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Chapter 5

"No way!!!" Jane shouted angrily.

"You would rather die?" The man replied coldly, leveling his rifle. Jane's indignant shouts ceased. "I thought so." The man said, holding out his hand. "Surrender the hybrid."

"Sir, he needs medica..." Kyle started to say.

"Now!" The man snapped.

"He'll die!" Kyra protested.

"Foolish pokemorph, do you truly think we would let a creature of this value die?"

"Yes." Kyle said equally coldly.

"We only want what is best for its survival."

"Liars!" Kyle snarled. "You dare to say something like that, when you chase after it with guns!?" He shouted in an enraged frenzy.

"One step closer and I put a bullet through you!" The second, less talkative man said nervously.

Crash! Glass shattered, a gun went off dropping a chunk of plaster out of the ceiling. The second man collapsed to the ground. The first man spun around quickly, trying to see what had happened. Unfortunately for him, an enraged Jane swept him off his feet with a swift kick, and finished the job with a cruel blow to the back of his neck, knocking him out as his forehead crashed into the floor. Kyle looked to see who had saved them as Jane handed Mewgia over to the nurse.

"Lori?!" Kyle said, surprised.

"Don't forget about me birdy!" Ben said, dragging a third unconscious form into the lobby from the side hallway. "I found this jerk sneaking around in the hall." He said, dropping the limp body like a bag of wet cement.

"Lori? Ben?" What are you guys doing here?!" Jane asked, genuinely surprised.

"It's a long story, and we're not safe here." Lori said, dropping the remains of the flower vase from her hands. It fell onto the second gunman's back and rolled off onto the floor. "Something big is going down. Remember that pokemon lab you guys were at before you left? It's gone, the place was ransacked then blown up last night. Luke and the professor barely escaped. Luke dropped us off here this morning to wait for you. We're supposed to make sure that chip is still with you."

"It is," Kyle said.

"Good, Ben and I are here to help." Lori said, shocking Kyle. Ben and he usually didn't get along very well.

"Ben? You're really here to help us?"

"Yeah, Lori and I have been talking it over, and I've finally decided to get this over with. The truth is, the only reason I've been messing with you for all these years is well, I guess its just because you got the wings and I didn't."

"What do you mean?"

"Look at yourself Kyle! You're half Articuno! You're one of the rarest living things in this world, and everyone respects you and gives you attention for it." Ben said. "Anyways, I guess of just been jealous of you all these years, and that's why I've always been such a louse towards you. I'm just trying to say that... Kyle, I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?"

"It's hard being unique Ben, but I can see it from your viewpoint too. Yes, I'll forgive you. But more importantly, why did those goons sack the lab? And why are they after us?"

"It's that chip." Lori began. "It's definitely not what its supposed to be."

"It's not? Then what is it?" Jane asked.

"We'll find out later. Right now, we need to get out of here. If we value our lives we'll go right now." Ben said urgently. The nurse returned with a bandaged Mewgia.

"He'll be fine, just keep him safe." She said. "I've already called the authorities. Best get going now. There'll be too many questions later."

"Right." Kyle said nodding and hurried out the door with his friends, both new and old.