Chapter 4

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Esme knew in her heart where her daughter would be and so did Carlisle so it was not hard to find the discrete turning that led to the meadow. Esme could not remember the last time she felt this much fear not even when she was going through her transformation she had always felt slightly jealous when she heard mothers talk about fear for their children, she had never had to truly fear for her children but she was sure that if hr heart was able to beat it would be ripping open her chest.

Carlisle had not spoken in two hours and Esme had never seen his face so dark. Esme had always know Carlisle to be a peaceful and calm man never had seen he so angry and so distant. This added to Esme's fear because it had been Carlisle's peaceful nature and spiritt had always restored her but today the darkness he exuded seemed to make things worse. Well that was until they came upon the scene in the meadow. They were too late.

Laurent stood in front of the car with Bella in his arms. Esme and Carlisle with their enhanced senses could smell the blood. Bella was limp and extremely pale. It didn't even take seconds for the two Cullen's to get out of the vehicle and to crouch down into a defensive position. Carlisle growled no warning was uttered before he leaped at the dark vampire. Esme followed grabbing Bella as she fell out of Laurent's arms. Esme watched dispassionately as her husband ripped the younger vampire apart. She smiled slightly at her husband, she was proud of him because they he was a peaceful man he became the vengeful vampire in defence of his family. It was beautiful he was magnificent but that was only a fleeting thought because Bella was in her arms and in pain. Bella was no longer limp but whimpering in anguish. "Oh my darling"

Bella seemed to be hyper aware of everything. The moment Laurent attacked her and knocked her to the ground, the moment he ripped out the vein in her arm. The motion of the blood flowing through her wound. Then she heard a beautiful sound, a growl and a rush of wind that she knew to be a vampire's movement. Then she was falling for a millisecond and then she was encased in the cold loving steel arms of her vampire mother. She had known that her end would be happy, she was going safe in the knowledge that that her father was safe and no one in Forkes would be hurt because of her but this was a happiness that she had not expected to feel again. She sighed in relief and she wanted to tell Esme that she loved her that she was so glad to be with them at the end but she found that she could not get the words out. Her life was slipping away, things were becoming fuzzy and the wonderful scent that had helped her recognize her mother had began to fade to be replaced by a fog permeated by a horrid burning smell and a flickering heat.

Carlisle crouched down next to his wife and daughter. Esme looked at him in desperation knowing that there was only one thing to do. Carlisle bent down but Esme put a hand on his shoulder and shock his head. She knew that Carlisle would understand that she needed to do this for Bella after all that had happened she wanted to do this for her daughter. She lowered her head and bit down into Bella's neck.

Esme found that she was not worried or scared as she released the venom into Bella's bite, she knew that she would be alright and though this would hurt her in the short term but at least they would still have her in their lives. As soon as the blood stopped flowing and the venom started to work Carlisle gently picked up Bella as if she was made of the most delicate spun glass. Esme got in the back and Carlisle place Bella on her lap. He started up the car and began to drive to their house made of glass, to home. Though as he drove he could not help but notice that Bella was silent, no it was more than that she seemed to be at peace. He looked in the mirror and took a few moments to watch Esme stroke Bella's hair and he smiled it looked like Esme had found her gift.

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