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I sighed as my best friend, Alex, drug mel up to Alex's Laboratory of Terror (a.k.a. Alex's Bedroom). Alex looked extremely excited, so she was pretty hyped up, taking stairs three at a time, hopping from foot to foot when I made the hyper girl hold still and wait. "Come on, Alex, what's the big surprise?" I asked, brushing a strand of my dark red (like mahogany with red) hair from my face. Alex's own bright orange hair was tied into a messy ponytail with an old scrunchie, clearly a sign that Alex had been "expirimenting" again. I sighed again; Alex and I had been best friends since... well forever. I knew Alex better than anyone, even myself; and I was damned sure that Alex knew me better than anyone. Alex had a tendancy to try and transport us into whatever universe she liked at the time. Alex was a genius with the mentality of a 5 and 1/2 year old. Though the orange-haired girl was physically older (age: 18) I was the more reasonable one (i was only 17, nearly 18)... this by no means meant that I was down to earth... just more so than my best friend... which wasn't very hard to be, considering Alex went around telling people that she is actually an alien from Asteroide T1C3H5 Oumset 4 (or Atchoum when asked to abreviate). "If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise!" came Alex's response, bringing me from my thoughts. I noticed the mischevious and triumphant look that glowed in Alex's black eyes. ~Did she steal someone's underwear again?"~ I wondered, recalling the time that Alex had stolen every single pair of underwear from the football teams houses and replaced them with girly, pink, lacey thongs. I giggled slightly at the memory; I remembered it well, seeing as I had talked their school principal out of punishing Alex due to lack of information.
"And just in case you're wondering: NO I DIDN'T STEAL THE FOOTBALL TEAM'S UNDERWEAR!" Alex added. I laughed, Alex knew me well. Finally, they arrived at the "Laboratory of Terror". Alex's grin was wide and toothy, it kind of scared me, since that grin usually meant "we're going to pull this prank and get into trouble." "Gwendolyn Anne Catherwood, you are my best friend and in honor of your upcoming 18 birthday I have created... THIS!" Alex said, pulling a silky cover off of a strange machine. I stood there for a moment.
"What does it do?" I asked. "I'm not entirely sure... but if my calculations are correct then the time warp plug will allow a vortex to open therefore, according the the Timeline Therom..." Alex began, but I stopped her.
"English, Alex, English." I reminded.
"Was I speaking French again?" Alex asked, quite serious.
"No, you were speaking Genius." I said, smiling at my friend.
"Oh, right... sorry... Anyway, this machine will allow us to travel to TWO destinations and back to our world." Alex said, beaming. She was obviously proud of herself. I decided to bite, though I was a bit skeptical that the machine would actually work,
"Where would this machine take us?" I asked my friend. Alex's beaming smile got even bigger... if possible.
"We can go to either any of the Riddick movies or any of the Harry Potter books." Alex said. "Will it work?" I asked. "Yes! I know it will, when we do this... and then I do this..." Alex said, pressing random buttons. The machine began whirring and bleeping. "Grab those two backpacks by the door!" Alex said over the machine. I looked around and quickly found the bags... man were they HEAVY! But I picked them up and rushed to Alex's side; I was feeling hopeful, usually Alex's expiriments had exploded by now, maybe this one would work... just maybe. The machine began whirring louder and faster. I handed Alex her black backpack, and pulled my black and red one over my shoulders. Alex and I hooked hands and held on tight when the machine flashed a bright light. I squeezed my dark green eyes shut and prayed to god nothing would explode... Nothing exploded. I felt as though I was falling, and sure enough, I hit a hard, cold surface. My hand was still holding fast to Alex.
"You alive?" my orange-haired friend asked. "Yeah... I think..." I replied. We stood up, releasing the other's hand. Looking around, I saw that we landed in a hallway. The walls, floor, and ceiling all made of stone bricks. An arched doorway was nearby and the hall was lit by torches. "I dont think we're in Kansas anymore." I said, in awe. "Wait... when were we EVER in Kansas?" Alex asked. I rolled my eyes at the reply. "Okay, if we're not at home, and we're not in Kansas... where are we?" I heard my friend ask; at that moment a blonde haired boy, about 18, rounded the corner. His silvery-blonde hair was slicked back, his grey-blue eyes were opened wide with surprise. "Who are you?!" the boy asked.
"Alex... we're in Harry Potter." I said, in awe. Alex jumped up,
"OH YEAH! I TOLD YOU IT WOULD WORK! YES!" she shrieked, jumping up and down with excitement... suddenly she stopped.
"Which book?" she asked. I looked at the blonde, trying to control my urge to jump on him, tie him up, and lock him in my closet... (it was Draco Malfoy, my absolute favorite character from Harry Potter)
"Um... where's Voldemort?" I asked. His grey-blue eyes widened in shock,
"He's dead... he has been for about 6 months now... where have you too been? Under a rock?" Draco replied.
"Uh.. Alex.. we are in the unwritten 8th book." I told her; my friend's black eyes twinkled and her smile widened.
"You're kidding... That is awesome!" she exclaimed.
"Listen... I'm going to have to report you to Dumbledore..." Draco said. I spun around.
"But... didn't he die... I mean you were supposed to kill him!" I said. Alex quickly covered my mouth.
"Sorry about her, she's still in shock." Alex said. Draco just turned around.
"Follow me." he ordered. Alex nodded and began to drag me after my Slytherin Prince. *sigh.
"Listen... obviously, this world is a bit different from the books. Don't give anything away!" Alex hissed. I nodded and Alex removed her hand.
"Yuck! Don't you wash your hands after handling car grease?" I asked, whispering. "I didn't have time!" Alex replied. I shook my head.
Draco led us to the entrance to Dumbledore's office.
"Hershey's Kiss." he said, and the statue moved aside to let him in. We followed Draco (what a nice ass) up a set of stairs, to the office door. Draco knocked.
"Come in, Malfoy." Dumbledore's voice called. Draco did as told and opened the door. Alex and I rushed in before Draco had a chance to shove us in. We looked up and were both blinded by the damned twinkle in Dumbledore's light blue eyes. I slid a pair of sunglasses on (from my backpack), but Alex jumped back, shielding her eyes.
"GOD IT BURNS!!!" Alex shrieked. I put my head in my hands, why dear god? Why? What went wrong with her? Dumbledore chuckled, amused, as I slid Alex's sunglasses in front of Alex's eyes. Then we turned to Dumbledore and waited for him to speak.
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