AN: I dedicate this fic to Neo and Kitpup.

Chase Me.

"Why did she have to do this tonight of all nights."

It was Christmas Eve, and Kim should have been home with her family and Ron. Instead, she was here, chasing Shego across the snow-slicked rooftops while her boyfriend stayed behind to keep an eye on Drakken.

Why exactly the hero turned villain turned hero and chosen tonight to turn villain again was beyond Kim, but that didn't matter at the moment. Shego would run, and Kim would chase. Just like they always did.

Lost in her thoughts for a moment, Kim missed the thin patch of snow in front of her and slipped on the ice beneath it. Before she hit the ground though, her grappler was out, and a moment later she was back on the roof running full speed nary a step missed.

The green skinned woman was barely ahead of her. In fact she had been barely ahead of her for nearly the entire chase, with Kim neither catching up to her nor Shego getting ahead enough to slip away unnoticed. Now however, it looked like the thief might have finally been getting tired, as she slowed down bit by bit allowing Kim to slowly tighten the gap between them.

This went on for a while before suddenly Shego caught her leg on something. The villainess wasn't hurt, but it has slowed her down enough for Kim to close the rest of the gap between them. With one final rush of adrenaline Kim jumped through the air at her; but just before she hit Shego stopped and turned to face her.

Kim had expected Shego to use her weight against her and throw her off. Instead, she let Kim knock her down; the next thing Kim knew she was lying on top of Shego pinning the older woman down.

An unexpected grin crossed the pinned woman's face. "Well Kimmie, looks like you caught me." Then, as if seeing something behind her Shego looked past Kim and smiled. Then she lunged forward and pressed her lips against Kim's mouth.

Startled, Kim rolled off Shego, her eyes wide in surprise. Seeing something in the corner of her vision Kim looked up above where they had been laying; and there, hanging from some dusty old pipes, was a piece of mistletoe. Instantly Kim realized that she hadn't really been chasing Shego. Shego had been leading her here, and had let Kim catch her.

Shego, by this time had gotten to her feet and was now smirking at Kim with that look she reserved for the cheerleader. "Well, looks like I got away. The only question now is whether or not your gonna keep chasing me." And with that, she leapt backwards off the roof. Rushing to the edge Kim saw that Shego had jumped down to a lower level of buildings and was making her escape.

"I should go back" Kim told herself. "I should go back to my family and to Ron."

But then she looked back toward the villainess, who had stopped several rooftops away, waiting for Kim to chase her.

And she did.