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This story is told from Ichigo's younger sister Karin's POV. Keep in mind that Ichigo's whole family has spirit power so it is actually possible for her to be able to become a soul reaper.

"So, you want to become a soul reaper and help out your brother?" Urahara asked. I nodded. I wasn't as dense as my sister and as dumb as my father. Plus sometimes I had followed Ichigo in his soul form to this place, and seen this person wield a zanpakto too.

"I know that he became a captain and that's why he can't come home except on holidays." Rukia had come one day to say that Ichigo wouldn't be coming home. Dad had jumped aroung happily for a week while I had to comfort Yuze and question Rukia. Once she had found out I knew that Ichigo was a soul reaper, she spilled everything. She also told me about how he had fought in the war and that's why he had been accepted as a captain.

"Well, you do haave the neccecary spirt energy that would be a minimum requirement for becomeing a strong soul reaper, but the training to become a real one is hard if you do it my way, are you sure you want to?" He asked me.

"Yeah, if I really want to I can kick you in the gut later." He chuckled.

"Okay then, Yourichi, show her to the basement" He suddenly poked me in the head with the weird cane he was walking with.

"What was that for?" I yelled at him as I toppled through the store and straightened up suddenly. I knelt suddenly feeling an extra weight on my waist, I looked down to see that under the soul reaper kimono I was wearing, that I had sword strapped to my waist.

I looked ahead to see that my body was being dragged into a different room by two kids.

"Interesting, she already has a zanpakto." The Urahara guy muttered. I gripped the hilt and experimentally pulled out the sword. It looked like a standard sword, except the fact that there were mini dragons carved into it.

"Let me guess, you call these soul reaper swords zanpaktos?" I asked him. He nodded.

"Well, since you already have a zanpakto, I'll just let you start off with some hollows!" He smiled happly.

"What are hollows?" I asked. I suddenly heard a screeching noise comeing from outside. I went to the door and peeked out to see a giant monster thing with a hole in it's chest. I turned to the smiling man in the front of the shop.

"Don't tell me-"

"Yep, that's a hollow." Oh great, but I wasn't gonna give up this soon and I grabbed the sword into a better grip and headed outside.

Inside the Urahara shop

"You called me?" A black cat appeared next to the shop owner and looked at the body in the next room over.

"Who is that?" She asked as she looked at the new soul reaper in front of the store. She was fighting a massive hollow.

"The next child in the Kurosaki family to become a legend." He chuckled. He knew one thing was certain about the Kurosaki children, if they fought as soul reapers, their spirit pressure grew involuntarily, and Karin right now could probably catch up to Ichigo very quickly.

"She just got her zanpakto didn't she?" Yourichi asked him.

"Yep, and she already got shiki." I saw the sword hilt wrap around her arm in the shape of a dragon and the actule sword start to form a dragon head.

"Wow." This was impressive and Yourichi knew it."

Why did that old man send me to do this right after I first found out I had a sword? I asked myself. I found that I could run very fast and jump very high easily in this new body, it was exhilerating.

"Take that you overgrown crybaby!" I yelled at the still screeching animal. Suddenly I don't know why but I cried out.

"Burn the world to ash, Ka Ryu!" Dragon Fire. I don't know why but the hilt suddenly turned into a shape of a dragon and wrapped around my arm for more support. And the blade turned into a silver dragon while the carvings had flames running along them.

I slashed down on the hollow with the strength I didn't know I had.

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