Chekov made a special trip down to engineering to see Scotty.

"Thank you for letting me use your coat Meester Scott". Chekov smiled at Scotty to show his appreciation.

"Aye; no problem laddie". Scotty told him as Chekov gave him his coat back. "Ya look like you have somethin' else on ya mind laddie".

"I am vorried about Hikaru Meester Scott. He is acting wery veird".

Scotty sighed. "This is goin' to come out one way or the other laddie; so it might as well be from me. Sulu's been actin' odd because he's been worried about ya".

"Me? Vhy me?" Chekov looked puzzled.

"He's been protectin' ya from the Captain. The Captain's had less than honorable intentions towards ya". Scotty gave Chekov every hint he could think off.

"I do not beliewe you". Chekov said stunned at such an accusation towards the captain of whom he deeply respected.

"Believe it laddie. Notice any strange goin's on as of late?" Chekov gave it a quick thought and realised that Scotty was onto something. "That Sulu seems to be trying rather hard to catch ya eye though".

"Vhat do you mean Meester Scott?" Chekov asked.

"Ah think Sulu likes ya". Scotty winked at him.

"Sulu is my friend; vhy vould he not like me?" Chekov asked wondering why Scotty would point out something that he already knew.

"Not that kind of like laddie; I'm talkin' love". Scotty enlightened as well as thinking that this kid was way too naive for his own good.

Chekov's eyes widened with shock. "Lowe?"

"Aye; love". Scotty confirmed. "Lets face it laddie ... ya as naive as they come. Ya missed every hit Kirk threw at ya, ya ne'er saw between the lines with all the peculiar incidents happening around ya and ya missed every single dreamy zoned out expression and longing look Sulu has ever sent in ya direction".

"Hikaru must think I am avful". Chekov was visibly upset.

"Havers!" Scotty waved his hand to dismiss Chekov words. "Ya young. Besides, ah think that's what originally got his attention".

"Vhat do you think that I should do?" Chekov asked.

"What ever ya thinks right". Scotty smiled. "Just don't sleep with Kirk; we've worked way too hard for ya to go mess it up now laddie".

Chekov said his thanks and left. What Scotty had said about Kirk wanting to sleep with him had hit him hard, but it also explained a lot of what was going on around the Enterprise. He was making his way towards the bridge when he spotted Sulu walking just ahead of him. Chekov started to smile as he ran up behind him and surprised him. Sulu, who had not been expecting to be attacked from behind, nearly jumped out of his skin and was about to swear when he saw that it was Chekov.

"Hey Pavel". Sulu smiled at him before starting to walk again, Chekov keeping speed by his side. Chekov didn't say anything to Sulu; he wanted to but he was finding it hard to come up with the words that he needed. "You seem unusually quiet for a guy who talks a lot. Whats on your mind Pav?" Sulu asked.

"Vell; I need to talk to you". Chekov said suddenly feeling unsure. Sulu stopped walking and turned to look at him with a puzzled look. Chekov suddenly found that he had butterflies in his stomach. "I ... eh ... vant to say thank you".

"Thank you? For what?" Sulu asked.

"For looking out for me vhen you did not hawe to". Sulu looked visibly shocked. "Meester Scott told me". Chekov tried to smile but gave up. "I am wery sorry for being naive Hikaru. I cause more problems than I solwe".

"Nothing to be sorry for. Kirk caused all the problems, not you". Sulu smiled reassuringly at him. "What else did Scotty tell you?"

Chekov bit his lip before answering; "he thinks that you lowe me".

"Yes, like a brother". Sulu lied and instantly kicked himself for it.

"Oh". Chekov faked a smile, disappointed. "That must have been vhat Meester Scott meant anyvay". Chekov told Sulu that he would see him on the bridge and walked away, tears filling his eyes. Sulu, once Chekov had gone, bashed his head of the corridor wall a few times whilst muttering the words 'stupid' and 'ass' over and over.

'The one time I wouldn't have minded shooting my mouth off!' Sulu thought angrily to himself before marching off towards the bridge to do his shift.

The bridge was quiet. Sulu could see Chekov sporting a melancholy expression. He didn't need to be told that he had upset him greatly. At least it answered his question of whether or not Chekov liked him back. If Chekov was this upset over Sulu not harbouring affectionate feelings over him, then he clearly liked him a whole lot.

Sulu sat and did his job in silence. He watched Kirk eye the Russian up yet again.

'That man never bloody gives up!' Sulu mentally screamed.

Chekov got up from his station and disappeared off the bridge in complete silence. Usually he flashed a smile in Sulu's direction, but this time his head was lowered and his shoulders were hunched. Chekov was never very good at hiding that he was upset.

After Chekov had left, Sulu watched Kirk get up from his chair and make his way around the bridge, acting as though he cared what the others were doing. Chekov returned to the bridge again and Sulu instantly knew that Kirk was going to make his final move.

'Oh no you don't!' Sulu mentally growled as he stood up and quickly closed the distance between him and Chekov.

Sulu grabbed Chekov by his shoulders, spun him around and kissed him fiercely. Kirk's jaw slammed into the ground. Chekov dropped everything that he was holding and wrapped his arms around Sulu's neck. Uhura looked like she was going to applaud them. When the kiss finally broke, Chekov was smiling a radiant smile that lit up his face. Sulu had one to match.

"Lieutenant Sulu; you can't go around kissing my crew members on my bridge". Kirk finally said after the initial shock had worn off. Sulu wasn't paying attention to Kirk though, he was too busy admiring Chekov's eyes and how the Russian felt in his arms.

"Uhura." Kirk turned to her for back up.

"Yes Captain". Uhura turned and looked at him. kirk thrust his finger in Chekov and Sulu's direction. She looked over and smiled. "You're right - they do make a cute couple".

"Spock?" Kirk moaned and tried to gain some support.

"I'm sorry captain; I'm afraid my back was turned". Spock deadpanned.


Sulu lent in to Chekov's ear and whispered; "we'll continue this later"; and punctuated it with a parting kiss.

Kirk slumped into his captain's chair, pouting. He was sulking and failed to notice that when McCoy and Scotty stepped onto the bridge that they both had trouble hiding their smiles. In fact he barely noticed their presence; he was too preoccupied in his own self wallowing. Both McCoy and Scotty winked at Uhura.

Then Spock made the mistake of walking in front of Kirk.

Kirk tilted his head to the side and looked at Spock's butt. Spock sensed Kirk's eyes on him and even though he didn't show it, they made him more than a little uncomfortable. Sulu also noticed Kirk's travelling eyes and shook his head.

'This man clearly has no dignity'. Sulu rolled his eyes. He then looked over at Chekov and found Chekov looking at Kirk perplexed. 'Oh, now he notices!'

For the rest of the shift Chekov had a permanent smile on his face; McCoy was reported to have been incredibly nice to his next three patients; Scotty and his troops had more than a few drinks; mean while Kirk eye's never left Spock's butt.

Spock didn't show it and would never admit to it; but at the end of the shift he couldn't get off the bridge fast enough...

... but then again neither could Chekov and Sulu.

It was only logical to assume that Kirk had replaced Chekov with Spock and now his lusting desires were directed towards the Vulcan.

Spock didn't much like where the situation was going and spent the first five minutes avoiding Kirk who had pursued him off the bridge.

With this in mind and after finally loosing Kirk, Spock went directly to Sulu's quarters.

Spock had a short wait until Sulu managed to get to the door to talk to him. Sulu was slightly out of breath and tufts of his hair were close to standing on end. Spock looked past him and found he could see Chekov not too far behind, his cheeks flushed, his lips swollen and his curls ruffled. Three guesses as to what they were doing.

"Can I help you Spock?" Sulu asked not impatiently, but Spock could sense that he would have preferred not to have been disturbed. Spock chose to ignore it.

"Mr Sulu; I believe you owe me a favour".


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