It was raining in the village of Kanoha as a lone figure made it's way through the village dressed in a bulky black hoodie that covered most of the upper body, and arms leaving the upper thighs and legs almost completely bare, the hood drawn up over the head, hiding even the face. Making it hard for any observers to see if the small figure was male or female. Bare feet splashed in puddles as the figure moved closer and closer to the Hokage's tower.

The place where the old man lived.

It wasn't safe for the figure to be out so late at night, but then again it wasn't really safe at home either. Hurray, for breaking and entering.

The little one thought as she moved closer to her destination. She could see the lights on in the office, and the shadow of the old man bent over his desk. Working on some more of his tedious papers no doubt. Reaching the outer wall that surrounded the tower she pressed her back to the wall and paused long enough to catch her breath.

The scents, and sounds of the village and it's inhabitants nearly overwhelming her.

Christ she was hungry.

How long had it been since she had eaten something, days, weeks, months? She couldn't remember anymore. Her main concern had been to survive the attacks from the shinobi and civillians. It was getting closer to her birthday, the main reason that she had been forced into hiding for so long.

The attacks were almost constant in the three months before her birthday. And the people were getting desperate to kill her once and for all. She snorted as a jaded smile curved her nearly bloodless lips.

But you couldn't kill what was already dead. And thats what she really was.


The villagers had hired several shinobi from a distant country to murder her many years ago. They had managed to do their job. But not before she took as many of them as possible with her. She was just a bitch that way. The old man Hokage had been the first person to find her lifeless body, and in a desperate attempt to revive her and give her the chance that she never had before, had reopened Orochimaru's lab and used the facilities, and several forbidden jutsu and had painstakenly rebuilt her damaged body and finally after almost seven months she had been revived. Apparently he had built her, better, made her faster, stronger.

Frankly she thought he had watched too much TV, and had decided to try his luck.

Once she had regained all of her motor skills, and remembered who, and what she was to begin with, she had killed everyone that had helped to revive her but a select few. That had been almost seven years ago. She would be twelve soon. Not only that but she would also be a genin soon too. A soldier that would live and die for the sake of the people.

Frankly she didn't think she cared all that much about the people in the village, at least not enough to die for them. And she certainly had no intention of living for them either. She hated them all equally. Really she did.

Slipping past the guards she quickly picked the lock on the door that led to the tower and stepped inside, closing the door as quietly as silently as possable considering her mood. Her stomach was cramping almost badly enough to cause her to calapse, and start crying. She probably would have if she wasn't so used to going without food among other things. She knew that the old man would have a warm bed prepaired for her, and something for her to eat so that her new body would'nt start eating away at it's self like it was at the moment.

She also knew that he would have clothes and such for her. That was one of the things about the old man that she liked so much, he was just like a boy scout. Kind, considerate, and twisted enough for her to feel comfortable being herself in his presence.

Something that she couldn't do around anyone else.

She hid her true self so well that she had pretty much everyone in the village fooled. Everyone but the old man, and several anbu that is. They could see through her like she was crystal. Probably because they hid their true selves too, but whatever. Silently walking the tile hallway to the office where the old man sat working, she didn't notice that she was leaving a trail of muddy footprints, and small puddles of water in her wake. She didn't even have to knock on the door when it opened and she stood face to face with the old man.

"Uzu? Why are you here so late? Did something happen? Are you hurt?" Sarutobi asked as he pulled the small teen across the thresh hold into the light of the room.

"I need a place to crash for a while. Nothing happened but the usual. And no, I'm not hurt. And I'm fucking starving. Do you have anything that I can-" she started to say as he went to a closet across the room and returned a moment later with a blanket and wrapped her in it.

"Of course. I'll get you something. When was the last time you ate?" Sarutobi asked as he opened another door that led into a medium sized kitchen with three refrigeraters, one of which had thick chains and a lock on it. It was stocked with everything that she might need, from human food to blood, and plasma.

"I can't remember. I should eat a little of everything. Maybe double that..." she said as she plopped down in a chair at the round oak table and watched him nod his hear to let her know that he had heard her.

Anything Dr. Frankinstein's monster might want to eat.

Thank god she didn't have an affinaty for human flesh! Her diet hadn't changed all that much since she had been alive. She still needed blood and plasma, but like normal food she just didn't need it on a daily bases like before. One thing she was sort of grateful for. She still hated to feed on the shit. She prefured food food, not monster food.

Honestly there were times that she felt like a fucking vampire.

Sarutobi unlocked one refrigerater and pulled out four bags of blood and two bags of plasma and handed them to her, then closed and relocked the fridge to keep others out of it, then went to one of the other fridges and pulled out a whole chicken, some mashed potatos topped with butter with herbs, a dish of cooked vegtables, a plate with stir fry noodles with beef, some pasteries with apricot filling, sugar glazed dounuts, some sweet eel sushi, miso soup and a large salad with her three favorite dressings.

And sat down across from her and watched her eat. She had such a strange way of eating, always so neat, and tidy. Almost like her actions were methodical, or calculated. But then that wouldn't suprise him. A lot of the things she did were calculated, and methodical. It was hard to believe she got such bad grades in school and got picked on all the time.

If the people of the village ever got past their hatred of her they would see her for what she really was, it's true that she was a monster, but she was'nt the kind of monster that they thought she was. She was a different sort of monster. One with a human heart. A concionce. A soul. It was unheard of, yeah, but it was true. The reconstructive surgery that he had preformed to rebuild her body seven years ago had altered her outside changing her eye and hair color, giving her small pointed kanine's that served as fangs when needed, making her skin pale almost ivory, and just a little on the inside.

Her organs were different, and served different functions. For instance she no longer had a nervous system. She recognised pain by other means. Her digestive trackt made it so that she could go without food for long periods of time without her body dying or breaking down like a normal one. Her body no longer needed oxygen, but she breathed out of habit, to make herself appear normal. Her body could also still reproduce if need be. Even her physical and mental abbilities had changed in incredable leaps and bounds.

The demon that had been sealed inside of her when she was a baby no longer existed. It's chakra remained, merged with her own, but the demon itself was gone, hopefully forever.

Uzu finished off as much of the solid foods as she could stomach then pushed her plate away thinking that she was going to be sick. Maybe she hadn't been so hungry after all. Now all she had to do was choke down the blood and plasma and keep herself from being sick and then she could call it a night. Yay.

Sarutobi watched her small hand shake a bit as she picked up one bag of blood and brought the bag up to her mouth and with a dramatic hiss sank her little fangs into the bag and made a funny sound similar to an 'erk' as she wrinkled her nose and started to suck the bag dry. "Tomorrow you take your exam at school to become a qualified ninja again. What do you plan to do?" Sarutobi asked as she dropped the empty bag onto the table and shuddered while making 'blagh' sounds.

She looked at him for a second, the second bag almost at her mouth and frowned, laying the bag back down. "Dunno. Do I really need to be a shinobi?" she asked as she leaned back in her seat and let her head fall back until she was staring at the ceiling.

Sarutobi studied her for a moment then gave her a wary smile. "You should do it. This way I'll be able to keep a closer eye on you, and besides; think of all the damage you could do as a shinobi. Sounds like fun right?" He said gently, almost like a parent woud speak to their child.

Uzu didn't move, she didnt need to to see the wheels in his head turning.

There were times when Sarutobi was one fucking scary guy. She sighed and picked up the bag that she had been about to feed from and quickly downed it's crimson contents, trying to ignore just how good and rich it was on her tongue. Her body was warming up a bit since she had drank the first bag. It took a few minutes but she finally managed to down all of the bags, and their contents.

Yep, she really was a monster. Too bad for the people of the world, hee, hee.