A/N: Just a teeny bit of fluff that occured to me after reading a review by chraleylove...it's not exactly a sequel but the idea tickled me, so I wrote it...

Epilogue: 4 years on

"Marie Cooper…"

The little girl lifted her head at the sound of her teachers voice, picked up her homework assignment and walked to the front of the class. Her dark glossy plaits were faultlessly symmetrical and the penny blossom in her hair perfectly matched the yellow of her dress.

"For my homework I have wrote about my family. My Mummy is very pretty. She is an actress and she is on the TV on a show called Two and an Half Men. My Daddy says this is in…in…in-ane clap-trap that appeals to the ...the...lowest com-mon den-onminator but that I mustn't tell Mummy because it makes her happy and besides she would hurt Daddy junior rodeo-style. Daddy is a genius and a particle phys…phys…he is a rocket scientist but I can't call him that because he isn't really and it makes him go funny. Daddy might be getting a nobbly prize for untying some string and Mummy says if he doesn't get it it is because the judges are Jackasses. Sometimes Uncle Raj and Uncle Leonard come and visit but Uncle Howard isn't allowed anymore because he said rude things to Mummy and she Put Her Foot Down, so now Daddy just talks to him at work. Uncle Raj has a new girlfriend, she is my Aunty Missy which is confusing but he can talk to her which is good. My Daddy had some Stern Words with Uncle Raj but Aunty Missy had Stern Words with Daddy and made him walk funny and now it's ok. Uncle Leonard is getting married to a lady called Doctor Stephanie soon and I am going to be a flower girl in a pretty dress. My Daddy thinks getting married is silly but Mummy told him it was a non opt…opt-ional social con-ven-tion and now they are getting married too. Mummy says it will have to be soon because soon she will be too big for her dress because she has my little brother in her tummy. I hope he will be very smart like Daddy because then maybe Daddy will stop trying to teach me how to figure out under curve stuff. I know Daddy loves me though because he lets me sit in his special chair that even Mummy can't sit in. The end."

"Thank you, Marie. That was very...informative. You can sit down."