Set 5 years after "His Daughter's Mind".

The small, wiry girl had caramel colored skin, slightly pointed ears and long hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was regarding the man before her very seriously. Although her expression was calm, her brown eyes sparkled with mischief and curiosity.

Having long ago learned from her mother's example that the best way to deal with her father was in a straightforward manner, T'Amanda began their conversation.

"Father, you and mother are going on holiday to Vegas III to celebrate your 6 consecutive years of marriage, correct?"

"That is correct, T'Amanda. Why do you ask?"

"Am I to understand that the purpose of such a vacation is to engage ins sexual intercourse?"

Spock felt his face flushing green. Nyota had been about to come into the room, but upon hearing the question moved to the other side of their family quarters.

He felt both embarrassment and amusement through their mental bond.

*This is all yours, my love. You are the one who decided she needed to know the birds and the bees last week.* his wife chided across their bond.

Mentally, Nyota heard an indignant *When a child is curious about a subject it is only logical to give them the pertinent facts…*

*Which is why she walked up to Yeoman Rand yesterday, touched her pregnant belly and congratulated her on a "fruitful intercourse". This is YOUR problem lover.*Nyota sent mentally in return, trying to hold back her laughter.

Meanwhile, T'Amanda was standing before him, hands clasped behind her back in a fashion she had learned from her father, staring at him expectantly.

Well, it was best to remain logical.

"Your mother and I have many bonding activities planned for our holiday alone together, and as we are a married couple I am sure that will factor in. Such matters are private and not to be discussed with minors."

T'Amanda nodded. "In that case, I would like to respectfully submit a request that you and mother do so."

Spock's left eyebrow raised nearly even with his hairline in surprise.

"Indeed? May I ask why?"

"I have decided I am of an appropriate age to require greater familial ties. I would prefer a male sibling."

Spock studied her thoughtfully, remembering his own lonely childhood. Perhaps their family would benefit from increasing in size.

He nodded to his daughter. "Your mother and I will take this request under the utmost consideration, and inform you of our decision when relevant."

He quickly found himself with a lap full of wriggling daughter. "Thank you Osa-mekh!" He was graced with a hug around his neck, a peck on the cheek and her hand brushing his as she jumped up and left.

A few minutes later, his wife appeared in the doorway. "Everything okay?"

"Hmmm….Yes, our exchange was most satisfactory. Our daughter would like us to produce a brother for her."

"Noto ta? Really? So that's why she's been acting so strange lately. She's been quite fascinated by babies lately."

"Shall we take her requests under advisement?"

Then he had another female leaning across him to kiss his cheek, before pulling back and meeting her fingers to his in the Vulcan fashion of kissing.

"I'm sure that could be arranged." Nyota all but purred. She had recently been thinking that it was time to expand their little family.

Spock pulled her forward and kissed her on the lips, in the human fashion. "Indeed." he responded, the corner of one lip turned up in a subtle smile.

Nyota found herself beginning to look forward to their anniversary.