"Koi! Wha-" Uzu cried in suprise as her 'mate' wrapped his arms around her, and gave her a wolfish grin as he pulled down his mask and gave her a quick kiss, cutting off her question. Mmmm, she tasted sweet. What had she eaten for breakfast? He wondered as he deepened the kiss, liking the way she melted against him.

"Sorry I'm late, honey." Kakashi said softly as he broke the kiss and stared down at her pink face. Her eyes were blue in the light. She must be using something to hide the color. Why? Never mind, he could ask her about it later after he got her home. He let go of her and caught his other two students staring at them. One was gaping and blushing. And then there was him, the little shit bird who had put his hands on his mate. He was red and fairly shaking with rage. Kakashi had met the kid yesterday and he hated him already.

Who the hell did the brat think he was? And what did he mean when he had said that he was marrying her by the end of the week? And just what the hell had he told the councel to get them involved? Something along the lines of 'I found a girl who would be flattered by my attention, but I may need you to back me up'. Yeah that sounds about right. Because if he had told them just who the girl was, and the fact that she hated him he would'nt be able to touch her.

The fact that he had gone behind the Hokage's back to get what he wanted was another story all together. He was not going to be happy about the Uchiha's actions once he found out. And the third Hokage would find out, because Kakashi would inform him personally. And do so with gleeful grin when he did.

"Hey, who do you think you are kissing my bride?"

The boy snarled as he stomped over to Kakashi who pushed Uzu behind him and gave a low feral growl and muttered, "I'll handle pretty boy." And he would see to it that the brat never even fucking entertained the notion of touching his wife again in the whole of his life. And he was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Kakashi glared down at the shorter boy as he glared back. "I think I'm the only one allowed to touch her in any way I want." Kakashi hissed as the boy bared his teeth at him.

"She's my bride! I'm the only one who can touch her!" Sauske snarled at him. His face red with rage.

Kakashi looked amused, this was going to be fun. "She does'nt want you, weakling. Now back off before I break that pretty little nose on your pretty little face." Kakashi said with a grin. Sauske bared his teeth and looked like he was about to smite the man standing in front of him.

Uzu looked from one face to another in a panic and paled at her mates expression. Just what the hell was Koi doing? He was looking at Sauske-teme like he was about to tear out his throat! Oh-no, this was bad. Really bad. Where the hell was their sensei? Should'nt he be there?

It was right about then that Sauske lunged at Kakashi, who didn't hesitate to close line the little fuck up and stomp him into the ground.

Uzu and Sakura both screamed and ran to get help.

Sarutobi looked from one face to another. Why was it that when Kakashi was involved he always seemed to be so happy about being called on the carpet? He had been brow beaten into giving Kakashi his blessing to marry Uzu that morning and now here the damn man was in his office again, grinning like the cat that had eaten the canary. He looked that happy.

Or maybe 'happy' was the wrong word to use. The man's expression was more malicus glee, than happiness. He had his arms wrapped around Uzu, and was grinning at the bruised and bloody Uchiha, whom was glaring at him like he would like to shove one of his kunai up the man's ass.

Uzu had a bemused expression on her face, Sakura a horrified look. Well, time to find out why the White Wolf was acting like such a pain in the ass. "Kakashi, would you like to explain why you stomped Sauske into the ground?" He already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it anyways.

Kakashi gave him a sunny smile and said, "Jackass over there put hands on my wife, and then was going to hit her for disobeying him." Was that an a good amount of killing intent that filled the room?

Sauske growled from where he was sitting and looked like he was about to get up and get in Kakashi's face. Stupid brat was being baited and was too dense to figure it out.

"She's my bride. I asked her to be mine and she agreed! The councel has already filed the paper work. She's mine in everything but body! I planned to claim that when I got her home with me." Sauske said in a huff. Uzu's eyebrow twitched. Was he insane?

Sarutobi looked at Uzu for clarifacation. One word from her and he would kick the boy's ass. "I am not yours! I never agreed! You can't make me do something I don't want! I'll fucking slit your throat first!" Uzu yelled at the boy. He blinked, not really careing one way or another. In his mind she was his and that was that.

"I don't care what you want. The paper work clearly states that we are wed by proxy. Your my wife, end of disgussion." Sauske said with a smirk as he caught the look on her pale face. Kakashi placed his hands over her mouth. He had something to say in this since he was the one who had claimed her first.

Sarutobi smashed his hands against the wood of his desk as he stood up. How dare the snotty little punk do something like this to Uzu when she had told him no! "Shut up!" He roared causing everyone to look at him.

"You stupid little brat! How dare you do this to Uzu when she told you no! She is a person, not a toy! You do not decide who her chosen mate is. That is her choice and her's alone. I will destroy the paper work, and if you ever try to pull a stunt like this again brat, I'll see to it that your clan dies out with you! Kakashi, I want a ring on her finger, and a proper wedding by the end of the day. Get on it!" Sarutobi snapped at the two males. Sauske paled and started sputtering as Kakashi grinned like a maniac and scooped Uzu up in his arms,

"Yes sir." He said as he disappeared with his protesting wife.