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Chapter 4: "Half-Demon Puking Syndrome"

Noah woke up the next day feeling better, but it ended when Dante whistled at her. "HEEEEELLLLLOOOOO, NUR-"


"Ow…." He moaned. Noah rubbed her knuckles and flipped him off. "Just wait until I call your brother." she muttered. Dante groaned and groaned until Noah yelled, "SHUT UP!" to him. He did as she said for a second, giggled, then started groaning again. She hissed at him.

The door opened behind her and in comes Dr. House. Noah screwed her face up in disgust. "Whadda you want?" she asked.

House hobbled past her and stopped right in front of Dante. "Can I ask permission to do surgery on his head?" House asked. Noah shrugged. "Me personally, I don't care. But you're gonna have to take it up with his older twin brother. If you do, try to rearrange some trash in there and maybe he wouldn't act so stupid all the time." Noah said.

House sniggered. "Okay."

Dante looked at them both like they were crazy. "What? YOU ARE NOT DOING SURGERY ON ME!" he wailed. Noah pressed her fingers on her temples. "Tough it out titty-baby. I'm going to call your brother."

As Noah walked out the door, she snapped her fingers. From Dante's hospital bed, a purple strap of energy wrapped itself around Dante's head and jerked it down onto the pillow. "WHADDA YA DO THAT FOR!" He screamed.

Noah didn't answer him. She continued to walk away, leaving Dante screaming and House gawking over her little "magic trick".

Noah searched her still damp clothes for her cell phone. She checked her shirt pocket, and with success, she found it. "Yes!" she said with glee. She dialed the "Devil May Cry service line."

It rang.

It rang some more.

It rang again.

Then it went to voice mail.

"So sorry I couldn't get to you. Leave a number and I MIGHT call you back. If you have a message, wait for the beep. Buh-bye!"


Noah took a deep breath…

-Meanwhile, at Devil May Cry-

Vergil and Sakura were on the couch. They were both giggling until…


Both Vergil and Sakura tumbled off the couch at the sudden sound of Noah's voice. "Damn her…" they both muttered. Vergil fumbled to Dante's desk to get to the phone. "What do you want?" he asked in his unusually harsh voice. "MROW! SOMEONE'S in a bad mood today." She snickered.

"Get to the point already." He demanded.

Noah sighed. "Okay, you may think I'm crazy, but I think Dante is sick." she said.

Vergil nodded. "No, actually, I don't. Tell me the symptoms."

Noah thought for a moment. "Puking, out of character behavior, terrorism, out of control devil-triggering…and that's it for now."

Vergil had his fingers up, tallying away as she said the symptoms. One finger was held up. "There's one more symptom. I read about this sickness. it's the HDPS."

Noah sighed. "You're speaking Greek to me. What is that?" she asked.

Vergil sighed at her stupidity. "Half-Demon Puking Syndrome. The last symptom of it is total insanity. If that happens, Dante will most likely start destroying everything in his path. He won't even care about who or what he kills anymore."

Noah's eyes widened. "That's not good." she commented. Vergil shook his head. "No, it isn't. I'm going to get Sayoraon and Sakura and get over to you. Where are you by the way?"

Some hospital in New Jersey. I don't know. Tell Sayoraon to follow my scent. It should still be there even after it rained."

Vergil nodded. "Be there in an hour or so."

He hung up. Sakura knew exactly what was up and she nodded. "Lets go."

Noah went back to Dante's room. No one but him and her were in the room, so Noah transformed into her normal sized wolf form. She curled up on the couch and snoozed.

Just as she shut her eyes, doctors came in and started gawking over her. 'Go to Dante and stop gawking over me. Geez.' She said into their minds. They nodded obediently and went to tend to Dante.

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