Title: Oh, bon ami...
Pairing: Percy/Audrey
Rating: T
Prompt for chapter: Beginnings
Word Count: 1154
Beta: Not Betaed.
Summary: Percy and Audrey's story. It won't always be easy.
A/N: Written for the prompt 01. Beginnings on fanfic100. Hope the translations are okay. I used WordReference.

Oh, bon ami...

Percy opened the door to find his niece waiting for him. With a smile, he grabbed her hand and took her to the kitchen. Once he prepared the dough for the pancakes, he set the big bowl on the table in front of Vic. She happily started stirring it while Percy started making the coffee.

"Is your friend going to stay, Uncle Percy?" Victoire asked as she lifted the wooden spoon to make the liquid paste fall into the bowl again.

"I think so..."

"Is she your girlfriend, Uncle Percy?" She stopped her task to look at her uncle expectantly.

"Yes. No. Ye- Would you just finish with that, Vic? You're a chatty little girl," exclaimed Percy, setting Vic into a fit of giggles.

"Maman says I'm a parleur! Done!"

"Well, if that means a chatty girl, then yes, you are," said Percy, grabbing the bowl and starting cooking the pancakes.

"It means 'talker', silly!" She giggled while going to the living room to grab her bag full of toys.

"Hey, don't call me silly, you silly," Percy yelled back at her with a laugh. Victoire was one of the few people in the world he could act so carelessly around without feeling dumb or judged. To her, he had always been "silly Uncle Percy" who let her help him cook and win a battle of tickles. The proper and uptight Percy everyone knew was never around her and it felt liberating.

He put a charm on the pancakes so they would cook by themlselves and went to his bedroom. Audrey was already dressed in the same clothes as last night, bare footed. "There's a clean face towel in the bathroom for you," he told her from the doorway.

"Thanks. Are you sure you don't want me to go? I coul-"

"Positive. Is coffee all right?"

"With milk and sugar, please." Audrey smiled timidly. "And... do you have a hangover potion?" She asked, blushing.

"Two hangover potions coming right up!" he said before closing the door.

When he got to the kitchen, Vic was already painting her colouring book on the table. "Careful. Don't paint the table, Victoire," he warned while searching for his cauldron.

"Yes," she murmured; her eyes were still on the book, focussed on her task.

Five minutes later, the potion was ready and Percy was serving coffee in two large cups.

"Ooh... Pretty..," mused Vic, making Percy turn to find Audrey shyly entering the kitchen with new make-up on. "I like your lipstick!" pointed the girl.

"Thank you," said Audrey, smiling softly and sitting opposite Vic. Percy handed her the hangover potion, which she took gratefully.

"Papa doesn't allow me to use make-up... or red clothes." Victoire sighed sadly.

"That is because there's already too much red in the family," said Percy with a wink, setting the plates in front of the girls and sitting next to Audrey. "Here is your coffee."

Percy's loss of confidence and Audrey's shyness were only unnoticed by the chipper four-year-old, who kept asking questions and telling stories about her family.

"So you have another brother?" asked Audrey carefully, still remembering what he had told her the night before.

"Four brothers and a sister actually." Audrey's eyes widened in surprise, making Percy laugh and explain further. "Bill, Vic's father, is the oldest. Charlie is three years older than me. Then the twi- George is two years younger than me. Two years younger than him, there's Ron. And finally Ginny, a year younger than Ron."

Audrey nodded silently, drinking her coffee and wondering if there was a point in trying to memorize all that information. This could be the last time she saw Percy. He would most probably do the same thing as the rest of her one-night stands, who didn't even owl her once.

"Would I be too rude by asking your age?" asked Percy, before eating a piece of pancake and taking Audrey out of her thoughts.

"Uh... No. I just turned twenty-five. You?"

"Twenty seven."

"Don't you want to know how old I am?" asked Victoire, looking at Audrey expectantly.

"Oh, sorry, of course! How old are you?" Audrey eyed at Percy with a small smile before focusing on the girl.

"I am four!" exclaimed Vic happily, showing four little fingers in front of her.

"Wow, you're a big girl now!" smiled Audrey.

"Oui. Maman said I'm going to have a little frère or soeur to take care of soon!" Audrey looked at Percy, confused.

"My sister-in-law is French. Victoire, you know you have to speak in English in front of strangers," Percy chastised softly.

"Well, then we have to do something about that. Victoire, I am Audrey. Nice to meet you," said the brunette, shaking Vic's hand and smiling. "There. We are not strangers anymore." She winked at the girl, making her giggle.

"You're as sneaky as a Slytherin..." laughed Percy.

"Well, actually, we Hufflepuffs like fair play but-"

"You were in Hufflepuff?"

"Yes. Why? Don't tell me you are a Slytherin, please. My last boyf-"

"No, no. I'm a Weasley. We were all in Gryffindor."

"Oh, I knew your names sounded familiar to me! I was in the same year as the Weasley twins." She flinched at her slip. The words wereout of her mouth before her brain made the connection of Percy deliberatelly avoiding mentioning Fred's name, who she assumed had died. However, Audrey was an expert at avoiding difficult topics. Before either could even blink, she continued talking as if nothing happened. "Anyway, my last boyfriend was a Slytherin and when he found my adoptive parents were muggles..." She sighed. "It was not...nice."

"I will be in Gryffindor; just like my dad, uncles and aunties," Vic said cheerfully.

"I'm sorry," whispered Percy, ignoring his niece's comment and caressing Audrey's hand over the table.

She just gave him a small smile and stared at their joined hands. Percy, noticing this, started taking his hand back but Audrey's grip tightened as she leaned over to kiss his cheek, making him blush.

Victoire watched the grown-ups look at each other, both blushing and caressing each other's hands. Intrigue was getting the best of her so she decided to take a different approach this time. "Audrey, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, sweety," answered the brunette, finally taking her eyes off Percy, and blushing harder.

"Is Uncle Percy your bon ami now?" After Audrey asked her what that meant, Vic started explaining further. "Is he your boyfriend? Because Granny Weasley told me only people that love each other kiss. You can only kiss your bon ami or mari, said Gran."

Audrey turned to look at Percy with a small smile on her face. They looked intently into each others' eyes before she answered Vic. "I guess..." Victoire cheered before returning to her breakfast. "Is that okay?" she whispered in Percy's ear.

"More than," he whispered back, capturing her lips with his.

A/N: I know. Victoire is too elocuent for a four-year-old but, in my defense, there are kids like that. I think she's VERY smart and was the only baby in the family so far so being around grown ups didn't let her much room for baby-talk. Also, I see Fleur as a mother who would educate her kids like that.

I edited this second part on June 2012. Hopefully more chapters will come soon. This is just the beginning! (as the prompt said) I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I'll try to write better in the future. The first two chapters were written back in 2009 and I'm quite horrified at how terrible it is, so forgive me.

Anyway, let me know what you think, please! :)