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Olivia Benson didn't know if she loved or hated being pregnant.

On the one hand, she was fat, her ankles were swollen, her back ached, and she hadn't had a decent night's sleep in weeks. She hated the morning sickness, and the cravings she had sent shudders down her spine.

On the other hand, there was a baby growing inside of her. She was going to have a child, the one thing she had wanted more than anything in her life. And she was having this child with the man she loved more than her next breath.

She rolled over in her bed, onto her right side, as her husband walked out of the bathroom.

When he saw her eyes open, he grinned. "Good morning, baby," he whispered, leaning over to kiss her softly.

She smiled and slid her arm around his neck. "Hey..."

He kissed her slowly, then pulled away and ran his hand over her swollen belly. "Hi in there..." He leaned over and kissed her belly.

She laughed softly, but it faded as she said, "Do you really have to go in?"

He ran his hand through her hair. "Liv, you know I do," he reminded her gently. It had been a month since she had left work, and he had missed her every day. "I know it's hard, but it's almost done." She was due in two weeks, and he could hardly wait.

She pouted. "I know, but I miss you."

"I miss you, too." He kissed her softly, lovingly. "I'll come back for lunch."

Her arm slowly let go of him. She didn't want to worry him, but she wasn't feeling the best. She simply attributed it to stress and anxiety. "I want Chinese today."

He tapped her nose. "Chinese it is," he promised as he grabbed his gun and badge. "I love you, Liv." He touched her belly again. "And I love you, too, baby."

She smiled. "We love you, too, El." She watched him leave the room, then sighed heavily and turned onto her back.

But no matter how she tried, she couldn't get comfortable. Everything in her body hurt, and the baby kicking her to death from the inside really didn't help. She glanced up at the bathroom door. Maybe if she took a long, hot bath with the bath salts Alex had given her at her baby shower. Slowly she sat up, absently holding her swollen belly. Then she eased herself to her feet.

Her back screamed in protest, and she groaned softly as she pulled her clothes off and padded into the bathroom. After turning the water on and adjusting it until it was nice and hot, she sealed off the drain. Then she waited until the tub was full before easing herself down into it.

Thanks to Elliot, she had the ability to even take a bath on her own. Knowing how much she loved baths, he had installed a safety bar for her to lift herself with, and laid a slide proof mat in the bottom of the tub. This way she could pull herself out of the tub and not have to worry about falling. At first she had been annoyed, then she had actually used it. Now she could take a bath whenever she wanted and didn't have to worry about Elliot being busy or at work.

She groaned softly as she settled into the water. It felt absolutely amazing, and she sighed happily. Thank you, Elliot.


"How's Liv?" Fin asked as Elliot walked into the squadroom. Ever since Olivia had taken leave, he made it a point to ask how she was doing every morning when Elliot walked in.

Elliot smiled. "She's doing good, but I think she's wanting these two weeks to hurry up."

"I can't blame her."

Elliot sat down at his desk, still grinning. These past eight months really had flown by, and every day it seemed Olivia grew more beautiful. She was pregnant, and it brought out a side in her that he had never seen before. And he loved it.

Munch set a cup of coffee in front of Elliot. "Enjoy."

Elliot frowned suspiciously. "No way, Munch." He set the cup aside, shaking his head.

"Why, Elliot, I'm hurt." He raised his sunglasses and wiped an invisible tear away from his eye.

Fin snorted as he took the coffee and dumped it. "You shouldn't be, Munch. Everyone hates your coffee."

"No, they don't!"

"Yes, they do!"

Elliot laughed, returning his attention to his paperwork. He'd have to remember to tell Olivia about this.


Olivia shifted uneasily in the bathtub.

She had been in the tub for less than ten minutes when her backache worsened. She rubbed her swollen belly. "Calm down in there," she murmured.

Suddenly an excruciating pain ripped through her abdomen, and she cried out in pain. No, no, this couldn't be happening. It wasn't time yet, and Elliot was at work. She was alone in the house.

She reached up for the handle bar, but her fingertips barely brushed against it. Another pain ripped through her abdomen, making her double over and scream. It suddenly dawned on her that the discomfort and small pains she had been suffering the night before and most of the morning were labor pains.

Labor. She was alone at home, having contractions, and she couldn't get to the phone.

What was she going to do?

She cried out in pain again, clutching her stomach and praying to God that she could figure out something.

Or she and this baby were going to be in serious danger.

To Be Continued...

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