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The song for this chapter is "You" by Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence



Bella Point Of View:

"I love you," I said, pulling back to look at him.
He was always perfect to me, and I never thought
he could look more perfect-until now that is.
Everything about him was so much more clear now.
His skin was smooth, warm, not the hard and cold
I was use to.

He put his forehead to mine and said, "And I love
you." He touched his lips to mine, slowly, tentatively.
I melted to him, wrapping my arms around him. I
squeezed him close and heard him grunt with pain.

"Sorry," I said, against his lips.

"S'ok," he said, kissing my forehead. I looked down,
noticing that I was wearing a black boy shorts and
a blue t-shirt.

"Alice," I groaned. and heard a giggle behind me.
I turned and looked at the rest of the family. Before
I even realized it, I was half-way across the room.

"Wow," I breathed.

"It's ok, sweetheart," Carlisle said, "it's going to
take some getting used to."

[Time Jump:50 Years]
Esme Point Of View:

The music began, I was on the verge of asking what Edward was going to play, when I heard the familiar supple sound of Bella's voice through the thick wooden door.

The words have been drained from this pencil

There was a collective gasp from all of us from the living room as Edward play and Bella sang from the second floor. It had been so long since I'd heard the angelic voice of my daughter. The smooth power of her voice drew me in without hesitation as I strained to hear her.

Sweet words that I want to give you
And I can't sleep
I really need to tell you

When we're together
I feel perfect
When I'm away from you
I fall apart

I felt my husband's strong arms encircle me from behind, much in the same fashion as I'd watched Edward do for his wife a thousand different times. The love and strength I felt from his presence only added to the beauty of it all. I felt his chest rise and fall heavily as he listened our children silently and I knew that he too was overwhelmed with the emotions that flowed between them.

All you say is sacred to me
Your eyes are so blue
I can't look away
As we lay in the stillness
You whisper to me

Marry me
Promise you'll stay with me
Oh you don't have to ask me

You know you're all that I live for
You know I'd die just to hold you
Stay with you
Somehow I'll show you
That you are my night sky
I've always been right behind you
Now I'll always be right beside you

So many nights I cried myself to sleep
Now that you love me, I love myself
I never thought I would say this
I never thought there'd be

My family was together and happy, and so we will stay from now until the last day of forever.

We've reached the end of my story. Now,
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