Final Chapter of A New Legend

Karin's POV

It's been two hundred years since I've become ninth division captain, two hundred short years.

In that time, I got married to Toushiro, came to Karakura town again in the middle to live one decade as a normal human with him, and also have a kid.

All I ask though, is why did he have to be a boy? Why did he have to have white hair? Why did he have to be such a play boy???

"So Yachiru, watcha up to tonight?" Kenya Hitsugaya asked Yachiru, the 11th division captain. Regretfully, Kenpachi had been moved up to the Royal Guard. I really questioned their choice. Anyways, back to my forty-year-old-son-that-looked-eighteen-and-acted-like-it.

"Kenya, I told you I have a fiancé!" I can't believe Yachiru hadn't hit him yet, I would've, even if I weren't his mother.

"So? Let's have an affair then." I could feel his reiatsu snuggle closer to Yachiru, next thing I heard was a crash.

"ITE! THAT F***ING HURT!" That was when I stepped out from behind the corner, I wasn't going to let him soil the Hitsugaya name(I seriously spent too much time around freak hair).

"Wait till your father hears that mouth of yours." I shook a finger at him. Instantly he went into baby mode.

"But Mommy, Yachiru-chan hurt me." An immature/girly pout ended up on his face.

"She's Yachiru-taicho to you." I pulled on his ear. That was his weakness. "Shouldn't you be heading back to fifth division? I heard your Momo's substitute while she's on her annual honeymoon." That drew a groan from him.

"But Ichigo is so lazy! He never does any of his work! He always leaves it to me when I'm there!" I didn't tell him that Ichigo only did that to him, not Momo.

"When we're in Seretei, you call Ichigo, Ichigo-taicho." I corrected him again.

"Too bad, we'll have a talk with your father about your language usage later." I warned him. I turned around to go to ninth division to check up on Hisagi, that guy starts to slack off if I don't check in on him periodically. That's when I head butted Ichigo. "WHAT THE F*** ICHIGO! LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING SEED BRAIN!" At the same time I said that Ichigo said.

"$#!T! KARIN, YOU HAVE EYES SO USE THEM!" I felt a vein on my head pulse furiously red.

"WHY YOU-" Kenya interrupted me then,

"Mom, I though you said I wasn't allowed to curse, so why do you and Ichigo get to surse? Why do you get to call Ichigo by only his name? It's not fair, just because I'm your kid you make me have a leash." I rounded on my forty year old kid.

"Because I am your mother I can decide what you say or whatnot, and Ichigo-taicho is my brother so I can call him whatever I damn well please."

"Karin, you shouldn't encourage Kenya's cursing, it'll only make him more like Ichigo." Toushiro's voice came from behind me. I turned around to see my husband smirking. He was leaning against the wall, still looking the same as he did two hundred years ago. The white hair was still long and spiky, Kenya's was exactly the same.

"But Toushiro, Kenya was hitting on Yachiru again." I pouted at him, snaking one of my arms through his.

Instantly a cold aura swept around him.

Toushiro's POV

Seriously, could he not show one ounce of dignity. I was almost ready to give him a sword fighting lesson right then. Of course, if I did that, it would probably hurt him, and that would get Karin majorly pissed. Instead I had to be content with just yelling at him.

"Kenya! Will you stop trying to get Yachiru? You know she's engaged to Byakuya!" I couldn't believe it myself when the Kuchiki house had announced it. I had no idea how they had dated secretly behind everyones' back for over a decade, just last month though they had announced their engagement.

"That's who she was engaged to?" From the way Kenya's eyes bulged out of their sockets, I think this was the first time he heard it. He rounded on the 5 foot 9 inch, pink haired captain, and screamed, "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH BYAKUYA'S GOING TO KILL ME NOW?!?!?!" At that moment, a certain sixth division captain happened to show up.

"Why would I want to kill a dear member of the Hitsugaya family?" He asked coldly. A hand rested on the hilt of his zanpaktou, "Or were you approaching my wife again?" Yachiru, apparently happy to see her future husband, practically flash-stepped the two yards between them and jumped onto his back.

"Piggy back ride! Piggy back ride!"Immediately the sixth division captain complied too her wishes and hoisted her up onto his back. It was amazing how whipped he was but nobody could say anything about it unless they had a death wish.

"As I was saying, were you figuratively 'hitting' on my wife again?" His gaze could've made even my blood run cold.

"Um, Kuchiki-taicho, um, no?" His stuttering said it all.

"Scatter, Sen-" he hadn't even released his sword yet, Karin and I wanted to keep it that way.

Instantly I was at his side while Karin was on his right, I restricted his hand to approach the sword while Karin forced his sword back into its sheath. I think Yachiru-taicho tried to help us by shoving a sweet bun into Kuchiki-taicho's mouth; I had an idea where it came from, I wasn't proud to know.

Karin's POV

Seriously, why did she have to have Matsumoto's version of storage? Her chest had been like the flat plains until she hit puberty, which was about a hundred years ago.

I twitched in remembrance of when Matsumoto had pulled a sweet bun out of her cleavage that one time two hundred years ago to silence Yachiru.

Byakuya choose that opportunity to chomp on the sweet bun, throw off a distracted Hitsugaya-Kurosaki pair, and then grabbed Yachiru and the sweet bun while flash stepping away.

"Wonder what's got his panties in a knot." Kenya thought out loud. Immediately, a red cannon ball of reiatsu struck out from where Byakuya had just left and hit Kenya square in the chest, throwing him backward a clear twenty feet.

"That's what you get for insulting freak hair." Another ball of reiatsu shot out, this time aimed at me, I casually stepped to the side, avoiding it as effortlessly as walking. "You need better aim than that to hit me, FREAK HAIR!" I made sure he heard the last part.

Toushiro's POV

Even if Kenya looked more like me than Karin, they didn't know how identical they were.

"Karin, I thought you'd be more mature, even after two centuries, look like I'll have to still cover for you." I shook my head at her, I remembered a century and half ago when I had really needed to come to her side.

A century and half ago(so about 50 years ago)

"FREAK HAIR! WATCH OUT!" Karin had shouted, a soccer ball heading towards the noble with his back turned.

"Kuchiki-taicho!" We were both running towards him, it was too late, the soccer ball slammed into the back of the noble's head.

He didn't make a sound. The ball was suddenly hit with an enormous amount of reaitsu causing it to break.

"AH! Freak Hair! Why you freakin-" I'd had to whisk Karin out of the way so as not to be hit by Kuchiki-taicho's kido.

"Um, bye!" I waved to him almost as I flash stepped away with Karin in my arms, thankfully he didn't follow me in pursuit.

Back to the present

Toushiro's POV

"WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HIT ON THAT PINK HAIRED BRAT?" Karin ranted on. She was going to burst a lung if she kept yelling that much, but it was also amusing to see a third seat officer be yelled at by his mom.

"Yeah, good thing I hid when I did." Ichigo came out from a door behind me.

"Wimp." I smirked.

"White haired brat." He shot back, a red vein on my head.

"Orange haired moron." He twitched, looking me in the eye, annoyance flared in his.

"Why you-" Karin took that moment to jump me and I sprawled on my back with Karin's lips forcing me on the ground.

I only was stunned for a second before I wrapped my arms around her and instantly getting sucked into the mood, literally.

"Geez even Rukia and I don't show that much PDA." I heard Ichigo mutter from above us. Yeah, that was coming from the guy who got jumped on by half the seated women from second division, including Soi Fon and Yoruichi (of course, Yoruichi had only hit on him to see Rukia Kuchiki's reaction). Rukia had then prompted to accompany Ichigo on his next divisions' security check, then have a X-rated noise making/kissing session, in front of Soi Fon-taicho's office. He was whipped.

I managed to kick him while carrying Karin and flash stepped away. I saw Kenya just having a disgusted face put on display.

Kenya's POV

In Aunt Rukia's words, Mom couldn't go one day without jumping Dad, even at the most random of times. I remembered various times she had jumped him in front of me, the top three were really something.

When we had been in the human world about ten years after I was born. I had been practicing kendo in the backyard. Dad had been watching me. All of a sudden out of nowhere, when my back was turned, I heard a yelp of surprise from dad. I had turned around to see a major gross PDA (Parents' Display of Affection). Dad only broke away from her one in that millennium long moment to ask,

"Did you bow on your way in? You know kendo dojo etiquette is important." How was he not blushing and all looking in the mood after five minutes of constant make out?

"Yeah, It counts even if I did it while flash stepping." Then promptly went back to showing me how to French kiss.

Number 2 and 3 are to X- rated to say, because they hadn't known I had been standing two freaking feet away from them!

I saw Nanao-chan round the corner.

"Salut Mademoiselle." I whisked her into a hug. "Ca va?"(Hi Madam. How are you ?)

Nanao's POV

He grabbed me into his arms, like the moron he was.

It was a good think I had my clipboard. It at least had one more use than a prop for making me look efficient.

"ITE!" I'd smacked him right in the face with the metal part of my clipboard.

"That's not gonna hurt as much as what I'm gonna do to you, runt!" Shunsui used that moment to come plowing toward Kenya-san at neck breaking speed.

"AAAHHHHH!" Kenya-san took that moment to rush off as soon as he saw the pink kimono. Shouting back, "SHE'S STILL NOT YOUR WOMAN!"

"THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK!" Shunsui barreled past me. I'd told him to keep it a secret till the engagement announcement!

"SORRY NANAO-CHAN! I NEED TO RUB IT IN THIS RUNT'S FACE BEFORE HE THINKS YOU'RE FREE AGAIN!" I shook my head at the two of them, after two hundred years, you'd think things would settle down a bit.

Karin's POV

"I think Kenya's in trouble, again." I mumbled while I broke away from the kiss. We were in Toushiro's room because it had been the closest, and he had been the one carrying me.

"Leave him, he needs to learn how to run faster." I knew he could feel the spiking reaitsu with fear spilling over the top. Right after him was a pink, womanly reaitsu with anger written all over it, aka Gay Guy that was going out with Nanao.

"He also should learn to stand up to a cross dresser." I wasn't able to talk anymore after that, really, I was the one that was supposed to heat things up, not the ice dragon.

Ichigo's POV

"Rukia!" I walked into my room to smell blood, a lot of it.

"Don't worry, I'm trying to make western steak, it's really bloody in the packaging." I saw English Letters on the container.

"Trying cooking again? After Byakuya beat you in that one contest? Honestly, how could he make a better CHAPPY cake than you?" It had been very amusing to see the sixth division captain get flower all over his pink apron and make a pink chappy cake, with a cherry blossom crown.

"Nii-sama has his many unmatchable strengths." I almost laughed, her pout was so adorable, but she was trying to be serious, it had been a real lost and contest.

"Ah, how long is it going to take? I'm starved." I hugged her from behind.

"Ano, about three hours." She looked off the instructions, I looked over her shoulder.

"Um, Rukia, in English it says four hours, plus seasoning takes twenty minutes." I had been eighteenth for school exams in high school.

"Oh great, but Rangiku-san said it was really good." She pondered. I felt my stomach start to churn, Rangiku had the same taste as Orihime, and in my book, that meant it was really bad.

"If you want we can just go out and-" She cut me off.

"No, I want to try it, plus I already had the meat shipped here from New York." I gulped, this was going to be a delicious dinner.

4 hours later

Rukia's POV

I leaned anxiously over Ichigo's plate, almost hopping from foot to foot.

"HOLY S#!T! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!" Ichigo nearly bellowed into my ear. I fell on the ground in relief. Finally, something Rangiku had offered was actually good. Rangiku had told me that steaks were a favorite in America, after hamburger, pizza, and hot dogs that is.

He finished it all in nearly a minute, and that had been a sixteen ounce steak!

"You can have some of mine; it's a little much for me."I smirked at Ichigo behind his back while he gobbled down the rest of my steak, it was amusing to see him this much into one of my dishes.

"Now, since of have some energy," Ichigo suddenly got up and nearly flash stepped toward me. "You're going to have a really long night." My eyes were still wide when he brought me to his room, he had been French kissing me the entire time from the fifth division kitchen to his bedroom.

(Let your imaginations lead you from there)