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A Second In Time

I was only eleven
But in that moment I knew.
All It took was a moment,
A second in time.
And all I saw was you.

Your fiery red hair swirled fiercely
Around your face.
Tears threatened at your eyes,
And a sad smile sincerely on your face.

Your mothers voice carried across
The station.
Next year Ginny, next year.
She muttered, distractedly.
Turning her attention back to
Her youngest son.

His red hair, the same color
As yours.
Yet somehow dull and lifeless.
While yours, still flying
Wildly around your face,
Was alive.

Everything about you
Glowed with life.
And everyone around you
Nearly blurred
In contrast.

Distantly, I heard
My father snear
Your name.

I followed his gaze
Only to realize that
He too, was looking
Over at you.

The family that my own
Had sworn to hate.
Yet I couldn't seem to think
Your name
With malice and distaste.
Like I knew I should.

Because all it took
Was a moment.
A single second in time.
And all I knew
Was you.

A/N: I've never wrote a poem-fic like this before, but I think it turned out pretty good. I would love to know what you thought of it though, so please review. =]