OK..so this take place in new moon - now Bella didn't jump of the cliff, Edward didn't go to Volturi.

After the cullens lefted bella did go all zombie, but she snapped out of it and got anger. She uses her looks, gossips, and many other things to make her way to the top of the high school food chain.

After a while Edward realizes the big idiots he's being and returns to forks...to Bella. now, Edward and the Cullen's are back, and want Bella back. the question is does she want them back?


Now, it's the first week back from Christmas break and there is a party every night...the place you would not expect to find Bella, but here she is dance and singing. Bella has a song or dance ready for each day. She talented, sexy, and pissed....the best combination.

Can Edward and the rest of the Cullen's convince her that they really do want her back or will she just stay away?

Either way this is one show you don't want to miss.

And, what going on with Victoria. She she coming back for her revenenge. 'Mate for Mate' or something else...