The Jackson Girls

Summary- Bella, Rose, and Alice are Michael Jackson's daughters. Bella is 17, Rose is 18, and Alice is 17. What happens when Michael decided to get the Cullen men as butlers for a summer job? Will it be love at first sight or will it be a Remember the time experience?Rated T for dirty words which young teens shouldn't say but do anyway. It's a girls story but if you are a boy then whatever, lol. It goes to 18,17,and 17

It's mostly a little musical I guess.

The charges never happened, the balcony never happened, no drugs a should have been life for Michael. Rip Michael


Bella's Pov

I sighed as I took off the hideous mask.

My name is Isabella Marie Jackson and I am 17 years old.

My dad is the king of pop. And it's awesome at times.

I have 2 sister. We are like best friends.

Alice is the youngest by 4 months at age 17. Rose is the oldest at age 18.

Our lives can be awesome sometimes. Unless you like wearing hideous masks, going to a private school with a bunch of dumb blonds and sluts, and have a freakin amusement park at your house than yeah life is good.

I just love traveling and going to his concerts and just being rich.

As for parents well mom died when we were little. It still hurts not having a mom but dad is awesome. He is like a kid. Not a teen like us but a kid. He did start going out with this bitch name Debbie but she cheated on him.

Alice Rose and I wanted to kill her.

Dad was an emotional wreck for a week.

Oh and the thing about the school we have friends too. Most girls judge us because we are rich or that our dad is the king of pop.


As for the boys. Complete perverts.

They always want to get inside our pants.

We were setting up the living room for our slumber party.

"Alice do you have the candy?" Rose asked from the living room.

"Yeah!" she said. Our party was just a normal slumber party.

We had movies, candy, magazines of hot guys, music, my laptop for Youtube and we can't forget about South Park.

The living room was all pink (which dad hates)

An hour later our best friends Amy, Laura, Diana, and Angela came.

"Hey!" we all said hugging each other.

"Oh my gosh look at all the pink!" Amy said. She is a pink freak.

"Omg I have news." Laura said as we sat down in the living room.

"What?" we all asked.

"Josh Tucker is in a band!" we all squealed.

"The Josh Tucker?" I asked. She nodded

"Sexy green eyes brown haired Josh?" Alice asked. She nodded again.

"The boy you just want to bake cookies on because he is hot?" she nodded smiling,

"Yes!." we all said.

"Yeah and Lauren cheated on him." she said.

"She is a slut anyway." Diana said.

"Yeah. She don't stay with guys long anyway." Angela said eating some skittles.

"Yeah. Her and Jessica are the school sluts." Amy said.

"We are only in 7th grade." Alice giggled.

"Well they are stuck with it." I laughed.

"So..." we all leaned in.

"Did anyone get a picture of Josh shirtless?" we gaped at her.

"No. Fucking. Way." we all said.

She took out the photo.

Our breathing was shallow.

"I'm going to pass out." Rose said.

"I'm with you Rose." I said.

"Yep." Laura smirked.

"So how is your dad dealing with the..." we heard the door.

We put on our masks.

I opened the door to see...

"What the fuck do you want Debbie?" I spat. I knew it was rude but whatever.

"I want to apologize to your dad." she said.

I stared at her. Is she fuckin drunk?!

Rose stepped up. She was pissed mostly when it comes to daddy.

"Excuse me, but you should have done that oh I don't know 5 months ago! So go back to fuckin with that bastard you have been with since we caught you in daddy's bed! He had to get a new one. You broke the headboard! And you should have saw how upset he was!So don't think we didn't forget about you. Now go away before we have to Tank out here you stupid slut." We stared at Rose in shock.

"That mutt isn't going to do anything." Tank was a giant German Shepard. Daddy was afraid of him but he is so sweet.

"Tank!" we heard paws and barking. We had to hold on the leash.

"Clam down boy!" Diana said.

We looked up to Debbie gone. Good bye slut.

"Ok boy, let's get you back before Daddy sees you." I cooed.

We put him in the backyard. Not by Neverland because he could attack someone.

We were walking back in the living room.

"Guys! Did you see the full version of Black or White?" we shook out head.

I grabbed the laptop and went to Youtube.

We watched the ending part.

After it was over we were socked.

"Wow." was all I can say.

"No wonder they took it off on MTV." Diana said.

"That was ...shocking," Alice said.

"That was disturbing." Laura said.

"Yeah." Amy said. After a minute we started to giggle which led to laughter.

"Oh my gosh! Who does that!" she laughed.

"I know! He grabbed his dick at least 9 times!" I guffawed.

We continued to laugh before we calmed down.

"So where is your dad anyway?" Amy asked.

"He is at a concert. We are home alone." I said.

"You know what means?" Rose asked.

"Do everything we never do when dad is around!" Alice and i said. The girls looked confused.

"It's something we never do that much."

We walked to the pool.

"Why are we at the pool?" Laura asked.

Rose began to take off her top.

"What are you doing?!" Amy asked as Rose took off her mini skirt.

"Bra and pantie dipping!" She squealed as she jumped into the giant pool.

Soon we were all in the water in our panties and bras.

"This isn't weird at all." I laughed.

"This is fun." Amy said.

"I know right!" Angela said, my phone rang and I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hi sweetheart." Crap.

"Hi daddy." I said.

"What are you girls doing?" he asked.

"Watching TV." I said too quickly.

"Oh. Well the ride from Seattle isn't long so I should be in La in about an hour."

"Ok Daddy." I said and hung up.

"Get out of the pool." I said.


"Daddy is coming." I said. We jumped out and dried off. We changed into our pink pjs and watched South Park.

"I have a question. Who names their child 'Blanket'?" I asked.

"I don't know." they all said.

Soon we were laughing.

"Damn guys, If your dad came in my room I would have screamed 'Michael Jackson is peter pan and is in my room'" Angela said.

"I love this episode. It's hilarious." I said.

"But aren't you upset that it's about your dad?" Laura asked.

"Why? It doesn't mean anything." Alice chirped. We heard the door.

"Crap change it. Dad hates this show. This episode really." I said.

We changed it to Spongebob. Yay.

"Hi daddy." Rose said.

"Hi girls. How was your evening?" he asked.

"Good. How was the concert?" Alice asked.

"Packed as usual. Actually a little more than usual." he smiled.

Amy's phone rang.

"Hello? No way! When? Why during the assembly? I don't care Brian! Will their dad have to be there? Ok fine see you later." she closed her phone.

"What?" I asked.

"We got a musical act for the assembly. Josh's band is going to play!" We all screamed. Daddy covered his ears.

"Sorry daddy."

At school

We were all sitting with our classes. Well the girls sat on one side and the boys sat on the other.

"Ok kids can I have your attention." we were all quiet then.

"Ok as part of our assembly of our rising 8th graders we have our very own band starring Josh Tucker and his friends."

The girls were screaming. The boys rolled their eyes.

Josh took the Mic.

"We love you Josh!" The girls screamed

"Love you too ladies." we all sighed.

"Ok now this songs goes to my cheating girlfriend. I hope you like it."

We all smirked. It was about Lauren.

You'll Never Make Me Stay
So Take Your Weight Off Of Me
I Know Your Every Move
So Won't You Just Let Me Be
I've Been Here Times Before
But I Was Too Blind To See
That You Seduce Every Man
This Time You Won't Seduce Me

She's Saying That's Ok
Hey Baby Do What You Please
I Have The Stuff That You Want
I Am The Thing That You Need
She Looked Me Deep In The Eyes
She's Touchin' Me So To Start
She Says There's No Turnin' Back
She Trapped Me In Her Heart

Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana
Let Me Be!

Oh No . . .
Oh No . . .
Oh No . . .

She Likes The Boys In The
She Knows When They Come To Town
Every Musician's Fan After
The Curtain Comes Down
She Waits At Backstage
For Those Who Have Prestige
Who Promise
Fortune And Fame, A Life
That's So Carefree
She's Saying That's Ok
Hey Baby Do What You Want
I'll Be Your Night Lovin' Thing
I'll Be The Freak You Can Taunt
And I Don't Care What You
I Want To Go Too Far
I'll Be Your Everything
If You Make Me A Star

Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana . . .
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana . . .
Dirty Diana!
It's Dia . . .Aa . . .Aa . . .
Come On!

She Said I Have To Go Home
'Cause I'm Real Tired You See
But I Hate Sleepin' Alone
Why Don't You Come With
I Said My Baby's At Home
She's Probably Worried
I Didn't Call On The Phone To
Say That I'm Alright

Diana Walked Up To Me,
She Said I'm All Yours
At That I Ran To The Phone
Saying' Baby I'm Alright
I Said But Unlock The Door,
Because I Forgot The Key,
She Said He's Not Coming
Because He's Sleeping With

Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana . . .
Come On!
Come On!
Come On!
Come On!...

We all cheered and clapped.

The rest of the morning went well.

I was eating lunch with Alice and Rose till something hit the back of my head.

I felt it and it was mashed potatoes. Wtf!

I turned to see Lauren smirking with potatoes.

"What the fuck was that for?" I asked calmly.

"I know you rich sluts told Josh to sing that song." she said.

"Ok first of all we don't even talk to Josh. Second why are you worried about it anyway? So take you your fake blond hair and boobs and leave me alone." I said.

"Or what you are going to call your rich,gay, can't sing daddy?" she said. I stopped in my tracks. Rose got up then.

"Excuse me. But never talk about our dad like that again." Rose said in threating tone.

"Why? Your daddy is Peter Pan he can fly in here and take us all to Neverland to show us how to climb some fuckin trees!" I walked up to her and slapped her very hard. It left a mark.

The cafeteria was shocked.

Lauren slapped me as well.

"You fuckin bitch!" I spat.

"Talk about our daddy again I dare you." Alice said.

"Your mother died not from cancer but from suicide because she didn't want to live with a Peter Pan loving freak!" I had tears. No one talks about mom that way. Ever!

Rose slapped her and punched her in the face.

Alice was gone so I left to look for her.

She was in the bathroom crying.

"Alice it's ok." I said hugging her.

"I want to kill that bitch." she sobbed.

"Well we can't Ali. You want to go home?" I asked.

"Yeah. First let's get Rose." she said.

We walked back in to see Rose being pulled by Amy and Laura.

"Never talk about my sisters, dad or mom again you got that bitch!" we walked up to her outside.

"What happened?" I said as I took out the mini first aid kit from my bag.

She gave me her wrist.

"Rose." Alice said speechless. It has a deep gash.

"I know it hurts...Ow!" she hissed as I added alcohol.

"Sorry." I said.

"No problem. This time I am glad we wear masks." she said.

"Me too. Alice call dad." I said as I wrapped a ban aid around her wrist.

"I want to kill that whore so bad." She mumbled.

"Dad is on his way. Put on your sweatshirts and sweatpants and for god's sake put on the mask!" she said. We ran into the bathroom and changed clothes. We put on the mask and went to see our limo.

"Hi girls." Daddy said smiling. It would break his heart to know we used violence. He hates it when kids use it.

"Hi daddy." Rose said.

"Are you girls ok?" he asked.

"Yeah why?" Alice asked. She shifted in her seat.

"Oh. I thought there was something wrong." he said.

When we got home we gave our ripped clothes to Ashley who fixes our clothes.

"I'm sorry Ashley." I said.

"What happened?!" she asked.

"SH!" we all said.

"We got into a fight." Alice said softly.

"Oh my. Does your dad know?" she asked.

"No and please don't tell him. It would break his innocent heart." Rose said.

"Ok girls. I will start on your uniforms immediately." she said.

"Thanks! Love you Ash." I said as we left.

We went to our room.

"I can't believe that slut had the nerve to talk about us like that! I want to find daddy's shot gun and just fire!" Alice said.

"Well we can't." I said.

"Sadly." Rose said.

"Girls can you come down here!" oh crap.

We walked downstairs in our masks to see Lauren and her mother.

"Oh my god." Rose sighed.

"Which one of you brats beat up my daughter?" wow talk about a bitch.

"Ok first off we wasn't even going to fight her. You see at our assembly her EX sung the song 'Dirty Diana' in 'tribute' to her per say. So at lunch we were eating like normal and I felt mashed potatoes being thrown to my head. I turn to see Lauren smirking. I asked her why did she do that. She says that we talked to Josh to let him sing the song. We said no we didn't so I told her to go away and leave me alone. Then she says or 'Or what you are going to call your rich gay can't sing daddy?' I was going to ignore it but Rose got up and said to never talk about him like that again. She says why he is perter pan he can fly us all to Neverland and show us how to climb some fuckin trees. That is when I slapped her but then she slapped me back. Then we told her to keep her bitchy mouth shut but then she had the god forsaken nerve to say that our mother didn't die from breast cancer that she died from suicide because she didn't want to live with a peter pan lovin freak! I ran off when Alice left crying. Rose you can tell her the rest about you." I said sitting down and crossing my legs.

"Thanks Bella. Anyway while the others were gone I punched that girl in the face. She says why are you defending the dorky slut and the over hyper pixie. So I slapped her harder and she called me a dumb blonded slutty whore. I started to beat her up then but she better be lucky that Amy and Laura pulled me away from her. She then sits up there takes a knife and gashes my wrist!" she screamed showing her the wrist.

"But Bella was nice enough to repair my arms by putting burning alcohol on my wrist. And then Alice called dad to come pick us up. The end." Rose said, sitting down.

"Well there is our very detailed story. To make it nice and short. Lauren started it. But if she didn't cheat on Josh none of this would have happened." Alice said.

There was a long silence.

"Well...i guess you didn't start it. Lauren don't you have something to say?" her mother asked.

"What do I have to say to them?" I was about to get up but Ali and Rose pulled me down.

"How about I'm sorry?" I asked.

"Me? Sorry? Yeah right."

"Ok look Lauren I hate to say this but...every 7th grader doesn't like you." Rose said.

"Jessica does." she said. We just stared.

"She doesn't?!" she screamed.

"Nope sorry." Alice chirped.

"Ok well we are going to leave. I'm sorry." her mom said and left.

"That was weird." I said.

"Very." Alice and Rose said.



We were by the pool in our bikinis getting our tan on. Daddy can't be in the sun unless he had that giant black umbrella. We were listening to the Thriller album. My eyes were closed.

"Well I am glad to see you kids loving my music." We opened our eyes to see daddy.

"Hi daddy." Alice said taking off her shades.

"Girls I want you to meet your new butlers Edward, Jasper, and Emmett Cullen." Daddy said.

We looked at them. They were HOT!

The blond one caught my eye.

He had wavy blond hair and captivating blue eyes.

He was lean but with muscles.

And he had lips you just want to kiss for hours. He was sexy to the core.

The other one was really cute.

He had green emerald eyes, his hair was a messy bronze. It was attractive. He also had muscles as well.

The third one was meant for Rose. He had a lot of muscles with brown eyes and curly hair. He had really cute dimples.

But my eyes were set on the blond one.

"Well I will just leave you guys to talk." daddy said and left.


Alice's Pov

Hot damn! These boys were sexy! The green eyed boy caught my eyes. He had that messy 'sex hair' it was a real turn on.


Rosalie's Pov

Damn damn damn! The boys were fuckin sexy!

I like the one with muscles. He had cute dimples and lost of muscles you just want to touch all day. Dear lord I am in love.


Bella's Pov

"Um hi. My name is Bella and these are my sisters Alice and Rosalie Jackson." we all shook hands.

"My name is Jasper and these are my brothers Edward, and Emmett." he had a sexy accent. Southern like.

"So why did you decide to get a job here? We would be working your asses off." Alice said staring sweetly at Edward. She battered her eyelashes.

"Um... well we needed money and since no one id hiring this summer we thought your dad could help us out." He stuttered.

"Glad our daddy could be your assistance." I said giving the same look to Jasper. He blushed slightly. Wow that was super cute.

"Can you do me a favor?" I asked. Jasper nodded.

"There some sprite in the fridge. Can you please give it to me?" I asked. He smiled.

"Sure darlin anything for you." he said and walked in.

I heard Alice and Rose ask the same. Once they walked in we squealed.

"Those boys are hot!" I smiled.

"I know. Girls we are in love." Rose said. We giggled.

This summer might kick ass!


Author's note- ok! if you hav a problem of me writing a story about Michael Jackson get over it! it's not about me bashing Michael Jackson! it was maingly about Bella, Rose and Alice and the Cullen Boys. Michael is a story supporter. ok?! gosh i know he died. im not stupid.